How To Get Free Stuff At Walmart: 13 Proven Hacks + 5 Ways To Spend Less In The Absence Of Freebies

When it comes to buying items at a competitive price online and physically, only a few stores can compete with Walmart. However, that is not all. Customers can also get free stuff at Walmart if they know how to go about it. 

One of the popular ways to get free stuff is via samples. Aside from samples, you can get free stuff at Walmart in other ways. 

Read this guide until the end to discover 13 hacks that work and additional tips to spend less when freebies are scarce. 

How to Get Free Stuff At Walmart 

1. Target Walmart samples


Although Walmart removed the option to search for free samples on their website, alternative methods exist to obtain freebies. This includes: 

  • Free samples advertisement 
  • Buying products from retailers that offer free samples and coupons for freebies. 

The easiest way to enjoy free stuff on Walmart’s website is to visit and buy products regularly. Patronizing a particular retailer also helps. 

2. Discover and get samples in-store 


Big Walmart stores with a grocery department often offer free samples or tastings of some of their products. Next time you stop by your nearest Walmart store, make sure to pay a visit to the food and grocery section. Take the opportunity to explore if any brands are offering complimentary tastings or samples.

Brands do this to promote awareness and confirm if people love their products. The best time to visit Walmart for free food or grocery samples is during the weekends or lunch and dinner time on weekdays. 

3. Be consistent with social media updates 

Walmart has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Following their social media pages grants you faster access to information, especially if you switch on their notifications.

Here, your targets are updates relating to exclusive deals, free stuff, coupons, and promotions. You will always stand a better chance if you are a loyal follower. 

4. Join the Walmart sample box program

Walmart has a sample box program that allows customers to try out products from different brands for free. There is the beauty box and the baby box. 

  • The beauty box contains samples like face masks, makeup materials, and lotions, to name a few. 
  • The baby box is for parents with a baby. This box contains baby toys, diapers, pacifiers, blankets, and other essential baby accessories. 

Please note that there is a $5 handling and shipping fee attached to these boxes. 

5. Install Walmart Savings Catcher 

There is also the Savings Catcher app. This app allows customers to compare the prices of similar products across different retailers. Here is how this app works:

After making a purchase, you can use this app to scan your receipt and see if any store sells the items at a cheaper price. If there are, the price difference will be displayed and added to your account as a gift card. 

With this app, you can keep adding to existing coupons until you can use them for any order. The Savings Catcher allows you to accumulate gift cards effortlessly, giving you the opportunity to obtain items for free.

6. Attend in-store events 

Walmart hosts several in-store events annually to share new ideas, concepts, innovations, and products. Most of these events occur during the holidays and feature brands with free samples or giveaways. 

These brands need your feedback to know the next step in their campaign. Feel free to call a local store to know when an in-store event will be held. 

7. Join Walmart’s mailing list 

Walmart sends newsletters regarding promotions, coupons, and free samples via email. However, you need to be on their mailing list for weekly updates. To do this: 

  • Go to their website 
  • Navigate to the footer of the home page 
  • You will see a section that reads “Enter your email for weekly newsletters”
  • Click it and enter your email address to be included among subscribers who receive weekly emails 

This method is similar to switching on notifications for Walmart’s social media pages. You only need to pay special attention to Walmart’s emails. 

8. Join freebie websites 


Websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady and are designed to provide their audience freebies from different platforms, including Walmart. They direct you to where to get free items or help you earn and accumulate coupons for your next buy.

9. Register for a Walmart credit card 

If you understand how credit cards generally work for stores, you should consider getting one to enjoy free stuff at Walmart. Like other store cards, Walmart’s credit card helps you save money. 

With a good credit score, you can get 1% to 3% cashback on Walmart products and services. Allow these credits to accumulate and use them on the next Walmart outing. 

10. Participate in giveaways 

Searching for giveaways such as Walmart gift cards requires patience and knowing where to visit. You can do a Google search for “Walmart gift card giveaways or coupons” to see if there are any websites currently rewarding subscribers with gift cards. 

Some blogs occasionally give out gift cards for free to retain their audience. Examples include Giveaway Monkey and Sweepstakes. 

11. Shop for expired items 

Walmart operates a free and fresh policy for food items. Hence, when you have an expired item in your cart, it will be replaced with a similar product for free. This method requires visiting Walmart regularly, spotting close-to-expiry items on time, or jotting their dates. 

So, if you know an item will expire in 2 days, you can schedule your next visit beforehand and pretend you are buying the item innocently. In addition, please ensure that only a few products in your cart are expired.

12. Apply for Walmart funds via the Community Grant program 

The Walmart Community Grant program is designed to help families or individuals who need financial support or benefits. However, you need to enroll in this program and be accepted to receive cash and or items of equal value. 

13. Shop with your EBT card 

Another way Walmart supports customers is via the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits card. If you are a member of this program or own a card, you can shop at Walmart with your monthly benefits. 

You can use these funds to shop for certain grocery and food items online or in-store at Walmart. 

Extra Ways to Save Money at Walmart Orders 

Customers target free stuff or samples to save money. However, not every time is a great time to get free items. Hence, knowing how to save costs on regular orders is essential. Here are 5 ways you can get items at Walmart for almost free: 

1. Prioritize free shipping

A lot of products on the Walmart website are eligible for free shipping. You need to prioritize them if you wish to spend less. On the other hand, you can use free shipping codes or waivers for items in your cart that require a shipping fee. 

2. Target bundle items 

Bundle items are two or more similar items you can purchase at a discount. This is common in the furniture, clothing, and electronic (especially toys) sections. For instance, you may eventually pay $50 for a pair of Tees that should cost $75.

3. Use Site-to-Store (only for online purchases) 

The Walmart Site-to-Store service allows customers to order items online for free, regardless of their shipping requirements. However, when you use this service for items that require a shipping fee, your order will not be delivered to your doorstep. 

It will be delivered to a Walmart pickup store near you. You only need to go there, provide proof that you own the package, and pick it up. 

4. Target discounted items 

If you shop in-store, Walmart also has a section for discounted or open-box items. These products are sold at an affordable price because they are close to expiry or were returned by a customer (usually electronics).

You should have no issue buying food or groceries close to expiry. However, for open-box or refurbished items, you need to understand Walmart’s return hours and policy

5. Switch to Walmart+ (for $12.95/month or $98/year)

The premium advantage of subscribing to Walmart+ is that it allows you to enjoy free shipping for orders above $35. Other benefits include savings on medications and at Walmart gas stations. You will also be eligible for free next-day shipping for online orders. 


Is Walmart better than Amazon?

Both platforms are excellent in their ways. Walmart has an edge in terms of grocery price and delivery, while Amazon boasts of a broader inventory outside groceries. 

Why do people like Target more than Walmart?

Customers prefer Target because they own and prioritize their brands over others. On the other hand, Walmart sells different products from different brands to help customers buy at an affordable price. 

Can you get free stuff from Amazon?

Yes, there are several ways to get free stuff on Amazon. Popular ones include promotions, gift cards, and coupons. 

In a Nutshell 

There are different ways to get free stuff at Walmart or save costs. This is Walmart’s way (in conjunction with retailers) of ensuring it gives customers the best experience. Like Walmart, other stores make life easy for their customers. 

Examples include Target, Best Buy, and Instacart (for online shoppers only). You only need to know what works for them and leverage it. With an extensive knowledge of how to get free stuff, these stores also hope to mitigate shoplifting. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see how long Walmart will hold a package for pickup.

Thanks for reading.