How To Change Country On Amazon: 3 Options To Consider & When To Use Them

The thought of changing your country on Amazon will emerge if you are relocating to a new country or need to purchase a product with location restrictions. How does the process work? There are 3 ways to change your country on Amazon. 

You can transfer your existing account to a new country, change country settings, or create a new account. The first option is ideal for customers who want to move an existing account to another country completely. 

It also allows you to easily move digital purchases and subscriptions from one country to another. The second option allows you to shop on another country’s Amazon without leaving your original region. 

The third and last option is for customers who want the luxury of owning 2 Amazon accounts. Let’s take a look at the steps required to carry out each option successfully. 

How to Change Country on Amazon 


Option 1: Transfer your account (with eligible purchases) to another country 

This is the ideal way to change your country on Amazon if you have just relocated and would like to shop for different products in your new country without any delivery issues. Here is how to transfer your existing account to another country: 

  • Log in to your account via the Amazon website. 
  • Click the “Account & Lists” tab at the top-right corner of your home page. 
  • Navigate to “Manage Your Content and Devices” and click “Preferences”
  • Click the “Country/Region Settings” tab and fill out the fields that appear appropriately. 
  • Tap the “Update” button under this page to complete the process. 

To transfer your digital purchases: 

  • Select “Transfer” under the “Manage Your Content and Devices. 
  • You can choose to transfer all eligible content or select only preferred ones. 
  • You can revert the transfer by following this same process. 

Please note that: 

  1. You cannot transfer an or account to another country. 
  2. Address mismatch errors can occur if you are not residing in your default country. To set your address as default, go to “Your Addresses” under “Your Account” and click “Set as Default.”
  3. Products you can transfer include Kindle books, audible audiobooks, Amazon drive files, Amazon Music (may vary by location), and other active subscriptions or free-trial memberships.
  4. Products and services you cannot transfer include one-click payment methods/billing information, rented or purchased Amazon Prime titles, App Store games/apps, books borrowed via Prime Reading, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon Kids and Kids+, and Newsstand/Magazine subscriptions from the Kindle Store. 

Option 2: Change the country setting 

This option allows you to access other countries’ Amazon websites without leaving your home country. Customers change country settings to primarily enjoy promotions and rewards on digital products unavailable to them. 

Those interested in items that require physical delivery must be willing to pay international shipping fees and surcharges. Here is how to change country settings on Amazon: 

On the Amazon website

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Tap the flag icon near your profile.
  • Click Change country/region 
  • Tap the menu box to see a list of country-specific websites you can switch to. 
  • Choose your preferred country from the list and save your changes. 
  • The site will reload to that country’s website, and you can start enjoying discounts on digital products. 

On the Amazon app 

  • Sign in to your Amazon account 
  • Click the “menu” icon under the welcome page 
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Click on “Country/Region & Language. 
  • Select  “Country/Region” if you are interested in changing country settings only. 
  • You can choose a language for the new country’s website by clicking the “Language” tab. 
  • A list of available countries will appear. 
  • Choose your preferred country and save your changes. 
  • Wait for the app to reload and start shopping. 

Method 3: Create a new Amazon account 

Amazon supports creating an account in different countries, provided you have an active billing address. Customers who want to own 2 accounts can leverage this opportunity, especially if they will be residing in their new location for a while. 

While the steps required to create an Amazon account are the same everywhere, here is a quick rundown of the process: 

  • Log in to Amazon. Since you are already in a new region, the version for that country should appear. 
  • Look and click the “Sign In” button at the top-right corner. 
  • Select “Create your Amazon account.”
  • Fill out the page that appears appropriately. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, and password, to name a few. 
  • Enter your shipping address and billing information for the new country and submit. 
  • Amazon will send you a verification email. Click the link in the email to verify your account and start shopping. 

Please note that owning 2 accounts from different countries does not mean you can ship from anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, it improves your chances. 

How to Discover Your Amazon Account Country?

The easiest way to know the country your Amazon account belongs to is to open the Amazon website on a browser and see what the URL displays in the search bar. If the URL shows, it means you are shopping on the U.S. Amazon website. 

Alternatively, you can know your Amazon country settings by looking at the end of the Amazon domain. Below are a few examples and the country they represent: 

  • – United Kingdom (UK)
  • – Australia
  • – Canada 
  • – Saudi Arabia
  • – Singapore
  • – Sweden
  • – the United Arab Emirates
  • – Egypt
  • – Germany
  • – India
  • – Japan
  • – The Netherlands

Can You Change Your Country on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video services and their content are region-locked. In other words, you cannot change your country to access more content or programs. The service is also designed to detect VPNs and will deny you access until you deactivate the VPN software. 


How many times can you change Amazon country?

There is no limit to how many times you can change your country on Amazon if you have an active billing address for that country. 

Can you order from Amazon UK and send it to the USA?

You can order products or services on Amazon UK and ship or use them in the U.S. You only need to pay for the international shipping and surcharge associated with the order. 

Why is your Amazon country change not working?

While this is rare, it is possible if Amazon experiences a technical glitch, downtime, or is running maintenance. The solution is usually to be patient, log out and log in again, uninstall and reinstall the app, or contact Amazon customer support if nothing seems to work. 


How you decide to change your country on Amazon primarily depends on your situation. It is advisable to transfer your account if you have just relocated and will be staying in that country for a long time. 

This method allows you to transfer eligible digital purchases and subscriptions, and prorated refunds on ineligible ones. Alternatively, you can choose to change your country settings. This applies to customers who do not want to change their primary location. 

Such customers may want to enjoy discounts available in other regions. This method is excellent for buying digital products or those that do not require physical delivery. This helps minimize the need to pay for taxes and international shipping fees. 

The last option is to create a new Amazon account. You can choose this if you do not have any digital products or active subscriptions on your existing account. You will also need new login credentials to access the new account. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You can also check out how to create an Amazon account without a phone number

Thanks for reading.