UPS Delivered To Wrong Address: Solution & How To Correct A Wrong Address Before Delivery

With the volume of packages UPS receives and processes daily for delivery, we can all agree that one or two mistakes will occur. A common one is when your package is delivered to the wrong address. 

While this can be frustrating, customers should be thankful that they can confirm this error on the UPS tracking portal. One way to assume that UPS delivered to the wrong address is when your tracking status says “delivered”, but you don’t have the item. 

What should you do when this happens? Read until the end to discover the steps UPS expects you to take before contacting them and when you do. You will also discover if you can keep a wrong order and how long it takes UPS to refund buyers. 

What Happens If UPS Delivered Your Package to a Wrong Address? 


UPS expects you to confirm that your package has been delivered to the wrong address before reporting or filing a missing item claim. Here’s how: 

1. Check tracking update 

One way to confirm your worry is to check the UPS tracker. You should only be concerned if your tracking update says your package has been “delivered” and there is nothing on your property, 

Nevertheless, there may need to be more reason to contact UPS or file a complaint. A driver may rethink leaving a package at your doorstep unattended. 

2. UPS InfoNotice

When a driver attempts a delivery, you should get a UPS InfoNotice (usually for signature-required packages). This notice is automatically generated and usually provides information for unsuccessful deliveries. 

It does not mean your package has been delivered to the wrong customer. 

3. Check your property and ask your neighbors

Packages that don’t require a signature may be dropped at a secure location in your apartment. Check your property before going to your neighbors to ask about any delivery. 

How to Resolve UPS Delivered to Wrong Address

There are 2 ways to resolve this once you are sure that your package has been delivered to the wrong address:

Contact the sender 

Your first option will always be to consider the sender. This is because they are better positioned to provide every information associated with your order to you or UPS. It is also another way for the customer to confirm if their package was sent to the correct address. 

Upon contact, the sender will be forced to find out the cause of the error. Please note that UPS may be unable to help if the sender provided an incorrect address. 

The best way to handle this is for the sender to verify the wrong address, when the item was delivered, and its entire journey within the UPS tracker. 

This entire procedure is called initiating a trace. You or the sender can now contact UPS with the (information at your disposal) to see if the package can be retrieved. 

Note: It is always better if the buyer contacts UPS. 

On the other hand, anyone can contact UPS after the trace if the courier is responsible for the wrong delivery.

Contact UPS customer service 

This is the best way to resolve a wrong UPS delivery. However, you must ensure you have all the necessary information relating to your order before contacting UPS customer service and do so promptly. 

This information includes the tracking number, address on the label, where it was shipped, and the date and time it was delivered. After your call, UPS will investigate your package’s journey via GPS. 

The company will send a driver to reclaim your package if it was previously delivered to the wrong address (regardless of whose fault it is). A new delivery will be scheduled, and you will have your package. 

Please note that UPS will return the package to the sender if it is no longer in good condition. Such resolutions may result in a refund or replacement. Also, if you do not hear from UPS after a week of speaking with a customer agent (on the phone), file a refund. 

How to Correct Wrong Address on UPS Before Delivery 

Here is what to do if you made a mistake while providing your delivery address or UPS can’t seem to locate your address: 

  1. Login to your UPS account 
  2. Go to the “Tracking” tab and enter the tracking number for the package 
  3. Click on the “Correct My Address” tab 
  4. A modification window will appear with your current address. 
  5. Select the “New Delivery Address” button and enter your preferred address. 
  6. Click on “update” to complete the procedure. 

Will You Get a Refund If Your UPS Package Was Delivered to the Wrong Address?

A refund is only guaranteed if UPS is responsible for the wrong delivery. Otherwise, the sender of the package will be responsible for scheduling a new delivery or refunding you. 

Getting a refund from UPS may not be fast, but it is straightforward. The first step is to file a claim by visiting the UPS claims page. Ensure you provide all the information required by UPS during this process. 

Also, you may be unable to file a claim if the customer service agent you spoke to earlier has already opened on your behalf. It takes about 8 to 15 business days for claims to get processed. 

An approved claim means you will get a refund within 3 to 5 business days because of the paperwork involved. On the other hand, you should contact the sender if UPS denies your claim or refund application. 

You might be lucky, especially if the sender is responsible for the error. 

Can You Keep a Package UPS Delivered to You by Mistake?

No, call the UPS hub immediately to report such a delivery. A driver should come for the package before the close of business and deliver it to the rightful owner. In addition, recipients of the wrong packages should not open or try to deliver them themselves. 


Does it cost money to change the UPS delivery address?

Changing the delivery address or rescheduling delivery for active orders will cost you a few bucks. Phone requests tend to be more pricey than online delivery change requests. 

What happens when a package is returned to the sender?

The sender will either have to schedule a new delivery or refund you. 

Does UPS refund for late delivery?

Only UPS Ground and Express packages do such because they feature a guaranteed delivery date. However, customers must submit their request within 15 days of the initial delivery date. 

In a Nutshell 

There is really no need to get wound up because your package was delivered to the wrong address. This is because UPS (and most courier services) has a system to resolve such issues. 

Your first step should be to confirm that your package is at the wrong address. Afterward, you can contact the sender or UPS customer service. 

Both parties will investigate your order and give you feedback. Depending on the findings, you may have to wait 3 to 5 days to get a refund or contact the shipper for a replacement or refund. 

There have been cases where customers fail to receive none. This happens when you place an order with the wrong or previous address. Ensure you avoid such moving forward and keep enjoying UPS. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see other reasons why your package may be sent to a UPS Access Point

Thanks for reading.