7 Reasons Your Uber Eats Order Never Arrived & What To Do

Waiting eagerly for a meal that never arrives can be frustrating. While Uber Eats primary mission is to fulfill every order, several factors (including yourself) may be responsible for a failed delivery. So, what can you do if your order never arrived? 

Most customers contact Uber Eats immediately. This is a good call, but it may not be the best because your order may simply be experiencing a delay. Hence, the first step to take is to be patient. 

On average, Uber Eats orders arrive within 30 minutes, depending on the distance between you and the restaurant. So, adding an extra 10 to 20 minutes to the estimated delivery time is not a bad idea. It will make contacting Uber Eats support more justifiable. 

This is the right place to be if you placed an order on Uber Eats and it never arrived. This guide covers why it occurs and the steps to address it. 

Reasons Your Uber Eats Order Never Arrived 


1. Technical glitches or poor internet connection

Server errors and downtime can be responsible for a failed delivery. In this case, the restaurant may be experiencing difficulties dispatching your order to an Uber Eats driver. Aside from server problems, bugs and a poor internet connection may be responsible. 

2. Driver issues 

Drivers also experience unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances, such as inclement weather, vehicle breakdowns, or personal emergencies. While this is rare, it can result in a failed delivery. 

3. Incorrect Address 

Most customers overlook their errors when an order never arrives. This is possible when you provide an incorrect address due to a typo or genuine mistake in selecting the right location on the map. 

Drivers will struggle to locate your address, and such a delivery might fail if they cannot contact you. If you report such a case to Uber Eats customer service, you will not get a full refund. 

4. Communication breakdown 

Responsive communication between a customer, restaurant, and delivery driver can also determine the success or failure of a delivery. When errors like phone number discrepancies arise, drivers and restaurants can only try their best to salvage the situation. 

They may have to cancel your order if these attempts fail. 

5. No drivers available 

Your order may be ready, but it will not arrive or be delivered if there is no driver to pick it up. This occurs when you place an order from a remote region at odd hours when there is a shortage of drivers. 

6. The restaurant missed your order 

Sometimes, restaurants make the mistake of missing an order. This occurs when there are multiple requests to attend or during peak hours. Due to the rush and eagerness to attend to all orders, some may be innocently skipped. 

Note: This is rare because most restaurants have an almost flawless system for managing orders, and Uber Eats strongly detests incompetence. 

7. The delivery driver ate your food 

This may sound surprising, but it happens in the food and grocery delivery industry. In most cases, your order may be delivered with some part chopped off and its seal broken. Some may never arrive because the driver ate it all. 

You should get a full refund if this is the reason for the order failure and expect the driver to be suspended for such an act. 

What to Do If Your Uber Eats Order Never Arrived?



Don’t just rush to Uber Eats customer service to complain. Here is the right way to address a potential failed delivery: 

1. Be patient 

As I said earlier, Uber Eats detests delivery errors. Most late orders, especially those you are about to report, are usually due to unforeseen delays such as traffic, adverse weather, and vehicle malfunction. 

As a customer, you should exercise patience. Wait for an extra 10 to 20 minutes after the specified delivery time to see if your order will be delivered. 

2. Contact the driver 

Customers can also call Uber Eats delivery drivers to know their status. If they are unresponsive, wait a few minutes before contacting customer support. 

3. Check your surroundings 

You should also check your surroundings. This is advisable when the tracking portal says delivered, but you can not find the food at your doorstep. 

4. Contact support 

Uber Eats support is available 24/7 to address every complaint. If you have exhausted your patience, you can narrate your experience to customer support via the app or website. Provide details of the order and expect their response. 

In most cases, you will be issued a full refund. However, if you are responsible for the failed delivery or there is enough proof that the driver tried their best to deliver, you may get a partial refund or nothing. 

In addition, you should contact Uber Eats regarding a failed delivery within 48 hours and after verifying that you have been charged for the order. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund for a Failed Delivery? 

Generally, it takes Uber Eats within 7 to 14 days to issue a refund for an order that never arrived. However, it may take longer, depending on the circumstances surrounding the delivery. 


Does Uber Eats refund missing items?

Yes, if you can prove that some items are missing or the entire order is missing. 

Who loses money when Uber Eats refunds?

Uber Eats mostly bears the loss for delivery mistakes or failures. However, there are times when the restaurants involved may be charged.

Where do Uber refunds go?

Refunds will be reflected in your Uber Eats account balance. You can withdraw this fund to a bank or credit card account anytime, and it should reflect within 3 to 5 business days. 

In a Nutshell 

Uber Eats is primarily in the food-delivery business to provide customers with a seamless experience. However, genuine mistakes and unforeseen circumstances can contribute to order failures. 

When this happens, do not panic. There is a big chance your order is only experiencing a delay. Hence, you only need to be patient and identify what may be responsible. If you cannot, contact Uber Eats customer support for assistance. 

Remember, Uber Eats will only refund you completely once they verify that you were charged for the order, and they or their drivers are responsible for its failure. On the other hand, you may have to settle for a partial refund or nothing. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how to cancel an Uber Eat order

Thanks for reading.