Can You Change the Delivery Date On Amazon? When To & The Steps To Take

Amazon allows customers to change the delivery date for a package, provided it is yet to be dispatched. This is a helpful feature for people who realize they won’t be available to receive a package, especially if it requires a direct signature. 

Rescheduling for an item shipped by in-house (Amazon) carriers is usually straightforward. However, when dealing with a package handled by a 3rd-party carrier like UPS or USPS, you may need to contact the seller. 

This guide explains how customers can change the delivery date for Amazon orders shipped by internal and external carriers. You will also find out what to do if your package has already been shipped and you can no longer modify its delivery date. 

How To Change Delivery Date on Amazon 

  1. Visit the Amazon website and sign in with your username and password 
  2. Scroll to the “Account & List” section and click it to access “Your Orders” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Select the order you wish to change the delivery date and click on the “Edit” icon next to the delivery date. 
  4. Select the new delivery date you want the package delivered. 
  5. Review the order to confirm your modification and click “Update”.

Please note that not all items on Amazon are eligible for delivery date modifications. Also, the feature only supports moving the delivery date further, not backward, for Amazon-owned products. 

On the other hand, if your package is from a third-party retailer, you can communicate with them to see if you can get your package faster. This will cost you a few bucks. 

Can You Change the Delivery Date For a Package That Has Been Shipped?

On Amazon, you cannot change the delivery date for a package that has been shipped or dispatched. You can only wait for such an order, refuse or return it to the sender, or cancel the delivery (if the package is from an Amazon carrier).

Go to Your Orders > Track My Parcel and select “Cancel the Delivery” to do this. This process should only take a few minutes. However, Amazon also needs the sender or retailer to confirm the cancellation before you can get a refund. 

As a result, the entire process may take up to 48 hours. 


Will you get a refund if you refuse delivery?

Yes, provided you have a genuine reason for refusing the package and have an agreement with the seller beforehand. 

How long does it take Amazon to refund a canceled delivery?

This can take about 2 to 5 business days. 

How many times does Amazon attempt delivery?

Amazon attempts delivery thrice before returning your package to the seller. 

What happens if Amazon delivers too late?

Late deliveries after the guaranteed delivery date will get a refund on the shipping fee. 

Does Amazon deliver on Christmas?

While Amazon delivers packages every day of the week, they do not on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. 


Amazon allows customers to change delivery dates provided the order is yet to be shipped. This service is usually very helpful for customers who wish to move their delivery date further. 

However, if your package is already at the shipping stage, changing its delivery date will be very unlikely. The best scenario is to wait for the item to arrive and refuse it before it is returned to the sender or cancel the order midway. 

Mind you; midway cancellations work better for items owned and shipped directly by Amazon. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see how long it takes Amazon to ship packages

Thanks for reading.