Does Shipped Mean Delivered During Package Tracking?

“Shipped” does not mean “delivered.” Both represent different stages in a delivery process. For context, the former signifies the beginning of a shipping process, while the latter marks the successful completion of it.

When a package or an order is shipped, it undergoes several stages before it gets delivered to the recipient or buyer. While these stages vary based on the shipping company, the moment you have the package with you is when it should be considered “delivered.”

This guide covers the difference between “shipped” and “delivered” and how long it may take for a shipped item to be delivered. 

Does “Shipped” Mean “Delivered”?


“Shipped” does not mean “delivered.” When a package is shipped, it means it has been prepared by the seller and released to a shipping company or carrier. In other words, a shipped package can be anywhere between a carrier’s facility and its final destination. 

On the other hand, “delivered” implies that the buyer has successfully received the package, thanks to the carrier. This tracking status usually marks the end of a delivery process.

To fully understand what a complete shipping process entails, here is a step-by-step breakdown: 

  • Step 1: Order processing – The e-commerce company or seller prepares your order. 
  • Step 2: Dispatched or shipped – Your package is now at a carrier facility. This status may also cover the entire process of inspection and scanning the package. It is also the moment when the order gets an estimated delivery date. 
  • Step 3: Out for delivery – Your package has been scanned successfully and is now in a delivery truck. How fast you receive the package will depend on the distance and shipping options. 
  • Step 4: Delivered or available for pick up – This status means your package has been delivered, or you can pick it up at a convenient time. It is the stage that wraps up a shipping process. 

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Shipped Package? 

Once an item is shipped, how long it takes to be delivered depends on the shipping option. For context, most standard deliveries deliver between 2 to 8 business days or more, depending on the recipient’s location (local or abroad).

On the other hand, expedited or express shipping options such as Same-day or 2-day delivery deliver packages in less time. 


Is the shipping date the same as delivery date?

The shipping date is the day your package leaves a carrier facility. The delivery date is when the shipped order will arrive at the customer’s address. 

Why do some Items take longer to be shipped? 

The shipping option responsible for your package and delivery exceptions such as bad weather, technical glitches, and traffic conditions may be responsible. 

Does shipped mean sold?

No, one (sold) precedes the other (shipped). This is because before an order can be shipped, it must have been sold or paid for by a customer. 

What is the difference between shipped and in transit?

“Shipped” indicates that your package is already with a shipping company. “In transit” describes the package journey from the retailer to the shipping depot. 


The tracking status of a package will display “shipped” once the e-commerce company or the seller has dispatched it to a carrier facility. This does not necessarily mean the package is already coming to you. 

The early stages of a “shipped” status involve sorting and scanning the package and scheduling it for delivery. The latter stage represents when it is out for delivery. 

Most times, when your tracking update changes to “out for delivery,” you should get the package in a few days. Your order will be marked as “delivered” once you receive a package from the delivery personnel.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see what it means for a shipment to be “en route.”

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