Amazon Courtesy Credit: Meaning, Eligibility & How To Use It

The Amazon Courtesy credit is not a popular reward as it only applies to eligible customers or orders. Since Amazon does not explicitly explain the reward option, customers who are seeing it for the first time may not know how it works. 

Fortunately, I have been awarded the Amazon Courtesy Credit multiple times and now have a clear understanding of how it works. This guide is a compilation of all I know about the special credit, how you can position yourself for it, and what you can buy with it. 

In addition, you will learn how to apply it to your preferred order and if the credit expires. 

What is Amazon Courtesy Credit?


Amazon Courtesy Credit is a special reward used to rectify delivery inconveniences like delays or damages. While there is no fixed cap on how much courtesy credit you can earn, most customers end up with $5 to $10.

In addition, you will likely be notified about this reward via an email that reads like this: 


We are writing this email because you were eligible to receive a courtesy credit for your recent order(s), but it didn’t apply correctly. 

To correct this, we’ve issued a $5 courtesy credit to your account. 

You can use this credit to purchase an eligible item shipped and sold by and it will automatically apply the next time. 

We value your business and hope to see you again soon. 


Customer Service 

Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.”

How to Qualify for Amazon Courtesy Credit 

There are no precise ways to qualify for these credits because it is based on Amazon’s discretion. Nevertheless, some situations can enhance your chances of being favored. Let’s take a look at them: 

1. Avoid expedited delivery as a Prime customer 

As a Prime subscriber, you can choose between expedited or regular delivery. The former allows you to receive an item within 2 days or less (for free), while the latter is similar to standard delivery (5 to 7 days delivery).

Here is the trick: when you choose any of the Prime (expedited and guaranteed) shipping options, you will likely get your package within the estimated delivery. On the other hand, items under standard delivery will likely be shipped with other items in the same category. 

This way, Amazon delivery drivers need to make multiple stops until it gets to your turn. Multiple stops increase the possibility of unprecedented circumstances and delivery exceptions like delays due to inclement weather or a faulty vehicle. 

There are 2 ways slow shipping methods can earn you Courtesy Credits. It is either Amazon decides to compensate you for the delay or for the fact that you keep choosing a cheaper delivery method despite being a Prime member. 

2. Shipping mistakes

Aside from delivery delays, which Amazon may have no full control over, shipping mistakes such as duplicate charges or delays in order processing may qualify you for courtesy Credits instead of a refund. 

3. File a complaint

Lastly, there are times you need to call the attention of Amazon to a delivery or order issue. When you submit your complaint, it will be investigated. 

If Amazon or the customer service representative handling your ticket feels Amazon is responsible for the error, you may be regarded as a $5 to $10 (or more) courtesy credit. Supporting your complaint with sufficient evidence will boost your chances. 

How to Spend Amazon Courtesy Credit 

You can only spend these credits on items sold and shipped by Amazon. This can range from digital products like Kindle eBooks, films, and music. Products from third-party retailers are not eligible. 

While your credit will automatically apply during checkout for eligible orders, you can deselect it manually when choosing a payment option. 

You can also combine courtesy credits with Amazon gift cards to pay for eligible products. While you may find it difficult to find such items or find them by luck, contacting Amazon customer service before shopping makes it easier. 

Does Amazon Courtesy Credit Expire? 

Unlike Amazon coupon codes, courtesy credits do not expire. Nevertheless, you should spend them within a year or as soon as possible. These credits are also non-refundable for shipped orders. 

Hence, ensure you double-check any order involving courtesy credits before checking out. 

How to Know How Much Courtesy Credit is in Your Credit Balance 

The only way to check your Courtesy Credit or know how much credit you were rewarded by Amazon is to click the credit balance link in the email. This link will provide a result of the credit categories in your balance. 

If you received an Amazon Courtesy Credit email and cannot find anything in your balance, wait until you are about to check out an order. The amount of Courtesy Credit in your balance should reveal itself. 


What is the difference between promotional credits and courtesy credits? 

Amazon Promotional Credits are credits attached to the purchase of any select or eligible digital products. On the other hand, courtesy credits are rewarded for order mistakes. 

How long does Amazon credit last?

Amazon promotional or courtesy credits rarely expire. If there is a deadline attached to any, you should find it in the reward email. 

How long does it take to get an Amazon credit?

It depends on the type of credit. Some credits get instant approval once you meet an order requirement while others may take 2 to 4 days due to investigation. 


Amazon rewarding you with courtesy credits is their way of compensating you for any order delay or mistakes. In other words, the policy gets you rewarded in addition to the arrival of your package or refund. 

While Amazon generally awards these credits by discretion, Prime subscribers stand a better chance of being considered because they are premium customers. Lastly, remember that courtesy credits are non-refundable after your order has shipped. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see how to know how much you have spent on Amazon

Thanks for reading.