DoorDash App Crashes: Symptoms, Causes & 7 Ways To Address It

When the DoorDash app crashes, Dashers and customers get worried and frustrated about their orders. While this is understandable, there are ways you can address it, especially if it is not a general problem. 

For instance, you can switch from using the app to using the website temporarily if your app is misbehaving. You can also reboot your device and engage in other troubleshooting operations to see if normalcy will be restored. 

This guide covers the steps you need to take as a Dasher or customer when your app crashes. But first, to know the solution to a problem, you should know its symptoms and causes.

How to Know Your DoorDash App Crashed 

DoorDash rarely announces that their app or server is experiencing an issue. They only do this using social media platforms like Twitter when it is taking too long to fix the situation or their audiences are starting to complain.  

In the absence of an announcement, here are subtle signs or indicators that DoorDash is experiencing an issue or has crashed: 

For Dashers 

  • You will stop receiving orders 
  • You cannot log into the Dasher app 
  • The app starts to lag heavily 
  • You accept an order but cannot fulfill it 

For customers 

  • You cannot place an order or it is stuck on “confirming” 
  • Login attempt failure 
  • Heavy lag 

Why Does the DoorDash App Crash? 


1. Server overload 

One of the common reasons the DoorDash app crashes or becomes very unresponsive is the overwhelming demand during peak hours (evenings and weekends). This occurs when the app’s infrastructure cannot cope with the surge in demand. 

2. Application bugs 

The presence of bugs in your DoorDash app can cause it to crash often or frustrate your ordering process. This is possible when you refuse to update your app or the new one has a codebase issue that needs to be tweaked. 

3. Device compatibility 

We live in an era where different types of smartphones exist. Hence, the reception for apps varies. Your DoorDash app may crash often if your phone’s operating system finds it incompatible. 

In addition, there are instances where insufficient storage and other device issues may be responsible for your experience. 

4. Poor connectivity 

The DoorDash app may also stop working if you are placing an order in a region with a poor internet connection. In this case, you need to move to a location with a better signal to place your order and track it. 

5. Background activities 

Placing an order or dashing on DoorDash with multiple apps running in the background of your smartphone can result in lagging. This may also render the app completely unresponsive until you refresh background processes. 

What to Do If the DoorDash App Crashes?


Below are some troubleshooting and quick-fix steps you can take: 

1. Use the website 

DoorDash apps are more susceptible to downtime than their website. Hence, when your app stops working, switch to the desktop version or log in to your details via the website. 

This way, you can keep receiving and delivering orders (for Dashers) or track your food (as a customer) until the issue is resolved. 

2. Try other navigation apps (for Dashers)

DoorDash uses Google Maps, but other navigation apps can help you locate a destination. Hence, if the Dasher app is down, you can switch to these alternatives to proceed with deliveries.

3. Restart the app or smartphone

You can also close the app and restart it to see if normalcy will be restored. If there are no improvements, you may need to restart your phone. 

4. Check your internet connection 

One way to check your internet connection is to use other apps and rate their responsiveness. If these apps are lagging, it means your internet connection is poor. 

To resolve this issue, you can switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi. If the problem persists, you may need to go to a region with a stronger internet connection. 

5. Update your app regularly

Updating your app removes bugs and clears existing cache data. When you do this regularly, you reduce the chances of experiencing a crash as a Dasher or customer.

6. Check your operating system 

Dashers and consumers need to know that every new version of the DoorDash app has operating system requirements. Hence, before downloading the DoorDash app, check its operating system requirements. 

If your device does not fulfill this criteria, update its operating system to the latest version before downloading the DoorDash app. Otherwise, you may need to stick to the existing version and regularly clear caches. 

7. Contact DoorDash Support 

If the tips above do not resolve the issue, contact DoorDash. This can be handy to avoid being penalized for delivery (for Dasher) or know the status of your order (for customers.) 


Can you make another Dasher account?

DoorDash does not support creating two accounts with the same information, whether you are a Dasher or a customer. Both will likely be deactivated. 

Can you delete your Dasher account and start over?

This is possible, but you must inform DoorDash support beforehand. This way, your account can be quickly reactivated once you are ready to resume dashing. 

Does DoorDash close?

The DoorDash is available 24/7. However, restaurant and store options may be limited during odd hours (10 am and above) if you reside in remote regions. 

How early does DoorDash deliver?

Your food or grocery can be delivered as early as 6 am or 7 am, depending on the restaurant or supermarket. 

Wrapping Up 

While the DoorDash app rarely crashes, it can lag or become unresponsive. Different factors may be responsible. As a customer or Dasher, the first thing you need to do is confirm if it is a general issue. If it is, you only need to be patient or contact support. 

Otherwise, your device or environment may be responsible. To resolve this, try the troubleshooting tips discussed in this guide. For instance, you can switch to the website version, restart the app, or use your phone. 

Lastly, ensure you shop with a strong internet connection and the latest version of the app. This way, you reduce bug-related crashes and enjoy a better experience. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how to avoid late DoorDash deliveries

Thanks for reading.