UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Not Updating: Meaning, Reasons & What To Do About It

UPS Mail Innovations is a global delivery service that combines the efficiency of UPS with the affordability of USPS. While this makes it a cost-effective way to ship parcels, customers may experience issues like “tracking not updating”. 

This is usually when the tracking update for a parcel of documents remains unchanged. Oftentimes, it is due to delayed scanning, technical issues, and incomplete tracking information. 

To better understand this scenario, this guide explains how UPS Mail Innovations work, why tracking may fail to update, and how to proceed. 

How UPS Mail Innovations Works

UPS Mail Innovations is an economic ground service that completes a delivery with either UPS or USPS, depending on which is most profitable. This delivery should occur between 2 to 7 business days. 

However, UPS does not dispatch their vehicles unless they reach maximum capacity. Hence, when a UPS Mail Innovations package arrives at UPS, it may have to wait until the vehicle is full. 

During this waiting period, tracking updates will maintain the “package is at a UPS destination facility” status until the truck moves. If your package follows an active route, delivery is usually faster and may not require USPS. 

However, packages going to remote regions may be sent to USPS at some point for final delivery. This is to avoid unnecessary delays or financial losses. Unlike UPS, USPS has a scheduled dispatch time for vehicles irrespective of the number of packages inside each. 

Why is UPS Mail Innovations Tracking Not Updating? 


One of the most common issues that UPS Mail Innovations customers face is the lack of tracking updates for a parcel. This can be very frustrating, especially for time-sensitive mail. Here are some of the reasons why UPS Mail Innovations tracking may fail to update: 

1. Delayed scanning 

UPS Mail Innovations packages undergo scanning at various points throughout the delivery process. If, for some reason, there is a backlog of packages at a sorting facility or the package is not properly labeled, scanning will be delayed. 

Such a package may not be registered into the UPS or USPS network, and the tracking update will be stuck (pending correction).

2. Technical issues or glitches 

UPS Mail Innovations tracking is controlled by a complex network of systems, algorithms, and computers. If any of these systems fail, tracking may also fail to update. 

3. Weather conditions 

Adverse weather conditions, such as high winds and snow, can also stall the movement of packages. The longer it takes for a package to get to a sorting facility and undergo scanning, the longer it will take tracking to update. 

4. Incomplete tracking update 

You must provide accurate shipping information when you send a package via UPS Mail Innovations. Errors or omissions in this information may result in delayed or unavailable tracking. 

What to Do About It? 

If your UPS Mail Innovations tracking is not updating, there are the steps to take: 

1. Wait a few days 

Sometimes, packages take longer than expected to reach their destination. The tracking information may take a few days to update in such a scenario. Also, if your package is not urgent, there is no harm in waiting a few days. 

2. Contact customer service 

If your package is not delivered after waiting a few days, you should contact customer service for assistance. The service has a dedicated team to help you track packages and resolve issues. 

3. Try the USPS tracking portal 

If UPS Mail Innovations tracking is not updating, you can try tracking your package via USPS. Sometimes, USPS tracking may be more up-to-date. 

4. File a claim

Filing a claim works for packages that are confirmed lost or damaged. The process is very straightforward and can be completed online. You just need to provide proof of value for the package. 

UPS Mail Innovations offers up to $100 in insurance coverage for lost or damaged packages. If you want the service to cover the full value of the package, opt for additional insurance beforehand. 


How do you know if a UPS package has to be signed for?

Check the email with the tracking information and confirm if the package requires a signature on delivery. Alternatively, this information should be available on the UPS tracking page once you enter the package’s tracking number. 

Does UPS take pictures of delivered packages?

Yes, the delivery personnel will take a picture of your package to help you know where it is in your residence or office. This works for packages that do not require a signature upon delivery. 

How many attempts does UPS make?

UPS oversees a maximum of 3 delivery attempts. Failure to receive your package during these attempts will result in your package being returned to an Access Point and eventually to the shipper. 


UPS Mail Innovations is an affordable and reliable shipping option allowing customers to deliver their packages on time. However, package tracking issues may arise, frustrating customers awaiting their mail. 

The reasons for tracking update delays or unavailability vary from delayed scanning to technical glitches and weather conditions. You should wait for a few days before connecting to customer service. 

Should your package be confirmed lost and missing, filing, a claim becomes necessary. 

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