PO Box Meaning, Importance, & How To Get One

Are you considering getting a PO Box? Wondering the full meaning of a PO Box? Or are you just eager to learn more about PO Boxes?

The term PO Box stands for Postal Office Box. These are the boxes you find in post offices assigned to a person for the reception of mail. They are important, especially in areas where the theft rate is high, they also come in various sizes.

In this article, I will talk about a PO Box, the benefits of getting one, and how you can get one without much hassle.

Let’s dive right into it.

What is the meaning of a PO Box?

A PO Box, or a Post Office Box, is a uniquely addressed lockable mailbox located in a post office. There, you can opt to receive all or most of your mail. They are mostly used in areas where mail is not delivered directly to your home. 

PO boxes are rented by individuals and even firms either on a monthly or annual basis. They come in different sizes, each size has its own price.

Why should you get a PO Box?

There are many reasons you ought to consider getting a PO Box. They include;

1. Privacy

Getting a PO Box gives you the privacy or confidentiality you need. Many people prefer keeping their home address private and want their business mail coming in but not directly to their home. For this reason, they rent a PO Box to receive mail.

2. Security

PO Boxes are safe, they are locked with keys and sometimes even combinations. They remain inaccessible to unauthorized people and can only be accessed by you or the people you grant access to.

3. Flexibility

You have 24-hour flexibility with a PO Box. That means you can have access to it anytime and all the time you want. This is particularly good for people who tend to go to work and collect their mail on their way back.

How can you get a PO Box?

You can get a PO Box without much hassle in 3 simple steps which include;

1. Pick a PO Box location and size

The first step you should take is to determine the location and size of the PO Box you want. All PO Boxes are reserved on the premises of a post office. The best practice is to pick a location that is close to your work or home, this would help for easy pick-up.

What sizes of PO Box are available?

PO boxes come in 5 different sizes, X small, small, medium, large, and X large.

  • The X small size, which is 3″ x 5.5″, can hold between 10 – 15 letter-sized envelopes and 3 rolled magazines
  • The small size, which is 5″ x 5.5″, can hold between 15 – 20 letter-sized envelopes and 5 rolled magazines
  • The medium size, which is 5.5″ X 11″, can hold large envelopes and magazines and 2 small priority mail flat-rate boxes
  • The large size, which is 11″ X 11″, can hold small and medium priority mail flat rate boxes and still has space for between 10 – 15 letters
  • The X large, which is 12″ X 22.5″, is big enough for multiple packages

Picking the right size for you solely depends on how much mail you expect and how often you collect them.

If you like getting your mail daily, a small size should do, but if you prefer monthly, a large or X large should suffice.

2. Get a PO Box

After deciding on the location and size of the PO Box you want, you can proceed to your desired post office location. You will be required to fill out form 1583 and present two forms of ID.

At least one of the IDs must have a photograph of yourself. After filling out the form, simply turn it in at the counter and get your keys or combination. 

3. Redirect your mail to your new PO Box

After getting the key to your PO Box, you will need to redirect your mail and packages to your new box. This can be done by filling out the change of address form.

You can fill out this Change of Address Form online, or you can also choose to pick it up at the office after getting your key. Fill out the form and get your new mail forwarded to your new address.


How much does a PO Box cost?

Generally, the prizes vary according to size.

  • X-small size is $4.33/month
  • Small size is $5.50/month
  • Medium is $8.17/month
  • Large is $12.33/month
  • X-large is $21.50/month

Can you access your PO Box any time of the day?

Most locations allow 24/7 access to your PO Box, however, some locations do not offer this service. You can look up the hours for post office centers near you for more info.

Can you get a PO Box in another state?

Yes, you can. However, you will still be required to visit the post office in that state with proper documentation to pick up your PO Box keys.

Conclusion: Is PO Box worth it?

Yes, PO Box or Post Office box is a valuable asset for people wanting to stay organized and secure their mail. With so much of our lives done online today, having a secure location to receive important documents and correspondences can be invaluable.

Not only is it an added layer of security, but it also provides an efficient way of organizing mail and separating personal mail from business mail.

Today, many people rely on PO boxes for their business dealings, keeping personal information safe and confidential.

And if you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or purchase items online often and don’t want them sent to your work or home address, you should get a PO Box.

I hope you found this article helpful. Do you know there are other alternatives to PO Boxes?

Thanks for reading.