See What Happens If You Fail Walmart Assessment Test

Whether you are applying to become a cashier, storekeeper, or manager at Walmart, there are essential steps to take. One of these steps is writing the Walmart assessment test. As always, when you write a test, you either pass or fail. What happens if you fail? 

If you are unlucky or fail the Walmart assessment test, you will not be hired. However, your journey does not need to end there, as there are other steps and different things you can try to land your preferred role at Walmart. 

This guide explains in detail what the Walmart assessment is like and what happens if you fail the Walmart assessment test. You will also discover how to handle failing the test and what happens if you pass. 

Understanding the Walmart Assessment Test 

The Walmart assessment test is a compulsory test that candidates or potential employees must pass to progress to the next stage of their application. This test is divided into 4 sections, with each section asking questions about your: 

  • Personality 
  • Customer service 
  • Work experience 
  • Problem-solving skills 

If you wish to progress to the next stage, you must pass every section of the assessment test. 

What Happens if You Fail the Walmart Assessment Test? 

Your application journey ends when you fail Walmart’s assessment test. However, you can reapply and take the test after 6 months. But before you attempt this test again, these are things you need to do:

1. Reflect on why you failed the previous test 

Failing Walmart’s assessment test should be a moment of self-reflection. You need to think about why you failed or if there was any section of the exam that was too difficult for you. 

You can also request feedback from Walmart. The company provides candidates with detailed feedback on their test performance to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses. 

2. Practice and prepare 

After identifying your strengths and weaknesses, the next step is to buy a reliable Walmart assessment test practice questions and answers, or practice for free.  

Each section of the Walmart test is designed to assess essential skills and values. Practice rigorously until you are confident in writing the test again. 

See your last (failed) as a valuable learning opportunity and allow it to push you to succeed in the next attempt. You can also apply to other stores if you do not mind getting a job outside Walmart. 

3. Understand your potential employer 

In this case, you need to understand the core values of Walmart. This may form some part of the assessment or help you perform well during the interview stage (which comes after the assessment test).

Walmart is not just looking to hire candidates with the skill and personality to fit their management style. They want individuals who can blend in as fast as possible. 

After understanding the company’s core values, you need to refine or upgrade your technical and personal skills, especially those that apply to the job description. This will help you answer questions (especially psychometric ones) more honestly. 

How Will You Know If You Passed Walmart Assessment?


You will know immediately after you submit your responses. In addition, feel free to ask a supervisor about the outcome of your assessment if you cannot find it or somehow missed it. If you miss these two clues, wait until you receive an interview invitation email. 

Can You Reset Walmart Assessment?

This is possible if there is a genuine reason supporting your request. For instance, if you experience a technical glitch or disconnection of the power source, technical experts will help you reset your assessment. 

Please note that this means you will have to start the assessment from scratch. 

What if You Pass the Walmart Assessment Test? 

If you pass the Walmart assessment test, you will progress to the next stage of your application. Below is a breakdown of the remaining stages of the application process for candidates who pass their assessment: 


Walmart invites every candidate who passes their assessment for an interview. Before your interview: 

  • Ensure you research interview questions relating to the position you are applying for. 
  • Have a small list of questions about Walmart and the job you would ask the interviewer. 

On the day of the interview, ensure you are punctual and well-dressed.

Pre-employment checks

If you pass your interview, Walmart will send you an employment offer. Once you accept the employment, pre-employment checks begin. These checks may include undergoing a background check or drug screening. 


Walmart will welcome you to their orientation program once you complete the pre-employment checks. This is where you discover everything you need about your role and new work environment. 


How do you pass the ‘strongly agree’ test?

You should only select ‘agree strongly’ for questions where honesty is the best policy. Choose ‘slightly agree’ if you feel the situation won’t be best resolved by being completely honest. 

Does assessment active mean you passed? 

“Assessment active’ notifies the hiring manager or the supervisor that you have completed the test. They will review your responses to verify that your skills and personality align with Walmart’s interests. 

How long does it take to know if you got the job at Walmart?

7 to 14 days, provided you pass your interview and other pre-employment checks. 

Final Thoughts: What Happens If You Fail Walmart Assessment Test? 

The Walmart assessment is an aggregation of questions designed to test or rate candidates on different levels as it applies to the position they are interested in. If you pass this test, it means you are suitable for the role. You only need to pass their interview and checks.

On the other hand, failing the assessment does not mean you are not suitable for the role outrightly. It only means you must brush up on your skills to perform better in your next attempt. 

Lastly, Walmart is not the only mall or big store in the U.S. and other countries. Feel free to apply to other stores such as Safeway and Target, if they have an opening for a position you qualify for. 

I hope you found this guide interesting. Feel free to explore Threaller for answers to other Walmart inquiries. 

Thanks for reading.