What Is DoorDash No-Contact Delivery & How Does It Work?

Since the COVID pandemic, food delivery platforms (not just DoorDash) have employed no-contact delivery. The service option involves the delivery of food without coming in contact with the customer.

While the delivery option looks set to stay, there are occasions when it may be temporarily deactivated, or customers pick up their package before you take a photo. What should you do? 

These and other essential questions you may have regarding the DoorDash no-contact delivery are what this guide will answer.

What is DoorDash No Contact Delivery? 


No contact delivery is a service that lets Dashers deliver orders to customers without directly handing the food to them. You have to place the food in a safe spot at the customer’s address and notify them via the app that delivery has been made. 

A customer and Dasher can request such orders. When a customer requests a no-contact delivery, the special request will be sent to Dasher as a text message within the delivery instruction. 

On the other hand, if the Dasher wishes to initiate a no-contact delivery, they need to text or call you to know if you are okay with such an option. You will be asked if there is a safe spot to place your food, and they usually promise to wait until they see you pick it up. 

How to Complete a No-Contact Delivery 

Regardless of whoever is requesting a no-contact delivery, these are the steps to follow to complete one: 

  1. Call the customer to agree on a secure spot where you can place the food once you arrive. 
  2. If the app requires an image to confirm delivery, take a picture of the food and send it via the app or text it to the customer (if the cell signal is poor). 
  3. Providing a clear and detailed photo is critical to successful delivery. Below are what should feature in a delivery photo:
  • House or apartment door 
  • House or apartment Number 
  • The food (or order)
  • A bit of background on the drop-off location
  1. Wait at a comfortable distance and ensure the customer picks up the order. 
  2. Mark the order as delivered and anticipate the next order. 
  3. If the customer picks up the food before you have a chance to take a photo, notify DoorDash by selecting the “Handed order directly to customer” delivery option. 
  4. The previous step is also applicable for no-contact deliveries that are handed directly to the customer. 

Please note that not submitting photos for no-contact deliveries may result in the inability to receive future no-contact delivery requests (destination).

Can DoorDash Remove No Contact Delivery? 

Sometimes DoorDash temporarily shuts down the no-contact delivery when there are too many complaints or credits given. If you experience this, you only need to check back in a few days. 

Can You Tip a No Contact Delivery Dasher? 

The easiest way to tip a Dasher with a no-contact delivery order is in-app since the idea of the service is not physically to receive the food from them. Such a tip will be added to their base pay after order completion. 

Other Significant Takeaways 

  1. Dashers or customers may put on face masks during delivery or pick-up. This is becoming less of a habit but may be necessary in restaurants or public spaces that require it. 
  2. Call or text them if you cannot find a customer’s address. You can also reach out to DoorDash support. 
  3. Dashers are not permitted to open a sealed bag during a no-contact delivery. Instead, call the restaurant to confirm the content of the order. 


What happens when DoorDash can’t deliver?

You will get a refund for such orders. DoorDash will also investigate the order to know what is responsible and ensure it does not repeat itself. 

How long does DoorDash take to deliver?

Averagely, it is safe to expect your order within 30 minutes. It may take longer, depending on your location, time of delivery, and gridlock. 

Can you track your order on DoorDash?

DoorDash allows customers to track their orders. You must select the order, click “Help,” and follow the “Order Status”.

Wrapping Up 

The DoorDash no-contact delivery is a new protocol that adds to the array of delivery options the platform offers. 

The service option demonstrates health awareness and is very suitable for customers who do not want to be disturbed. When delivering such a no-contact order, it is important to communicate with the customer after the food has been delivered. 

You must also take a clear and detailed photo of the food. Failure to do so may result in no (delivery) acknowledgment, and the Dasher may become ineligible for future no-contact deliveries. 

There are also times when the service may be unavailable. This does not mean it has been canceled. It only means DoorDash is getting too many customer complaints regarding the service and has to pacify customers with credits. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You should also see if you need Red Card to be a Dasher.

Thanks for reading.