Arrived At Sorting Center – Meaning & Process Involved

“Arrived at sorting center” is a tracking update you must have come across once or twice. This simple update might also be confusing, especially if you don’t know which sorting center your package is at.

Generally, the “arrival at sorting center” update implies that your package has been received at a sorting center. It then goes through several processes before being delivered to another sorting center, the post office, or the recipient’s address.

This article discusses the tracking update “arrived at sorting center” and what to do if this update is stuck. So, let’s dive right in.


Whenever an order is placed, it must go through several processes before delivery is made. One of these processes is going through a sorting center. But what exactly is the meaning of the update “arrived at sorting center”? What is a sorting center? And what happens there?

What is a sorting center?

Basically, a sorting center is a warehouse where different packages are sorted into different batches. Afterward, they are sent to another sorting center closer to the destination address, a post office, or directly to the recipient.

This process ensures that all packages are accounted for and sorted properly based on the written delivery area code.

What does “arrived at sorting center” mean?

As mentioned earlier, this update implies that your package has arrived at the sorting center. There, it will have to go through a series of processes before it continues to the next delivery phase.

What happens in the sorting Center?

Whether FedEx, UPS, or DHL, when you come across this update, below are the processes being carried out;

1. The packages are checked and labeled properly

Once a package has arrived at a sorting center, it is first inspected. This is to ensure that everything is in order, taking note of the weight of various packages and labeling them accordingly.

2. The packages are sorted

This is the major step taken in the sorting center; it is its primary purpose. After all packages have been labeled accordingly, they are sorted based on the shipping address.

3. The packages are scanned

Before packages leave the sorting center, they must be scanned. This indicates that the package has arrived at the sorting center, been labeled and sorted, and is ready to move on to the next delivery phase.

How long does a package stay at the sorting center?

Sometimes, a package may spend only a few hours at the sorting center. Other times, it may take a couple of days to leave the sorting center after the package has arrived.

How long a package will stay at the sorting center usually depends on certain factors. Firstly, it depends on the nature of the package or shipping method used. This is because high-priority packages are usually attended to more quickly.

It also depends on the number of packages being handled by that center. Finally, the number of available workers at the center could also play a huge role in the time a package spends at a sorting center.

What to do if your tracking update is stuck on “arrived at sorting center”?

It is not unheard of for a package to be stuck at a sorting center. Even the most efficient logistics company may experience delays at the sorting center. But in most cases, these delays are usually resolved after a little time.

The best move is to exercise a little bit of patience. However, if your tracking update is stuck for an unusually long period, you may need to take action.

You may want to contact the customer service of the logistics company used. They will be able to identify any problems encountered and update you on your package.


What is the meaning of dispatched sorting center?

This tracking update implies that your package has completed all processes at the sorting center and has been given release.

Why is your package stuck at the sorting center?

It could be because your package was misplaced, damaged, or is yet to be sorted due to many packages at the center.

Can you pick up your package at the sorting center?

If the sorting center is nearby, you can pick it up yourself. To pick it up, you must present an ID card to verify the package is supposed to be delivered to you.

How long after the “arrived at sorting center” update till you receive your package?

It depends on the distance between the center and the recipient’s address. Some packages will even have to go to another destination center or the postal office before they are delivered.


The “arrived at sorting center” update means that your package has been received at a sorting center. It will be inspected, labeled, and sorted into a batch of packages heading toward that region or area code.

This process may take a few hours to two or three days to complete. Afterward, depending on the distance from the center to the final destination, it may go to another facility or the local post office.

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