How Long Does DHL Express Take? – Turnaround Time For Every Option

DHL provides both standard and express shipping to over 220 countries worldwide. Unlike standard shipping, express shipping options are faster and best for customers who don’t want to be necessarily worried about how long it will take their shipment to arrive. 

For context, DHL Express is an international (expedited) shipping service that delivers packages within 1 to 4 days regardless of the country. While the service is somewhat expensive, it makes up for it with speed and better insurance. 

To better understand how the service works, this guide features and explains its types and their requirements. It also discusses how to track express packages and the factors that can delay them.

DHL Express Service Options and Their Requirements 


DHL Express shipping features different services you can use depending on your needs:

1. DHL Same Day 

DHL Same Day is an express service that guarantees the delivery of packages within hours regardless of your location. There are no size or weight limitations with this service. 

2. DHL Express 9:00

This is an international expedited service that guarantees the delivery of your package by 9 am the next business day. The service allows shipments weighing up to 300kg (no more) and does not accept pallets. 

3. DHL Express 10:30

This is the equivalent of DHL Express 9:00 in the U.S. The service guarantees worldwide delivery by 10:30 am the next business day with similar requirements to that of the DHL Express 9:00. 

4. DHL Express 12:00

This service ensures you receive your package by noon the next business day. The terms and conditions of this service are also similar to that of the DHL Express at 9:00 and 10:30.

5. DHL Envelope 

DHL Envelope is an expedited service that ensures all documents that do not require customs clearance are delivered before the end of that same day worldwide. However, your parcel must not weigh more than 300g.

6. DHL Express Easy 

This simplified shipping option allows you to send documents abroad with online booking and payment options. It is a very affordable service because it only ships packages below 25kg.

7. DHL Medical Express 

DHL Medical Express is a specialized service designed for transporting clinical samples and medical equipment worldwide. The service obeys all industry regulations and compliance. 

How to Know When Your Package Will Arrive 

Like other shipping options, this expedited service offers a shipment tracking feature that provides real-time updates on the status of your shipment. All you need is the waybill number provided by the shipping option. 

You can track your package on the DHL website, mobile app, or email notifications. This feature contributes to DHL’s transparency, reliability, and security standard for its expedited services. 

Factors That Can Delay DHL Express Shipments 

While DHL Express operates with speed and efficiency, several factors can delay the delivery of your package. Some of them include: 

  1. Custom clearance – International shipments often require customs clearance, which can sometimes take longer than expected and extend the delivery date.
  2. Documentation errors – Inaccurate or missing documentation can also lead to shipping delays. A good example is providing a wrong or incomplete address. 
  3. Weather or natural calamities – Catastrophic events such as floods, hurricanes, or any act of nature can delay the delivery of your package. 
  4. Technical malfunctions – Technical issues like equipment failures can delay the shipment process, leading to delayed delivery. 

What Happens if You Miss a Delivery? 

If you miss an Express delivery, the courier will leave a delivery card that provides instructions or options on what to do next. These options vary based on the destination country and can be any of the following: 

  • Schedule a redelivery – You can schedule a redelivery at your convenience via the DHL website or by contacting customer service. 
  • DHL ServicePoint collection – DHL also has numerous collection points where you can collect your package by presenting the delivery card.

Tips to Avoid Shipping Delays 

  1. Provide the correct address and contact details for both the sender and recipient. 
  2. All documents must be available, and duties must be cleared (for international shipment).
  3. Choose the appropriate express shipping option for your package and have a valid payment option for the cost. 
  4. Ensure you comply with the shipping regulations in your country and the destination country. 


Is DHL faster than FedEx?

Compared to FedEx, DHL ships packages faster from one country to another. However, FedEx is better and cheaper at domestic deliveries than DHL. 

How long can DHL hold a package?

DHL ServicePoint centers will hold your package for 2 weeks before returning it to the sender. 

Does DHL Express require a signature?

Yes, the shipping option require a signature upon delivery by default. No signature means no completion of service. 


DHL Express provides a fast, efficient, and reliable express delivery service globally. It delivers packages within 1 to 4 days depending on the option you choose.

If your parcel does not arrive in 4 days, it is probably experiencing a delay. To confirm any curiosity, feel to track your package on the DHL website or mobile app before reaching out to customer support.

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