Does FedEx Deliver To PO Boxes: 2 Ways To Do It & PO Box Alternatives To Consider

Most FedEx shipping options do not deliver packages to PO Boxes or the post office. This is because PO Boxes are not seen as residential addresses. 

The only FedEx shipping option that does this is Ground Economy (formerly known as FedEx SmartPost). This shipping option may add at least 24 hours to FedEx’s estimated delivery date.

Is there a way to ship from FedEx to a PO Box without FedEx Ground Economy? Yes, there is. Read this guide until the end to discover the different ways to do it and the requirements or the pros and cons of each method. 

Does FedEx Deliver to PO Boxes?

FedEx delivers to PO Boxes via FedEx Ground Economy. This is the only FedEx shipping option that partners with USPS. Popular shipping options, such as FedEx Express, FedEx Home, FedEx 2Day, and FedEx Standard Overnight, do not ship to PO Boxes. 

FedEx Express shipping options will only consider shipping to PO Boxes when a shipment is headed for Puerto Rico or other remote international destinations.

How to Ship From FedEx to PO Boxes (2 Effective Methods)


1. FedEx Ground Economy 

The service partners with USPS for customers or retailers who wish to send their packages directly to PO Box locations. 

You can expect your package to arrive within 2-7 days, provided you do not reside in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. The service only ships lightweight items (70 lbs or less) with length and breadth not exceeding 130 inches. 

FedEx Ground Economy accepts packages from Monday to Saturday, and 80% of residential addresses are eligible for Sunday deliveries. Extra features that do not apply to FedEx Economy Ground include: 

  • Signature requirement or proof of delivery
  • Money-back guarantee or guaranteed delivery date 
  • Hazardous material service

Below is how to use the service (in 5 easy steps):  

  • Prepare the item and ensure it complies with FedEx’s weight and dimension requirements. 
  • When choosing a shipping option, select “Ground Economy”.
  • Insert your zip code and choose your city. Your package will be automatically delivered to the nearest post office. 
  • Select the “Copy and Print” button and affix the shipping label to the package.
  • Drop it off at your preferred FedEx location.

Please note that a shipping label can also be printed at the post office. 

2. USPS Street Addressing 

Another way to deliver packages directly from FedEx to PO Boxes is to use the USPS Street Addressing program. This method requires you to enter the street address of the post office nearest to your location (in the address line 1) and the PO Box number (in the address line 2) during checkout. 

USPS Street Addressing also works for other private carriers such as UPS, Amazon, and DHL. 

Alternatives to PO Boxes You Should Consider

For those who do not have a PO Box and still do not want to disclose your house or office address, you can send your package to:

1. A private or virtual mailbox 

Virtual mailboxes work like PO Boxes. The important difference is that it already comes with a street-style address. You only need to enter this address while checking out, and your parcel will be delivered to your box. 

Once your item arrives, you will be notified and sent an online copy of everything in your box. It is ideal for shipping documents to individuals who want to keep their profiles private. Examples of virtual mailbox providers are UPS store mailbox and iPostal1.

2. GoPost Boxes 

GoPost boxes are simply USPS’s attempt at launching a similar service to Amazon lockers. USPS GoPost allows you to send items to the nearest GoPost boxes using your zip code.

Please note that this service is yet to be available in every part of the U.S., So don’t be surprised if your location is currently ineligible. 


Why do people use PO Boxes?

Security and privacy. PO Boxes allow customers to receive parcels without disclosing their residential addresses. 

What happens if a package is too big for a PO Box?

Your box will go into the post office’s special package boxes, and the key to the box will be placed in your PO Box. 

You will also find a note in your PO Box saying the item is too large for the PO Box and directing you to the customer counter. 

Is FedEx faster than USPS?

USPS is faster than FedEx within the U.S. Choose FedEx for international and overnight deliveries. 


It is safe to say FedEx does not enjoy shipping to PO Boxes. However, it understands that some customers prefer it because it allows them to withhold their home or office address. This is why the Ground Economy is available for everyone. 

An alternative to this service is the USPS street addressing program. This method allows you to use the post office address as your delivery address. Most of the size and delivery requirements that apply to FedEx Ground Economy also apply to it. 

Other ways to avoid residential deliveries from FedEx include sending your parcel to a virtual mail or using USPS GoPost (which is unavailable everywhere yet).

I hope you found this guide helpful. You should also see if you can pick up a package from FedEx before delivery.

Thanks for reading.