How To Refuse A FedEx Package [Based On Delivery Requirements] & What Happens Next 

Customers refuse a FedEx package for different reasons. For some, it is a case of an unexpected delivery. Other customers refuse packages because they are damaged, or no longer need them. Whichever one it is, understanding how to refuse these items is essential. 

This is because it ensures a smooth process and reduces the risk of complications. Keep reading to discover the proper procedure for refusing a FedEx package and what happens next. 

How to Refuse a FedEx Package 


FedEx deliveries may require a signature or not. Follow these steps to refuse any of these packages: 

1. Signature-required packages 

Signature-required packages are those that require the signature of a customer before they can be released. One way to reject such packages is to refuse to sign. When you do not sign, the delivery driver cannot release the package and must return it to the depot. 

Signature-required packages also require your presence. In other words, you must be available to sign for and receive the package. Hence, you can refuse this package by being unavailable. However, you should note that FedEx will attempt delivery thrice. 

Failure to show up on all three attempts means the package will be returned to the closest FedEx facility, awaiting pickup. It will be returned to the sender if you do not pick it up within 7 days 

2. No signature-required packages 

No signature-required packages can be delivered with or without your presence or signature. Rejecting this package type will require you to call FedEx customer service or send them a message on the web. 

You must provide the FedEx agent with the package’s tracking number (usually on the label or the delivery confirmation email) and your address to schedule a pickup. Please note that FedEx will only pick up packages from businesses, not residential properties. 

Homeowners can make use of the nearest drop-boxes to kickstart the refusal process. You can also use this if FedEx fails to arrive at your office. 

3. International packages

Refusing an international package can be a bit different, regardless of signature requirement. For example, if the package is wrong or you change your mind at the point of delivery, FedEx may ask you to sign a confirmation of your refusal. 

This way, FedEx can easily ship the package back to the sender. 

What Happens After You Refuse a FedEx Package?

It depends on why the package was refused initially. If you refuse an item because it is wrong or damaged, FedEx will arrange a new delivery for a replacement or refund you (depending on your request).

On the other hand, if the customer decides they no longer want or need the package, such a package will be returned to the sender. You will also get a refund if you start the return process early. 

General Tips on How To Refuse a FedEx Package


1. Verify the package 

You must confirm or verify the ownership of a package before refusing it. You can do this by checking the name and address on the package. 

You can refuse it immediately if it is yours. Otherwise, informing the driver about any error before rejecting the package is the right thing to do. 

2. Keep documentation 

The documentation or information associated with the package is also essential. Examples include tracking numbers, reference numbers from your dispute with FedEx customer service agents, and other receipts or labels. 

You may need to produce these documents in case of any disputes or future inquiries. 

3. Be timely 

You must initiate the process almost immediately or promptly. FedEx expects you to contact them within a few days if you identify any issue with your item. This gesture expedites the return process and makes it more convincing. 


Who pays for a refused package?

The shipper or package sender is usually responsible for paying for returns. However, if the customer or a receptionist signs the package, payment becomes the recipient’s responsibility. 

Can you cancel a FedEx delivery? 

To cancel a FedEx delivery and return it to the shipper before delivery, you need to: 

  • Log into your FedEx account 
  • Visit the tracking page or portal 
  • Enter the package’s tracking number and select “Manage Delivery” > “Return to Shipper”

Can a refused package be tracked?

Yes, you can track them like you track an active order. 

Can you ask FedEx to hold a package?

FedEx provides the Hold a Package service for customers who want extra security for their package or do not want to reveal their home address. To do this: 

  • Go to FedEx’s tracking page 
  • Enter your tracking number 
  • Select “Manage Delivery” and click “Hold at Location”


Generally, customers have every right to reject packages. There are different ways to do this for different types of delivery. However, the easiest way to return a FedEx package is to do so outrightly (at the point of delivery) or contact customer service after the delivery. 

FedEx will respond or resolve this issue based on your preference. This means you will either get a replacement or a refund. Finally, never forget to commence the procedure early. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please proceed to discover how late FedEx delivers packages

Thanks for reading.