Who Delivers DHL Packages: Delivery Options & Duration

DHL is one of the world’s most popular international shipping and logistics companies. The carrier accepts packages of different sizes and weights and delivers them (via appropriate channels) to the recipient.

DHL also partners with other carriers; hence, who delivers your package may depend on the location and the service you opt for. For context, DHL provides two major delivery services – DHL Express and DHL eCommerce.

The DHL eCommerce is an affordable shipping service for retailers, while the DHL Express covers international and domestic shipping for big businesses or time-sensitive packages. 

Another factor that can influence who delivers a DHL package is weight. If you have a package that weighs less than 70 pounds, fits in a postal box, and is under the domestic category, DHL may choose to use a postal service partner like USPS. 

Otherwise, a DHL truck and personnel should oversee a final delivery. This article details who delivers a DHL package, its shipping options, and how delivery works. 

Who Delivers DHL Packages?


DHL operates in over 220 countries and offers two primary delivery services: DHL Express and DHL eCommerce. Learn more about these services below:  

DHL Express Delivery 

DHL Express is a premium international shipping service that delivers your package that same day or the next. Delivery routes via this service include: 

  1. Air freight: the use of airplanes to deliver packages. Delivery is usually within 24 or 48 hours at most.
  2. Road freight: This is more appropriate for domestic shipping. Packages are delivered via trucks, trains, or vans within 24 hours.
  3. Sea freight: Ideal for large shipments, especially those that are time-sensitive.

DHL eCommerce Delivery 

This customized shipping service is for small to medium-sized businesses in the U.S., Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

It specializes in local delivery, cross-border, and international shipping at affordable rates. Shipping options under DHL eCommerce delivery include: 

  1. Ground delivery: This is the most common or basic shipping option for package delivery. This service is very affordable but may not offer the quickest turnaround. In some cases, DHL may send your package to a postal office to minimize the cost of deliveries in rural locations. 
  2. Air delivery: DHL eCommerce also delivers packages via air. The only difference is that it does it at an affordable rate compared to Express shipping. 
  3. Sea delivery: This is similar to the option offered by Express. However, shipping large shipments internationally may require extra days, unlike Express Sea freight.

How DHL Delivery Works

Once DHL is confirmed as your delivery company, it will request your phone number and email. Immediately after the package is scanned, you will receive a tracking ID that allows you to track and trace your shipment. 

This will also help you know when the package will arrive. However, if, for some reason, you missed an initial delivery, DHL will automatically attempt it again the next business day. 

Failure to receive your package on both occasions due to unavailability means you must pick it up at a DHL location or nearby pick-up store. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the yellow DHL card in your mailbox or attached to your door. 

Alternatively, you can choose to deliver your package at a collection point. In this case, you will receive a notification that your parcel has been delivered and must be picked up within 14 days.

As long as a direct signature is not a requirement, you can receive a package or let a friend do it on your behalf.


Do you need an ID to pick up a DHL parcel?

Yes, you or whoever is picking up the parcel has to go along with a valid proof of identification such as a driver’s license or ID card. 

What is the fastest delivery for DHL?

DHL Same Day is the fastest delivery for DHL. It is an Express service that delivers your package to you that same day and is best for domestic territories. 

Does DHL ship on Sunday?

No, DHL only ships during business days in the United States. 

Summary: Who Delivers DHL Packages?

DHL is a reliable delivery company that offers different delivery packages to suit different shipping needs. It does this thanks to its extensive (global) networks of employees, vehicles, and stations. 

Like most delivery companies, DHL is also smart with its delivery. In most cases, a DHL personnel will likely deliver your package to you. The few exceptions are deliveries to remote or areas in less demand. These locations usually have post offices.

To avoid delay or waiting until there is enough shipment for such locations, DHL may opt to send your package via postal service or USPS. In this case, you must either pick up your package or deliver it via a postal agent instead of a DHL personnel.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see my guide on the meaning of DHL service areas and how they affect delivery

Thanks for reading.