See If You Can Reuse Priority Mail Boxes

You don’t have to burn or inappropriately dispose of your mailboxes. While USPS strongly recommends the Blue Box Recycling or Package Pick up Program, you can reuse Priority Mail boxes for mailing (if that is what you want to know). 

When reusing priority mailboxes, they must fulfill certain conditions or standards. The most important condition is that such a box is in good condition and should only be shipped via Priority Mail. 

Failure to obey these instructions may result in rejection or punishment, depending on the nature of your violation. It can also delay the mailing process. 

This guide covers everything you need to know on how to properly reuse Priority Mail boxes, unacceptable practices, and other ways to recycle USPS envelopes.

How To Properly Reuse Priority Mail Boxes 


Now that you are aware that you can use Priority Mail boxes let’s take a look at the factors that can make an envelope reusable: 

1. Examine the box’s strength and durability 

The box or envelope must look durable or like it has never been used to reuse a mailbox. If the box appears weak or beyond remedy, it may not be ideal for mailing a parcel. 

This is because such a box can get destroyed easily in transit and damage the content of your mail. 

2. Remove stains or markings 

It is also compulsory to seal up all open spaces that can reveal the nature of the previous content the box was used for. For example, if a box was used to ship a product that requires a special clearance, traces of the product must be erased or perfectly camouflaged. 

USPS can easily decide you are shipping the same product if they see any remnant and send it back for proper processing. Meanwhile, you are just shipping a regular item. 

3. Do not turn the box inside out 

In an attempt to cover the traces of previous products, it might be tempting to turn the box or envelope inside out. This is unacceptable by USPS as it will conceal the Priority Mail symbol and result in rejection. 

In cases where such a parcel gets shipped, it will be shipped as insufficient postage mail. 

4. Use the appropriate label or postage 

A reused box can also be rejected if it features the wrong label or postage. USPS boxes are branded according to shipping services. This is why you cannot ship a Priority Mail box via First Class — the label and postage will sell you out. 

Other Ways You Can Reuse Priority Mail Boxes – Recycling Options 

Once again, the best way to reuse a Priority Mail box, according to USPS, is to opt for any of these recycling programs: 

USPS Blue Box

This service allows you to drop your mailbox in any blue collection box near you or at your local post office instead of throwing it into your trash. 

Package Pickup 

If you do not wish to go to the nearest post office because it is far, you can opt for the Package Pickup service. All you need to do is to schedule a pickup online for your used shipping boxes. 

USPS will pick it up outside your home and return it to the post office for recycling. 


What happens if you use a USPS label twice?

You will be guilty of fraud and face the appropriate punishment if it is a deliberate action. 

Can you ship two boxes with one shipping label?

No, USPS does not allow multi-package shipments at the moment. 

What is the best way to ship multiple boxes?

It all depends on the weight of the boxes. Lightweight boxes can be travel as a First Class package, while heavy ones may require flat-rate freight shipping. 

Does Priority Mail go by air or ground?

Priority Mail travel by air and should arrive at their destinations within 3 business days. 

Does Priority Mail require a signature?

It depends on the package type and the sender’s or recipient’s preference. 

In a Nutshell 

Reusing a Priority Mail box or envelope is acceptable even though USPS will provide you with a new one when you opt for the service. When choosing this route, there are certain standards your box must fulfill. 

The most important ones include that they must be in very good condition, feature appropriate labels or postage, and be devoid of traces or stains from the previous content. 

Finally, if you don’t wish to reuse your boxes or throw them in the trash, you can drop them in a blue box at the post office or call USPS to pick them up. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please proceed to see if you can also reuse stamps

Thanks for reading.