How Long Does It Take For Amazon To Ship: Timeline Comparison For Every Shipping Option

Amazon is not just the world’s largest online marketplace but stands out when shipping packages to customers. Nevertheless, how long Amazon takes to ship depends on several factors, such as location and shipping methods. 

Moreover, the best you can get from Amazon and other e-commerce bigwigs is an estimated delivery date and time. You should get your package within such a timeline if nothing goes wrong. 

This guide explores the various shipping options on Amazon, their turnaround time, and the pros and cons. It also features factors that can delay shipping and why Amazon Prime is a superior service. 

What Happens Before a Package Is Shipped on Amazon? 

When a customer places an order, Amazon’s processing systems kick into action. This process involves picking the ordered package(s) from the warehouse, packing it securely, and generating a shipping label. 

After the item has been packed, it is handed over to the courier for transportation to the customer’s address. How long this process takes depends on the product’s availability, which may affect shipping time. 

Shipping Options on Amazon and Their Turnaround Time 


1. Standard shipping 

This is Amazon’s default shipping option and is available to all customers. It is affordable and typically delivers packages within 3-5 business days from the date of dispatch. 

Standard shipping is often free for Amazon Prime members, and for regular customers, its fee is calculated based on the weight of the package and shipping distance. 

2. Two-day shipping 

This shipping option delivers packages within 2 business days from the date of dispatch. It is also available to both Amazon Prime members and non-Prime members. 

Two-day shipping is faster than Standard Shipping, but it is more expensive. Only Amazon Prime members enjoy it for free. 

3. Same-day Delivery 

This option is only available to a select number of customers residing in eligible zip codes and must be ordered before the cut-off time. Typically, packages ordered in the morning should be delivered in the afternoon. 

Those ordered in the afternoon are delivered the next day. Same-day delivery is faster and more convenient than both standard and two-day shipping. However, it’s relatively expensive, and not all items are eligible for the service. 

4. One-day Delivery 

This option is only available to Amazon Prime members and delivers packages ordered before the next business day’s cut-off time. It is more expensive than standard shipping. 

5. No-rush Shipping 

This is another shipping option for Amazon Prime members. No-rush shipping typically delivers within 5 to 7 business days. It is an incentive option to encourage customers to select slower shipping speed in exchange for rewards like discounts, promotions, and credits. 

Factors That Can Delay Amazon Shipping

While Amazon strives to provide a speedy and keep to their delivery time, some factors can disrupt how long it takes to ship or deliver a package. They include: 

1. Weather conditions 

Adverse weather conditions can easily disrupt transportation and delay package delivery. Conditions such as hurricanes, heavy rain or snow, and tornadoes can slow down courier services. 

2. Delivery locations 

Some remote or rural locations can be challenging and time-consuming to access for couriers with a low local presence. Such delivery may be extended to a local post office for final delivery. 

3. Carrier strikes 

Carriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx also undergo strikes or labor actions. This directly affects shipments and their delivery. 

4. Customs clearance 

International shipments must undergo customs clearance. The process primarily involves checking if your package is legal and has the appropriate documents. 

It can take several days or weeks, depending on how busy the port is, the size and content of the shipment, and its destination. 

Amazon Prime: The Fastest Shipping Option 

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service offered by Amazon that guarantees a maximum of 2-day shipping on eligible items. In other words, items shipped with this service can arrive that same day or the next but should not exceed 2 days. 

You can pay $12.99 (monthly) or $199 (annually) for this service and enjoy free access to Prime Video, music streaming, and ebooks. The few downsides to Amazon Prime are that not all items are eligible, and some find it expensive. 


How long does it take for Amazon to charge your card?

It depends on the selected item and seller. Third-party retailers on Amazon often charge immediately for an item purchase — which may not be true for Amazon products. 

Does Amazon ship on weekends?

Amazon delivers packages every day of the week. However, the system can select which location is eligible for weekend deliveries. 

Does Amazon accept PayPal?

Amazon does not accept PayPal. 

In a Nutshell: How Long Does It Take Amazon to Ship? 

The time it takes to ship depends on shipping options, location, weather conditions, customs clearance, and other external factors. 

The fastest way to get a package from Amazon is to subscribe to the Amazon Prime membership. It delivers within 2 days for eligible items regardless of the destination. 

However, if you find it expensive or a bit limiting, you can choose any of the options below: 

  • Standard shipping (3-5 business days and free for Amazon Prime members)
  • Two-Day shipping (2 business days and free for Amazon Prime members)
  • Same-Day shipping (same-day or next-day delivery and only for eligible items)
  • One-Day shipping (next-day delivery and only available to Amazon Prime members)
  • No-Rush Shipping (5-7 business days and comes with rewards or discounts)

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