Explore 5 PO Box Alternatives Many People Don’t Know

A PO Box, otherwise known as a post office box, is a unique address for retrieving mail. It is one of the best alternatives to receiving mail for those who wish to have work mail come in but not to their residential address.

While PO boxes are known for their numerous benefits, many seek alternatives for various reasons. For some, PO boxes have limited sizes or amounts of packages they can receive, while others simply like the option of receiving online updates of deliveries.

In this article, I will highlight some of the best alternatives to traditional PO boxes.

What is a PO Box?

A PO Box is known to be the traditional alternative to a regular mailbox. It is a unique address or box assigned to receive mail. It is private and secure.

It is often preferred by people who keep their residential address private but still want their work mail to come in. For others, it acts as a medium to receive their mail even when they are not available.

But as effective as a PO Box has proven to be, there are still some downsides. The main downside is that most major delivery services, like FedEx and UPS, will not deliver to PO Boxes.

Another notable downside is the size limitation on PO Boxes, although most times, your package can be held for you at the desk. However, many people hate being a nuisance to others, especially if they receive a lot of large packages.

What are the best PO Box alternatives?

1. Virtual mailbox

A virtual mailbox is very similar to a regular PO Box, but mainly it makes postal mail paperless. It offers the same benefits as a regular PO Box but not the downsides.

One special quality of virtual mailboxes is that the recipient can act on his or her postal mail. As a recipient, you can see scanned PDF copies of the mail you are receiving and request a physical copy.

2. Earth class mail

Earth Class Mail (ECM) is another alternative to a traditional PO Box. ECM’s scanning feature converts paper mail into a high-resolution digital format for quick delivery to recipients. Its service is very similar to that of a virtual mailbox.

3. iPostal1

This tends to be one of the best alternatives, as it happens to be a cheaper option. iPostal1 provides a physical address where you can receive mail and have it forwarded to another address.

You can manage all your mail through the app on your mobile phone or tablet, or online on the main site. You can see all types of mail sent to you that have been scanned and stored on the cloud.

4. US global mail

As I mentioned earlier, most people receive packages larger than what a PO Box can offer. This makes US Global Mail the best alternative for such people.

US Global Mail works well with packages of various sizes. They serve well-known companies like Shell and Netflix, offering secure and friendly mail management services.

5. Post-scan mail

Post-scan mail is also one of the best PO Box alternatives, offering you a mobile app that helps you track your mail and packages. You will have complete control over your mail, that is, you can have it scanned, forwarded, or recycled.

Post-scan mail is among the best because it offers customers local and international addresses. Additionally, it offers discount packages and mail forwarding with real-time tracking.


What is the pricing plan for a virtual mailbox?

The price varies depending on the subscription plan; this could fall between $30 – $90.

What is the cheapest PO Box alternative?

One of the cheapest alternatives tends to be the iPostal1.

What is the best PO Box alternative for small businesses?

The US Global Mail is one of the best alternatives for small and large businesses.

Are virtual PO Boxes Safe?

Yes, they are.


While PO Boxes offer privacy and security to most Americans, there may still be certain limitations. For this reason, people tend to seek alternatives that suit their needs.

Generally, virtual mailboxes happen to be one of the best alternatives. However, depending on your reason, other alternatives may be better.

This article highlights some of the best PO Box alternatives and the distinct features that make them unique.

I hope you enjoyed this article. You should also see how to close a PO Box.

Thanks for reading.