How Long Does Uber Eats Background Check Take? Understanding The Procedure & 5 Factors That Can Delay It

As most Rideshare brands do, Uber Eats subjects all its potential drivers to a compulsory background check. Since an external company manages this process, estimating how long it will take may be difficult. 

Nevertheless, most applicants claim the process usually takes up to a few days or weeks, depending on backlogs. The wait is also described as “worth it” because it prioritizes the safety of its customers, drivers, and the package in their care. 

This guide sheds more light on how long Uber Eats background check takes and the documents or information required. You will also discover what Uber Eats looks for and the factors that can delay the process. 

What are the Documents or Information Required for a Background check? 

During sign-up, you will requested to provide the necessary information, such as: 

  • Your name and picture
  • Email address 
  • Phone number 
  • Location 
  • Driver’s License 
  • Social Security Number 
  • Vehicle registration and insurance

Some of this information will also be required when signing the consent form. 

How Long Does Uber Eats Background Check Take? 

3 to 5 days. However, since there are always a lot of applicants, the entire procedure may take up to a week or a few weeks. 

The process is supervised by a renowned third-party company known as Checkr and is very similar to the one Uber drivers undergo. This means Uber drivers can render their services on Uber Eats, as long it is available in their location. 

Likewise, Uber Eats partners can also accept trips and transport people. In this case, the only requirement is to own a 4-door car. After every background check, a comprehensive report will be submitted to Uber Eats for a final decision. 

What Does Uber Eats Background Check Look for? 


Uber Eats will ensure you are fit for the role by vetting your: 

1. Driving history 

By submitting your Driver’s License and vehicle registration number during sign-up, you’ve given Uber Eats and third-party access to your driving history. Your Driver’s license must fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Validity (it must not be expired or very close to expiry)
  • A driving history with no substantial violation(s) such as accident reports, traffic violations, and reckless driving. 
  • You must be at least 19 years old
  • Must not be currently suspended or submit a revoked license.

2. Criminal records 

Uber Eats will also investigate your criminal record via your Social Security Number. Your information will be cross-examined across local databases and national court records to ensure you have not been convicted of crimes. 

Examples of crime that can result in automatic disqualification include: 

  • A pattern of physical violence 
  • Sexual assault or abuse 
  • Terrorism 
  • Drug offenses 

You should also try to resolve any pending charges before consenting to any background check. Criminal record checks usually go as far as 7 years. 

Please note that state and local laws greatly determine during a criminal record check. For instance, assault charges will likely disappear in most states after 7 years. Convictions may not. 

3. Vehicle report 

Your vehicle must also meet the criteria for Uber Eats deliveries. You will be asked to explain your vehicle information during your application.

The most important criterion is to own a car in good condition and with insurance coverage. You can use a two-door or a four-door car for Uber Eats deliveries, unlike Uber, which strictly requires at least a four-door vehicle. 

Factors That Can Delay Background Check Results 

1. Backlogs (due to high application volume)

This is responsible for most delays. When the number of applicants on Uber Eats is high, it slows down the speed of the third-party checker. The only solution is to wait until they clear their backlogs. 

2. Incomplete or inaccurate information 

The process will also be delayed if you supply incomplete or incorrect information to the checking company. Checkr will likely contact you to provide the correct information required to complete your verification. 

The only way to avoid this is to ensure you double-check all your details before consenting to a background check. 

3. Criminal record history 

While having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify you from becoming an Uber Eats driver, it can delay results. This is because specific offenses may raise concerns and require further investigations. 

4. Local laws and regulation  

Generally, different states or cities have varying regulations for rideshare and food delivery services. Ensuring every applicant meets these regulations sometimes delays the onboarding process. 

5. Technical issues 

Technical glitches can also result in delays since background checks rely heavily on algorithms and databases. 

How to View Your Uber Eats Background Check Status 

You can check the status of your background check by logging into your candidate portal with the username and password you registered with on the third-party checker’s website. 

These are 7 potential statuses or stages associated with a background check: 

  1. Awaiting Submission: This means Uber Eats has requested a background check but is yet to receive a final or comprehensive report from the third-party company. 
  2. Pending Review: This status will appear if the result of your background check is yet to be reviewed or analyzed for discrepancies by appropriate authorities. 
  3. Incomplete: This status means you have provided insufficient or incomplete information to begin or complete the assessment. 
  4. In Progress: This means the check is ongoing and may take some time to complete. How long the entire process takes will depend on several factors. 
  5. Completed Successfully: This status implies that Checkr has completed your background. It also means you only need to wait for the checking company to submit their findings to Uber Eats to discover if you are eligible. 
  6. Rejected: This means your background check featured some irregularities or violations that made you ineligible to proceed to the next stage. You can dispute a denied status by submitting proofs or more accurate information. 
  7. On Hold: This means the third-party checker needs additional information or credentials before deciding whether to proceed with the check. 

What Happens if You Fail Uber Eats Background Check? 

You can dispute a failed or rejected background check. A “Rejected” background check status on Checkr’s candidate portal usually means there is an issue with some of the information you provided. 

You can salvage the situation by providing more accurate information. The same also applies to rejection notifications from Uber Eats. The food delivery company will redirect you to the third-party checker to know why you were disqualified. 

You will need to wait at least 6 months or more to reapply for the delivery driver gig if your complaint or dispute is convincing   

How to Prepare for a Background Check (not usually free)

The most effective way to prepare for a background check is to request one privately. Companies that offer this service include Checkr (Uber Eats Checker), HireRight, and IntelliCorp. 

While it may not be cheap, it helps you know what to expect from compulsory or job-related background checks and resolve them beforehand. Such results, especially if it is from a renowned company, can also help you win disputes. 


Will they check your credit history during a background check? 

Uber Eats or the third-party checker will not check your credit history during a background check. They do not need that information. 

How often does Uber run background checks? 

Annually, especially after the first (compulsory) check applicants must undergo. It may occur more than once for delivery drivers in larger cities.

Do Taxi drivers have stricter background checks than Uber drivers?

Yes. They usually undergo a stricter background check, although the regulation may vary by state. 


On average, Uber Eats background checks take 3 to 5 days. However, most applicants should look forward to at least a week. Factors that can delay the process include: 

  • The need for additional information or credential 
  • Backlogs from the Checker’s end 
  • Submitting incomplete or incorrect information 

I seriously recommend you undergo a private background check for a better chance of approval. This helps you confirm if you have a clean slate or if your information is valid. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how much you can earn as an Uber Eats driver per delivery

Thanks for reading.