DoorDash Catering Program: Meaning, Benefits & How To Qualify

On average, Dashers make between $15  to $25 per hour. While this sounds decent, do you know you can earn double or thrice that amount with just one high-value order? This is what the DoorDash Catering Program is all about. 

DoorDash Catering Program is a unique (invite-only) service designed to help Dashers earn by accepting large or high-value orders. As a result, the program is also called the DoorDash Large Order Program. 

However, since most of the requests you will be getting from this service (if DoorDash accepts you) are relatively high-value, there are eligibility criteria to fulfill. 

This guide explains the meaning of the program, its benefits, and how to qualify. You will also discover how the program’s onboarding process works and how profitable it is. 

Meaning of DoorDash Large Order or Catering Program?

DoorDash Catering Program is a unique service that grants eligible Dashers access to high-value orders within their service area. Aside from earning more per order, large catering orders also boast better tips. 

However, you should note that large deliveries are not the same as regular ones. They can also be quite challenging. As a result, DoorDash has a standard or eligibility requirements to determine if a Dasher is capable. 

You are also expected to maintain your eligibility and delivery quality to remain in the program. 

How Does the DoorDash Catering Program Work?

Completing a large or catering order works just like your regular orders. 

  1. After registering and getting accepted into the program, you will begin to receive delivery requests on the app. 
  2. Feel free to accept the request once it is within your service area, and you have what is needed to complete it. 
  3. Go to the restaurant or pickup location and pick up the food. Expect the food to be larger than your regular orders. 
  4. Deliver the goods to the customer’s address. 

Please note that DoorDash will pair you with high-value requests 24/7. This is because it does not have a closing or opening hour. The service will only be unavailable if it is under maintenance.

How to Qualify for the DoorDash Large Order Program


To be eligible for DoorDash’s invite, you must have: 

  1. Delivered 100 orders or more in the past month. 
  2. Delivered 200 orders or more in total. 
  3. Boast of an average customer rating of 4.7 stars or more out of 5.0.
  4. Have a completion rate of 95% or more in the previous month. 
  5. Own a catering or insulating bag that matches DoorDash requirements (more on this in the next section).

You must maintain these standards even after getting accepted into this program. Otherwise, you will be removed. 

DoorDash’s Special Requirements for Catering Bags 

While you can purchase your catering bag from DoorDash or any third-party vendor, not every catering or insulating bag is acceptable by DoorDash for large orders. DoorDash recommends that your bag is: 

  • Highly insulated and can properly store hot or cold food. 
  • It must be at least 14 inches (in length), 22 inches (in width), and 13 inches in diameter. 

Buying from DoorDash using a promo code (received from enrollment) is better. This makes the price cheaper and helps you worry less about suitability. Please note that only you can use the promo code. 

DoorDash Catering Program Onboarding Process

Whether you qualify for the program or not, becoming a participant is strictly by invitation from DoorDash. This is how the onboarding process works: 

1. An invite from DoorDash 

You will only get an invite from DoorDash if you fulfill all the criteria needed and possibly maintain it for a few months. Dashers who do not get an invite after meeting these criteria are either in a service area with enough Dashers already or less high-value demands. 

2. Catering bag confirmation 

After receiving an invitation, DoorDash must confirm that your catering bags meet their standards. You will be asked to submit a picture of the bag. 

3. Confirmation email 

You will receive a confirmation email (after picture submission) if your catering bags meet the program’s standards. This email confirms your membership. 

4. Pairing begins 

You will start getting paired with large orders after receiving the confirmation email. Ensure you accept only orders you can complete effectively. 

How Much Does DoorDash Large Order Program Pay?

How much you earn primarily depends on your service area, the number of orders completed, work hours, time of the day, and expenses. Nevertheless, you can expect most high-value orders to pay double or triple the amount you earn from regular orders. 

Your pay per order (usually around the $100 range in larger cities) is estimated based on your country’s average payout for Dashers. This is different from the average payout method used for regular orders. 

Completing large orders also results in earning decent tips. You can earn at least $10 to $20 per order, which is decent. 

DoorDash Catering Program: Other Key Takeaways 

1. The Waiting List 

You can sign up for the waiting list if you are qualified for the Large Order Program and are yet to be invited. This makes you a priority within the service area whenever DoorDash needs to recruit more drivers. 

2. Can be challenging 

Delivering large orders to feed 10 people or more also has its challenges. For example, such orders require more time to be prepared and extra care to ensure they are delivered in the best state possible. 

3. Customers have high expectation 

Customers generally have high expectations since they pay more than the regular amount for the order. They expect punctuality, proper communication, and updates (in case of a delay). 

You should arrive at their residence looking presentable and offer extra help moving their orders if necessary. This contributes to how much you earn as a tip. 

4. Be ready to mix things up 

Becoming a DoorDash Catering or Large Order Program member does not mean you will no longer be paired with regular orders. It only means you will be notified when there is a request for large orders within your service area. 

Hence, Dashers are expected to still deliver regular orders as usual. Be ready to mix things up while keeping reasonable expectations. 


Is it possible to opt out of large deliveries?

Yes, you are allowed to accept or decline high-value order requests. You can opt out of the program by contacting the Dasher support team. 

Is the Large Order Program worth it?

It is a win-win and worth it because it pairs you with regular and large orders. You get to earn more than Dashers that accept regular orders only. 

Who is a Platinum Dasher?

A Platinum Dasher is a DoorDash delivery driver that has unlocked existing Top Dasher perks and additional rewards. Such drivers can deliver anytime and enjoy pairing with large orders, advanced scheduling, and VIP support. 

Conclusion: Is the DoorDash Catering Program Worth It? 

According to most Dashers, the program is worth it. This is because it allows you to receive regular and high-value delivery requests. It is also free to become a member, considering you only need to spend money on insulating bags. 

Nevertheless, there are a few things you should keep an eye on after becoming a member. For example, it can be risky to keep declining regular orders to target high-value ones. 

You should also know the restaurants to avoid, especially those with long wait times or customers who don’t tip generously. This gets better with experience and more trips. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see if DoorDash provides No Contact Delivery.

Thanks for reading.