How To Get DoorDash Credits: 10 Proven Methods You Can Try & How To Check Credit Balance On Mobile Or PC

DoorDash credits are virtual tokens that allow you to buy food, groceries, and other items for free or almost free. How can you get these credits? There are several ways to earn DoorDash credits, but the easiest is via special promotions or referrals. 

You should also note that these credits cannot be exchanged for cash, or transferred outside DoorDash, and have varying expiration and restrictions. 

This guide highlights 10 proven ways to get DoorDash credits as a customer. You will also discover how long these credits last and how to check your balance on mobile and PC. 

10 Ways You Can Earn DoorDash Credits 

Understanding how you can earn DoorDash credits will help you spend less. Here are 10 ways to go about it: 

1. Engage in DoorDash promotions 

DoorDash periodically keeps its members engaged via promotions. They roll out interesting challenges such as quizzes and tasks, or activities you must complete to earn credits.

Rewards for challenges can be in the form of promo codes and other exclusive offers. This type of credit deducts a specific amount from your total order.

Please note that you must actively follow DoorDash’s promotions page to avoid missing out on these activities. They also send promotions announcements via emails. 


2. Register via a referral link

This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to earn DoorDash credits. As an aspiring DoorDash member, the best decision you can make is to sign up with a referral link. 

This method allows you and the owner of the link to receive credits. Please note that DoorDash has an algorithm that detects duplicate accounts. Hence, the system will only give you credits if it recognizes you as a new user. 

3. Refer others too 

Every new DoorDash member gets a unique referral link after a successful registration. Since you already know what it feels like or the benefits of signing up via a referral link, it is time to spread the love. 

Think of it as introducing people to one of the best online marketplaces where they can order food and groceries at affordable prices. 

Also, do not limit your referrals to families and friends. Share them on online communities or forums (where people seek answers to questions). Please note that you will only get credits for 25 referrals if you reside in Australia and 10 referrals for Canadians and U.S. residents. 

4. Subscribe to DashPass ($9.99/month)

Many think DashPass is just a premium subscription that allows members to enjoy free delivery on orders monthly or annually. While that is true, it offers more. For example, DashPass grants subscribers exclusive access to deals, discounts, and credits.

5. Gift cards 

DoorDash can also reward you with gift cards during promotions. This card puts credits in your account that you can use to pay for orders, delivery fees, and service fees. You can also ask your friends to buy you gift cards or buy them yourself. 

6. Buy food or groceries from partner brands 

Purchasing products from brands or companies currently in partnership with DoorDash can earn you credits regularly. While this method is mostly about being in the right place at the right time, best practices suggest: 

  • Retargeting brands where you have enjoyed such benefits 
  • Keep an eye on the DoorDash Promotions page because they might link a promotion to a brand. 

7. Report issues promptly 

You can also earn credits by reporting the slightest issue or mistake in your order because DoorDash prioritizes keeping its customers happy. 

However, instead of sending a direct refund for complaints, DoorDash will likely compensate you with credits. Timeliness is crucial to getting a reward for any complaint. 

8. Follow and keep an eye on DoorDash’s social media pages

DoorDash announces most (if not all) of its contests and quizzes on social media. These promotional tasks can earn you rewards and giveaways. You only need to watch DoorDash’s social media pages to be among the early birds. 

Aside from staying updated on social media, you should also engage DoorDash by sharing and commenting on their posts. This genuinely increases your visibility as a true fan. 

9. Own a Chase Sapphire Reserve card or a World Elite Mastercard

DoorDash customers who own a Chase Sapphire Reserve card or World Elite Mastercard earn $5 worth of credits monthly. Please note that only DashPass subscribers can enjoy this benefit (another benefit of DashPass).

10. Check with your telecom services

Telecom companies sometimes partner with popular brands like DoorDash to increase their value and provide something extra for customers. 

As always, this is mostly a case of subscribing to the lucky network at the right time. You can qualify directly for promotions or credits if your service provider partners with DoorDash. Just keep an eye on your email. 

How Long Does It Take to Get DoorDash Credits?

Once you are rewarded with DoorDash credits, it should reflect in your balance immediately. However, when you refer a friend, it may take a few days.

This is because your friend must place an order (at least $10) for you to earn credits. These credits are automatically placed on your next order. 

How to Check the Status of Your DoorDash Credits 

If you’ve just received DoorDash credits or you have used some of them and would like to know your credit balance, follow the steps below: 

On Mobile & PC

  1. Login to your DoorDash account. 
  2. Navigate to the left corner of the main page and tap the three horizontal lines (menu button).
  3. Locate and click on “Payment Methods” for Android and “Payments” for iOS.
  4. PC users will also see “Payments” and should click it. 
  5. You will see the total amount of credits in your balance. 

Credits Issued Vs. Credit Applied (on DoorDash)

“Credit Issued” means that DoorDash has issued you credits based on referrals, partnerships, or because you won a quiz. This notification is designed to hint to you that you can now use the credit for your next order. 

On the other hand, “Credit Applied” means you have used your credit, or it has automatically been applied to an order. This means you will not pay or must partly pay for the order. 


How long do DoorDash credits last?

Depends on how you acquired the credit. Nevertheless, most credits expire 6 months from the date of issue. 

Why is DoorDash credit not showing? 

Your app may be outdated, or DoorDash is experiencing a problem issuing your credits. Ensure you download the latest version of the DoorDash app before contacting customer service. 

How can you make $500 fast on DoorDash?

Some of the effective ways to quickly make $500 on DoorDash include:

  • Prioritizing peak hours in big cities 
  • Accepting batched orders 
  • Leverage promotions 
  • Design or have a delivery strategy

In a Nutshell

While DoorDash decides when it is ideal to share credits and how much it would like to share, customers can effectively induce this action. 

Some proven ways to do this include referrals and participating in promotions. Please note that these methods require a bit of hard work and dedication. 

A less demanding and stable source of earning credits is DashPass. Aside from providing exclusive access to special offers, this premium membership gives credits for every pickup order.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Another way customers enjoy discounts on food delivery platforms is via SNAP benefits. Please see if DoorDash accepts EBT or SNAP benefit cards

Thanks for reading.