Delivery Attempted – Meaning And What Happens Next

Various delivery updates may appear to be quite demanding for some customers. That said, the “attempted delivery” update is very easy to decipher.

Basically, the “delivery attempted” message means that delivery was attempted by the courier but failed. This could be because of various reasons; in most cases, another attempt should be made.

Did you come across the “delivery attempted” message and want to know what it means and what happens next? If yes, read this article to find out.

What does “delivery attempted” mean?

When delivery is made, it could go in one of two ways. The first is that the delivery was successful, and the other is that the delivery failed due to unforeseen events.

Delivery attempted implies that a courier attempted to deliver your package but for some reason, was unable to. Usually, another attempt will be made to deliver such a package on another business day.

What causes an attempted delivery to fail?

An attempted delivery may fail because of various reasons, however, some of the common reasons include;

1. No one was home at the point of delivery

This is usually the case for the majority of cases. Due to the nature of work by customers, it is normal not to be at home when the courier attempts the delivery. The delivery attempt will fail since no one is home to receive the package.

2. Incorrect address

In other cases, this may occur due to an incorrect or misspelled address being given. When the delivery was made, the courier realized that the given address was wrong or misspelled.

Most logistics companies may notify the customer with an attempted delivery or an insufficient address message.

3. No access to the address

The courier may have tried to deliver the package in certain scenarios but could not access your address. This could be because of several reasons, for example;

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Nearby construction blocking the passage
  • A dog hindering the courier from accessing the property, etc.

What happens after a delivery attempt is made?

Well, it generally depends on the logistics or delivery service used. But in most cases, another delivery attempt is made on another working day. This is done two or three times (depending on the logistics service used).

Certain steps are taken in cases where the package is still yet to be delivered after various attempts have been made.

Most couriers will leave a note for the recipients stating the next step for them. The note could instruct them to head to the local post office to retrieve the package. It could also state a new date the delivery will be attempted by the courier again.

In worst-case scenarios, the package could be returned to the originating facility. When this happens, the sender will have to go and retrieve the package.

What should you do about unsuccessful delivery attempts?

Behind every problem, there should be a profitable solution. Let’s look at some alternatives you can try.

1. Have someone else receive your package

Most delivery services use normal office hours, typically between 9:00 – 18:00. But most customers will likely be at work at those times and may have no one at home when the courier arrives.

For this reason, it is worth speaking to your building manager to help you receive and sign for such a package.

2. Try other delivery options

You can also have a package delivered to other locations where it is stored for you. Try using a parcel locker. The courier will store the package in the locker, and you can pick it up at your convenience.

Additionally, you can have your package delivered to a PO Box. However, you may be limited to certain package sizes depending on the size of the PO Box you subscribe to.


How many times is delivery attempted?

Depending on the logistics service used, delivery attempts can be between two to three times.

What happens if you miss all delivery attempts?

Usually, the courier leaves a note with future delivery or pick-up plans. Other times, the package may be sent back to the sender.

What is first attempt delivery?

First-attempt delivery implies that the delivery was made on the first attempt.


As mentioned earlier, delivery attempted implies that the courier tried to deliver your package but failed. This could happen 2 or 3 times, afterwards, such a package is sent back to the originating facility.

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Thanks for reading.