How Far Does Doordash Deliver: Significance of Delivery Radius & Factors That Can Affect It

This is a question people ask when their favorite restaurant is not that close or are new users (as a customer or Dasher). How far DoorDash or dashers deliver food or other supplies primarily depends on the restaurant or outlet. 

Nevertheless, the platform will always suggest a 5-mile delivery radius. This is because orders within 5 miles have a high success rate and will get a faster response from Dashers. 

This guide further explains how far DoorDash delivers, its significance, and factors that can affect the delivery radius of a restaurant. 

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver? 

The recommended delivery radius for restaurants on DoorDash is 5 miles. Since most restaurants have no issues with this recommendation, it is more or less seen as the standard delivery. 

However, restaurant managers can also decide the extent of their coverage based on Partnership Plans and other factors (more on this in the next section).

Significance of a Delivery Radius 

1. Ensures food safety 

Tasty meals like stuffed crust pizza and other cooked food varieties are best delivered fresh because they are perishable. This is only possible when the speed of service aligns with the delivery radius. 

That way, your food arrives in an edible and safe condition. Moreover, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that restaurant deliveries occur within 1 to 2 hours. 

2. Helps with route-planning 

Delivery radius also helps with route planning. This covers everything from grouping multiple or batched orders based on addresses to envisaging traffic situations. Efficient route planning is essential for optimized delivery and resource maximization. 

3. Contributes to great customer service 

You also need to understand that Dashers have to deliver several orders within their active periods. With an idea of what is acceptable (in terms of delivery radius), they can accept only orders they can deliver effectively. 

4. Increased revenue potential 

A larger delivery radius means you can connect more customers to your store. By tapping into a broader market, you also improve your revenue potential. 

5. Competitive edge and differentiation 

Adjusting your restaurant delivery radius can also help you stand out or give you a competitive edge compared to other stores. However, you must find the right balance between efficiency and coverage.

5 Factors That Influence How Far DoorDash or Dashers Deliver  


1. Partnership plan 

DoorDash offers 3 types of partnership plans for merchants or restaurants: 

  • Basic Plan – grants restaurants free access to DoorDash standard (5 miles) delivery radius. However, you can extend your restaurant’s reach if it is needed.
  • Plus Plan – grants restaurants access to a larger delivery radius than the Basic Plan, but less than 30 miles.
  • Premier Plan – allows restaurants to cover up to a 30-mile delivery radius automatically.

As a result, a particular restaurant may be out of range for a customer while another (within the same delivery distance) would not. It is also why Dashers sometimes get a distant delivery request, which they usually accept if the tip is substantial. 

2. Demand and customer feedback 

Restaurants on DoorDash regularly get reviewed by customers. Restaurant managers may be forced to increase their delivery radius if customers in distant locations are interested in their amazing service. 

Please note that distant deliveries attract a slightly higher delivery fee and service. You must also include a substantial tip for drivers to jump on your request. 

3. Restaurant location 

Restaurants in big cities like New York prioritize short delivery distances because the area is densely populated, and demand is usually high. 

On the other hand, restaurants in suburban areas (with a smaller population) are expected to extend their delivery radius to reach more customers and generate more profits. 

4. Traffic and other delivery exceptions 

Traffic conditions and other delivery exceptions, such as severe weather conditions, can limit a restaurant’s delivery radius. These services may become available if traffic and weather conditions are favorable. 

5. Drivers availability and decision 

If there are not enough drivers, distant deliveries may receive a very slow welcome. Drivers can also ignore them during peak hours or if the tip for the order is small. 


Why Does DoorDash Say “Too Far”?

It simply means your preferred restaurant is not within range. Another way to put it is that the restaurant’s delivery radius does not cover your location. 

How long does DoorDash take to deliver?

The average delivery time is currently estimated at 40 minutes. It may vary depending on the customer’s location and when the order was placed.

Is DoorDash delivery time accurate? 

DoorDash delivery time is usually (about 92% of the time) accurate. In the case of an early or late delivery, the time apart is usually about 5 minutes or less. 

Bottom Line

DoorDash has a typical delivery radius between 5 miles and 30 miles. While it (by default) sets the delivery radius at 5 miles, restaurant managers can extend their services to more locations. 

However, such restaurants must ensure they continue to deliver within a reasonable time and include appropriate fees for the extra distance. On the other hand, customers should also increase how much they tip Dashers. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see if DoorDash drivers can see the tip

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