Cheapest And Fastest Way To Ship To China [Including Alternatives]

China, also known as the People’s Republic of China, is said to be the most populated country in the world. With this population, it’s no surprise people want to know the cheapest way to ship to China. More people means more potential customers, right?

While there are different ways to ship to China, the cheapest way is said to be through USPS. They offer far different rates, but there are some minor drawbacks to using USPS to ship to China.

In this article, I will highlight how you can ship to China, outlining the cheapest and fastest methods. I will also highlight some key features to help you determine which shipping option is best suited for you.

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There are so many ways to ship to China; the cheapest way, however, is the USPS. That said, the cheapest way may not be your best option.

In the next section, I will highlight some of the best ways you can ship to China. Stating the cheapest and fastest among them.

What are the best ways to ship to China?


The United States Postal service is a reliable way to ship to China. They offer different international shipping options with different rates that are all very affordable. Some of their international shipping options and prices are;

  • Priority Mail Express International – $47
  • Priority Mail International – $33
  • First-Class International Service – $15

The good thing about this shipping option is that they offer flat rates, unlike other couriers. However, there are some limitations to using USPS to ship to China. They are;

  • They have limited tracking once the package leaves the country: This is because they are transferred to China Post once they arrive in China. Once this happens, the initial tracking number will not be functional anymore.
  • Delivery may take longer than expected: Since they are handed over to China Post, the USPS has limited control over the speed of delivery. Clearing customs and delivering the package to the recipient may take longer than expected.

Should you use USPS to ship to China?

If you want a cheap option and quick delivery is not a priority, then you should use USPS.

2. UPS

UPS is another reliable way to ship to China, however, they are not cheap. The main advantage of using UPS to ship to China is that they have one of the quickest delivery times.

UPS delivery is done within 3–5 days for whichever international option is used. Furthermore, unlike USPS, they have a tracking tool available, so you can track your delivery until it reaches the recipient.

The UPS international shipping option and prices are as follows;

  • Worldwide Expedited – $67
  • Worldwide Saver – $73

Note that these prices are not fixed, they are subject to change, depending on the package size or weight.

Should you use UPS to ship to China?

You should use UPS if you want a quicker delivery and want to be able to track your package.

3. FedEx

FedEx is another option for shipping to China; it is even said to be faster than UPS. Additionally, their price rate is very similar to that of UPS. But, they tend to be higher when shipping heavy items.

The main advantage of using FedEx is that they provide electronic trade documents. That means the documentation process is very quick and easy.

Their international shipping option and prices are as follows;

  • International Priority – $72
  • International Economy – $65

Should you use FedEx to ship to China?

If delivery time is the main priority, then you should use FedEx.

4. DHL

DHL is considered to be one of the best options for international shipping in general. Although their rate is not as cheap as USPS, they offer affordable rates. Their delivery time is also similar to that of UPS and FedEx.

They only offer one international option, which is DHL International Express. The price for this option is around $63, although this price is also subject to change depending on the size of the item shipped.

Should you use DHL to ship to China?

If you want fast and slightly affordable delivery, then you should use DHL.


What is the fastest way to ship to China?

One of the fastest ways to ship to China is FedEx.

What is the cheapest way to ship large packages to China?

The cheapest way to ship large items to China is via USPS. They offer flat rates that are far better than those of other couriers.

Are there items that cannot be shipped to China?

Yes, there are. There are a set of items that are said to be prohibited. These include illicit drugs, counterfeit products, and disease-carrying animals and plants. You can get more information here.


We all want to save money in the smallest ways, but sometimes, using an option that matches your needs is best. While the USPS happens to be the cheapest way to ship to China, it is not as fast as others and has limited tracking options.

This article highlights some of the best ways to ship to China. Additionally, some key features help you determine which matches your needs.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you did, you should also see if UPS and USPS are the same.

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