Why Won’t Kroger Cash Your Check: 8 Reasons, Acceptable Check Types & Clearance Duration

Aside from serving as a convenience store for food, household items, and electronics, Kroger offers check-cashing services. While most processes go smoothly, Kroger won’t cash out your check if it detects discrepancies. Why? Kroger needs to protect itself and its customers. 

One of the major reasons Kroger won’t cash your check is because it is unsure of the source. Such checks (usually with fraudulent traits) are regarded as “high-risk” checks. But that is not all; store policies (which may vary by region) also play a crucial role. 

Read this guide until the end to discover why Kroger may refuse to cash your check and how to resolve these issues or enjoy a better check-cashing experience. You will also find out how long it takes Kroger to process a check and how much it charges.

Why Won’t Kroger Cash Your Check? 


1. You have insufficient funds 

Kroger will not cash your check if the total amount in the account (linked to the check) cannot cover the withdrawal. Please note that your account balance may appear sufficient but still does not cover Kroger’s check-cashing charges. 

The solution is to check your account balance and restructure it to accommodate your request and other surcharges. 

2. Your check has expired or is post-dated 

An expired check features a date that has already passed. This means if your check was rejected due to insufficient funds yesterday, it may not be cashed if you return it to Kroger’s Money Service desk with the same check the next day. 

A post-dated check is the opposite of an expired check. Such a check carries a future date and may be ineligible for cashing because Kroger only accepts valid and current checks. 

3. Ineligible check type 

Kroger does not accept all kinds of checks. It primarily deals with or cashes payroll and government checks. Your check may be denied if it is from none of these sources (for example, personal or third-party checks). 

For more clarity, here is a detailed list of the types of check Kroger cashes: 

  • Government checks
  • Business and insurance settlement checks
  • Income tax refund checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Child support check
  • Debit card cashing

4. Your request exceeds Kroger’s limit 

Kroger stores set the maximum amount they are willing to cash for every check. On average, you are only allowed to cash up to $5000. While these limits may vary by region, exceeding the limit for a store will only result in rejection. 

5. High-risk or fraudulent checks 

This is one of the reasons Kroger rarely cashes third-party checks. The company has a strict policy against checks with no known or reliable sources and will not cash it if it suspects fraud or counterfeiting. They must protect themselves and their customers. 

Ensure you visit any Kroger Money Services desk with an authentic and verifiable check. 

6. Identification issue 

Cashing a check at Kroger and a bank follows a similar process. You must go with a valid and appropriate means of identification. Failure to prove that you own the account may force Kroger to reject your request. 

This can occur if you answer security questions wrongly or if there is a signature mismatch.  

7. You have been flagged before 

Kroger keeps a record of check-cashing issues associated with every account. If you have experienced a case or multiple cases of bounced or fraudulent checks, Kroger will take its time in processing future orders. 

Refusing to cash your check at the slightest red flag is the worst that can happen. 

8. Store Policies 

The majority of the reasons above why Kroger won’t cash your check are tied to its policies. However, it is important to add that some store’s policies may include not offering cheque-cashing services. Some may also have the service temporarily suspended. 

How Much Does Kroger Charge To Cash Checks?


As I said earlier, Kroger charges a fee for its check-cashing services. While this fee depends on how much you want to cash, region, and membership, Kroger offers everyday discounts and promotions that can help you reduce the cost of crashing a check. 

Nevertheless, the retailer will charge about $4 for checks worth up to $2000 if you have a Kroger shopper card and $4.50 if you do not. Orders above $2,000 and within the $5,000 limit attract around a $7.00 charge for customers with a shopper card and $7.50 for those without one. 

To be safe, ensure you consult the nearest Kroger store before cashing a check.

How Long Does it Take For a Check to Clear at Kroger?

1 to 2 business days. However, it usually takes longer for high-risk checks, heavy checks, or third-party checks. Kroger may hold such checks for up to 30 days before clearing it. 


What is it called when a check cannot be cashed?

Rubber or bounced check is the term that describes a written check that cannot be cashed. This can be due to insufficient funds in the recipient’s account or other reasons. 

What type of check cannot be stopped?

A cashier’s check. This is a type of check drawn directly on the issuing bank’s fund, not a customer’s hand. 

What do fake checks look like?

They often appear thin and flimsy when you bend them. The link of such a check will also smear when you touch it with a damp finger. 


Kroger cashes checks, but the result of the process heavily relies on how well you abide by the store’s policy. Based on the insights in this guide, you can avoid rejection when cashing your next check by ensuring that: 

  • You go with a valid check and a sufficient means of identification like your passport, state ID, and driver’s license. 
  • The amount you want to cash does not exceed the store’s limit 
  • You have sufficient funds to cover the check and extra surcharges. 
  • Your check has not expired or carries a future date. 

You should also note that it may take Kroger a longer period to process some checks. This may be due to the source of the check, the amount involved, or because the owner of the check has had issues with Kroger before. 

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Thanks for reading.