Does Amazon Ship To Po Boxes? How To & The Pros & Cons

While Amazon prefers shipping packages via in-house or private couriers such as UPS, it allows customers to ship to PO Boxes. This is usually a great idea when a postal service or courier cannot deliver to your area, or you want to oversee the final delivery of an item. 

USPS is the only way to ship from Amazon to a PO Box. The postal service treats your box number as a street or physical address.

All you need to ship an Amazon package to a PO Box is to enter your PO Box number in the address line while checking out. While this only applies to eligible items, there are other pros and cons to watch out for. 

This guide covers how to ship packages from Amazon to PO Boxes, the benefits, and the limitations. You will also find out if Amazon Prime ships to PO Boxes. 

How to Ship Your Package From Amazon to a PO Box 


There are more than one ways to ship Amazon packages to PO Boxes as long as they are eligible. These methods include: 

1. Street Addressing 

This is the easiest and most common way to ship a package from Amazon to a PO Box if you have a permanent address. However, not all USPS locations offer this service, so confirm first. 

With street addressing, insert your PO Box number in the shipping address line 1 and leave the other fields empty during checkout. This way, your package gets delivered directly to your USPS PO Box.

Upon arrival, USPS expects you to pick up the package within 10 to 15 days. 

2. Package Intercept 

Since not all USPS locations offer street addressing, one way to ensure your package arrives at the nearest post office is via Package Intercept. 

The service prevents the delivery of your package to a distant post office by intercepting and redirecting it to a local one (near you).

3. General Delivery 

This is a service for RVers or people with no permanent address. The USPS General Delivery provides them with a temporary address (usually last for 30 days) where they can receive parcels. 

Amazon Packages That Cannot Be Shipped to a PO Box 

Not all items on Amazon can be shipped to a PO Box. Examples are medications from Amazon Pharmacy and groceries from Amazon Fresh. However, if you stay close to an Amazon Fresh pick-up location, your groceries may arrive there for pickup. 

Other items rarely delivered to a PO Box are heavy items and packages under private carriers like UPS. If such a package arrives at USPS, it will be placed in a special locker, and you will receive a notification to come pick it up. 

The key to the locker will be placed in your PO Box. Hence, failure to pick it up within 10 to 15 days means such a shipment will be returned to the sender. 

This is usually inconvenient compared to doorstep delivery, so heavy shipments are rarely eligible for shipping to PO Boxes. 

Pros and Cons of Shipping to PO Boxes 


  1. Affordable. Shipping from Amazon to USPS is usually a cost-effective option for eligible items. People who live close to the post office utilize this service regularly. 
  2. Less scrutiny. Most people who opt for PO Box deliveries want their package delivered to a secure location where little inspection or questions will be asked. 
  3. This service also keeps your home address and other personal details hidden from the public 


  1. Size limitation. Large shipments may not be eligible for shipping to PO Boxes. 
  2. Only USPS can deliver parcels from Amazon to PO Boxes. Private carriers like UPS and DHL do not. 
  3. You cannot own a USPS PO Box until you are 18.
  4. Tracking updates may be slow compared to private carriers. 
  5. Not all U.S. locations are eligible for PO Box deliveries. An example is Hawaii. 

Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

Customers with Amazon Prime membership can also ship to PO Boxes the same way regular ones do. However, you should note that premium shipping services such as Amazon Same day or release date deliveries do not support this option. 


Who delivers Amazon packages aside from USPS?

Amazon has a range of in-house partners, such as Amazon Flex drivers, Delivery Services Partners (DSPs), and external carriers, such as UPS. 

How can you change your Amazon delivery address from PO Box?

Simply go to Your Orders, select the order you wish to modify, and change the shipping address to a physical address. 

Does Amazon deliver on weekends?

Amazon delivers packages every day of the week. However, packages shipped to PO Boxes may be limited to delivery or pick up on business days. 

In a Nutshell 

You can ship from Amazon or Amazon Prime to PO Boxes, provided the item is eligible. It is one of the most affordable ways to receive a package from Amazon without exposing many details as an individual or independent business owner. 

However, some limitations can make this idea less appropriate. Common ones include the inability to accept large shipments, age restrictions, and only USPS offers the service. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see who Amazon ship with to find out other ways Amazon delivers packages. 

Thanks for reading.