FedEx Tracking Not Updating: Why & 3 Proven Ways To Address It

When expecting a package from a carrier like FedEx, it is easy to track their status and estimate the delivery date, thanks to notifications. However, this may not be the case if the FedEx tracking portal is not updating the status of your package. 

While this may seem like enough reason to panic or be worried, it only requires patience. Most times, when FedEx tracking is not updating, it is because your package has yet to arrive at a sorting center. However, this may not be the only reason. 

This guide explains why FedEx may fail to provide tracking updates on the status of your package and how to address it. But first, you need to know how long it takes FedEx to provide the first tracking notifications. 

How Long Does FedEx Take to Provide the First Tracking Update? 


Once FedEx receives your package, it will be scanned, sorted, and registered into its database. This package will get a shipping label, which will contain a tracking number that allows you to track the progress of your package. 

FedEx will also send this tracking number via email and does not expect you to enter it into the tracking portal or expect an update immediately. It recommends you wait at least 24 hours after receiving the tracking ID. 

After 24 hours, the tracking portal should display a definite update. You can now continue to track your package until it arrives. 

Why is FedEx Tracking Not Updating? 

Several factors can be responsible. They include:

1. FedEx has yet to receive your package 

A seller can drop your package at the nearest FedEx depot or schedule a pickup. If it is the former, there is a big chance FedEx will be responsible for generating the label and sending you a tracking number. 

For pickup, sellers prefer to prepare the package by printing and affixing the label. Whichever method they adopt, you need to know that you will not receive any significant update until FedEx scans the package. Wait for at least 24 hours. 

2. Your package is traveling to a distant location 

If your package is headed for a distant location or you are shipping abroad, tracking updates may cease temporarily. This is because FedEx scans packages at various points between pickup and delivery. 

Hence, the tracking portal may be stuck on one update for 24 hours or more if you are shipping to another country. Blame this on the destination or your location. 

3. Delivery exceptions 

Delivery exceptions like inclement weather conditions (hurricanes and heavy rain) can delay package movement and tracking updates. Customs clearance (for international shipments) is another exception that can keep tracking updates stuck temporarily. 

4. Tracking number errors

While this is not usually the case, it cannot be overlooked. FedEx tracking may not provide any significant update if you submit the wrong tracking number. Please note that FedEx may also be responsible for this. 

This occurs when an employee makes data entry errors after scanning your package into the FedEx database. While this is rare, you will likely be sent the wrong tracking number. 

5. Technical glitches 

Like tracking number mistakes, technical glitches, or system malfunctions with FedEx are rare. However, when the system database or server has a few bugs, it may slow down processes like tracking notifications. 

6. Your package may be lost or misplaced 

If, for some reason, FedEx misplaced or lost your package after sorting it for delivery, tracking information may not be available. Once your package is confirmed to be lost, FedEx will arrange for a new delivery, and you will likely receive a new tracking number.  

7. Holidays and peak season surge 

Generally, couriers experience a surge in delivery requests during popular holidays like Christmas and New Year. This increase in demand can result in package processing and tracking update delays. 

What to Do If FedEx Tracking is Not Updating 

There are different ways you can address this situation. They include: 

1. Double-check your tracking number 

Before contacting FedEx about any shipment issue, you need to be sure you entered the correct tracking number in the tracking portal. If you did and are still getting an error message, you may need to contact FedEx customer service. 

2. Be patient 

It is also advisable to be patient, especially when you are expecting a package from another country. This is because distance, weather conditions, customs clearance, and other exceptions can delay the next scan or tracking update. 

Contact FedEx customer support if there is no tracking update after 2 to 3 days. 

3. Contact FedEx customer support 

The best time to contact FedEx is when all your effort and patience do not yield positive results. You can contact them via email or by calling their toll-free number, 1-800-463-3339.

This way, you can confirm if your package is lost, is experiencing a delay due to peak season surge, or technical glitches. If your package is not lost, you should receive it on the estimated delivery or a few days after. 

Otherwise, you may need to settle for a refund or a new delivery. 

Does FedEx update tracking over the weekends? 

FedEx provides tracking updates on weekends. In addition, if your package is under Home Delivery, you can expect delivery on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Is It Possible for FedEx to Deliver Without Updating Tracking?


This is possible. While FedEx packages get scanned at various centers between pickup and delivery, mistakes occur. For instance, you will not receive tracking updates if an employee fails to scan your package or commits data entry errors,

You will only get a call from the delivery driver when your package is nearby. Please note that there are times when a package may be on its way to your doorstep without getting scanned for 24 hours or more. 


Can a package be shipped without being scanned?

While this is not the protocol, it is possible. The journey of such a package may not be updated on FedEx’s tracking portal. 

How long can FedEx delay delivery?

14 days if you are using FedEx Vacation Hold. Delivery will resume (by default) after this window, which means you are not expected to go pick up your item. 

How long does a package stay on Informed Delivery?

Your package’s tracking information will stay on Informed Delivery for only 15 days. 

Wrapping Up 

While tracking a package on FedEx is designed to be seamless, delivery processes are not always perfect. When FedEx tracking is not updating, it is probably because your package has yet to be scanned initially or has to travel a long distance before the next scan. 

This waiting period should not disturb you because your package will likely arrive on the estimated delivery date or a few days later (in the case of delivery exceptions.) However, if you wish to know more about your order, FedEx customer support will assist you. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see if you can pick up a FedEx package before delivery

Thanks for reading.