Kroger Shoplifting Policy: Meaning, Tracking Options & What To Do When You Are Caught

While shoplifting remains a common issue for retailers and supermarkets, they employ different policies. The goal of this policy is to deter potential offenders or sensitize them about what to expect when they are caught. How does this policy work at Kroger? 

Kroner simply maintains a “no-touch” or “no-chase” policy. This means if you are caught shoplifting, you will not be chased or harassed in any manner. There is a reason for it, and it does not end there. Other consequences come with the policy. 

This guide covers what the Kroger shoplifting policy fully represents and what to expect if you are caught shoplifting. It also discusses how Kroger tracks shoplifters and what to do if you are caught shoplifting. 

What is the Kroger Shoplifting Policy? 


All Kroger stores operate a “no-touch” and “no-chase” policy. In other words, store employees are not allowed to chase or approach suspected shoplifters. Instead, they can write down the ID details or license plate numbers of the offender and hand them to the police. 

This policy protects Kroger staff from any physical harm or false accusations. However, if a Kroger store has a Loss Prevention (LP) team, shoplifters may be apprehended before leaving the store. 

These personnel have the right and are trained to apprehend suspected shoplifters professionally. Since they are more common in big Kroger stores, employees in such stores can approach them with any suspected case of theft. 

What Happens if You Are Caught Shoplifting at Kroger? 

If you are caught shoplifting at Kroger by a Loss Prevention team member, the item will be retrieved from you. You will likely be walked to a supervisor’s office and shown a recording of when you were caught shoplifting. 

In most cases, especially if you are the first offender, you will be fined some money for restitution. If there is no LP team, an employee can decide to submit your ID or License plate number details to the police. You will be caught eventually. 

In this case, you will be arrested and fined based on the gravity of your offense. Since the store is considered private property, you may also be placed on a “no trespass” list. Violating this order or trespassing may land you a court hearing and result in dire punishment. 

What Anti-Theft Measures Does Kroger Use? 


The options available will depend on how big or busy the store is. However, the general standard for tracking suspected shoplifters is via CCTV cameras. All Kroger stores have these cameras, and employees watch their recordings. 

This footage usually gets deleted after 30 days. Aside from CCTV cameras, big Kroger stores employ additional measures like: 

Evergreen Visual AI camera solution 

This AI camera can only be found in Kroger stores that support self-checkout. These cameras are located near self-checkout terminals to monitor the Store Keeping Units (SKU) of the items scanned by the customer. 

It also verifies that the customers are scanning the product appropriately. This technology will alert store employees or the Loss Prevention team of any violation or suspected criminal behavior. 

Loss Prevention team 

Loss Prevention personnel are also a common sight in big Kroger stores. This team is assigned different tasks within the store. Some walk around the store to monitor customer behavior and report their suspicions to those monitoring CCTV camera footage. 

A member of the LP team may also be responsible for recording your ID and vehicle’s plate number for future prosecution.

What to Do if You Are Caught Shoplifting 

Take responsibility for your action and offer to pay for the item while apologizing. You can also claim that the entire incident was accidental, so it does not escalate. However, if Kroger or any store decides to press charges, contact a lawyer for counsel and representation. 

Does Kroger Posts Pictures of Shoplifters?

Kroger will only post a shoplifter’s image if they have been banned or handed a “no-trespass” order. This way, employees can call the nearest police department easily if the offender revisits the store. 


What do shoplifters steal the most?

Alcohol. This is because they are expensive and easy to conceal. Most shoplifters steal them to sell them at a cheaper price and make money. 

What age are most shoplifters?

Most shoplifters are usually in their teens or juvenile years. 10 to 18 years for boys and 12 to 20 years for girls. 

What state has the toughest shoplifting laws?

Shoplifting charges in Texas can land you lengthy prison sentences, significant fines, and a permanent criminal record. Other states like New York and California operate a more lenient approach to shoplifting and felony convictions. 

What is Kroger’s loss prevention phone number?

1-800-576-4377. You can call them if you witness or suspect theft. 

Bottom Line: Kroger Shoplifting Policy Will Keep Evolving

Kroger considers shoplifting as a serious crime. While it maintains a “no-touch” and “no-chase” policy for suspects and offenders, new measures have been implemented to mitigate shoplifting losses. Examples include the introduction of self-checkout and AI cameras. 

Shoplifting while using a self-checkout terminal has become almost impossible because the system alerts employees or Loss Prevention personnel of any criminal behavior or violation. 

Stores yet to support self-checkout have CCTV cameras and a Loss Prevention team or employees. The latter is responsible for watching camera footage and walking around the store periodically to monitor customers’ behavior. 

Culprits usually end up paying fines. This may be commensurate with the price of the stolen item or not. The worst that could happen is a jail term or having your name included in a statewide database of offenders. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further information, please see how Safeway handles shoplifting

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