How To Turn Walmart Gift Card Into Cash: 4 Methods That Work & Cashback Probability

A Walmart gift card can be used for several purposes. Like other gift cards, you can use them to purchase various items or services online and in-store. However, not every store accepts Walmart gift cards. Hence, it is essential to know how to turn them into cash. 

There are not many (safe or legal) ways to convert Walmart gift cards into cash. This guide covers the various methods that can help you get the desired result without incurring legal punishments or the risk of being scammed. 

How to Turn Your Walmart Gift Card into Cash 


There are 4 ways you can convert Walmart gift cards into cash: 

1. Use the Walmart Visa gift card 

The easiest and safest way to convert a Walmart gift card into cash is by using a Walmart Visa gift card. Once you have a Walmart gift card, the company will prompt you to get their Visa gift card regardless of the gift card’s value. 

This card works just like a Visa debit card. Once it arrives, you must activate it. Here is how to do it: 

  • Go to 
  • Click on “Registration” at the top of the home page 
  • Enter the 16-digit number in front of the Visa card 
  • Enter the 3-digit security code at the back of the Visa card 
  • Enter the expiration date for the card and tap “Continue”
  • The next prompt will request you to provide your name and billing address. Ensure that the name and billing information you provide correlate with the information on the Walmart Visa gift card account. 

After registration, you will be able to shop with your gift card anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards and sells gift cards to vendors. You can also view transaction history, report lost or stolen cards, and report gift card vendors. 

2. Sell the gift card

Selling your gift card in exchange for cash is another straightforward way to convert it into cash. Fortunately, several legitimate platforms allow customers to sell gift cards. Renowned gift card exchange marketplaces you can target for profitable rates include: 

  • CardCash: Here, you can trade Walmart gift cards for another gift card instead of cash. This way, you can easily exchange Walmart gift cards for another eligible gift card when shopping online or in-store. 
  • CardPool: This platform allows you to sell and buy gift cards. It pays up to 90% of the current value of the gift card and accepts trade-ins for Amazon gift cards and charity donations. 
  • Gift Card Granny: This platform allows customers to buy, sell, and trade gift cards from different sellers. On Gift Card Granny, you can browse and compare different offers or prices from sellers before choosing whom to buy from or sell to. There is also an option to convert your gift card into another gift card with other users.

Please note that most (if not all) of these platforms will only buy your gift card at a discounted price. 

3. Buy An Item and Sell It

You can buy an item with your Walmart gift card and sell it. It is usually advisable to buy highly discounted items from a retailer.

This way, you can sell them at a budget-friendly price and faster. To access diverse e-commerce stores, use your Walmart Visa gift card. 

4. Sell to friends or family members

You can also sell your Walmart gift card privately if you have friends or family members if you wish to earn quick cash. This is much safer than selling them online. 

Can You Get Cashback From a Walmart Gift Card?


Walmart does not allow cashback unless your state laws approve it. Even when they do, there are strict standards that accompany issuance. For example, you can only get up to $10 in cashback in California. 

You need to know what the law guiding your state says before approaching a Walmart customer service desk for a refund or cashback. Some of the states that permit gift card cashback include: 

  • California
  • Colorado 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Washington  
  • Montana
  • Maine
  • New Jersey 

To avoid surprises, you should also know how much cash is refundable from a gift card. 

Can You Buy An Expensive Item With Walmart Gift Card and Cash? 

If you purchase an item more expensive than what your gift card can cover, you must complete the payment with cash from your credit or debit card. Some customers deliberately do this and request a refund for the item to get a full refund in cash. 

While it may work, there are instances where Walmart will refund your gift cards via credits and only the cash payment to your bank account. This is another reason you need to know the laws guiding your state.


Can you transfer money from a Walmart gift card to your bank account?

You cannot transfer money from a Walmart gift card to your bank account or card. You also can not withdraw cash at ATM or POS locations with Walmart gift cards. 

Can you transfer money from a Walmart gift card to PayPal?

You can add Walmart gift cards to your PayPal account to create new avenues for spending. You only need to log in to your PayPal account, add a new payment in the “Wallet,” and link the card. 

Where can you use Walmart Gift Cards? 

Walmart gift cards are accepted at any Walmart store or Sam’s Club store in the U.S. Or Puerto Rico. You can also use them online at and (if you are a member). 

Can a Walmart gift card be traced?

Unfortunately, getting a refund for or tracing a used Walmart gift card is difficult. However, ensure you contact Walmart customer service to know if they can offer any assistance. 

In a Nutshell 

While it is more or less not a standard to convert Walmart gift cards into cash, there are legitimate ways you can do it and broaden your spending options. Out of these options, using the Walmart Visa gift card is the safest and guarantees more value. 

Other methods, like selling the gift card online to a friend or family member, usually result in selling at a discounted price. In addition, you have to be cautious and ensure you choose a legitimate platform (like the examples in this guide) for safe transactions. 

Not all states in the U.S. accept cashback for Walmart gift cards. You can contact their customer service desk to learn more about what works for your region. 

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