What Does FedEx Indirect Signature Mean & How Does It Work?

The FedEx indirect signature means that FedEx will get a signature to complete the delivery. This signature will be obtained from someone at the recipient’s address or nearby, perhaps a neighbor or building manager.

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I will discuss FedEx’s indirect signature and how it works in this article.


When delivery is attempted, but the recipient is not home, the package is left at the doorstep as long as no signature is required. This package may be subject to theft or damage if it rains.

A study shows that in 2019, about 5–15% of packages were lost, damaged, or stolen daily. This prompted many logistics services to buckle up to ensure better delivery.

A FedEx signature release was then introduced, allowing customers to secure their shipments. For an added fee, FedEx ensures that the recipient must provide a signature before receiving the package.

What is FedEx signature release?

The FedEx signature release is a service that requires the recipient to provide a signature before a package can be delivered. This service is used for several packages, such as;

  • High-valued packages, that is, packages worth over $500
  • Packages containing pharmaceuticals
  • Packages containing firearms
  • Packages containing hazardous chemistry
  • Packages containing authorized alcoholic shipments
  • Packages in which the sender or recipient requests this service for

There are 4 types of FedEx signature release services;

  • Adult signature required – FedEx requires a signature for an adult (21 years and above)
  • Direct signature required – FedEx requires a signature from the recipient directly
  • No signature required – FedEx requires no signature, and they can leave the package at the doorstep or leave instructions for another delivery attempt.
  • Indirect signature required – FedEx requires a signature from the recipient’s address

How does FedEx indirect signature work?

If an indirect signature is used on a delivery, the courier must get a signature before completing the delivery. The FedEx courier will attempt to leave instructions on the next delivery attempt date if the recipient is not present.

If the courier cannot deliver the package after the third attempt, he or she leaves a door tag with follow-up instructions.

In most cases, this note is permission to deliver the package using the FedEx indirect signature service. Once the recipient signs this note, the agent delivers this package to someone at the recipient’s address.

This could be;

  • A neighbor
  • Building manager
  • Any other person in the neighboring address

The signed note from the recipient is held as evidence supporting the approval.

How to use FedEx indirect signature release

You can select the signature release service you want before printing the label for your delivery. The signature options are available under the “Special Services” section when creating your label.

However, you should note that this service is only available for certain destinations.

So ensure you inform the FedEx employee of your selection to know if this service is available for the recipient’s address. You can also contact a FedEx operative beforehand and enquire.


Is the FedEx indirect signature service free?

Unfortunately, no. According to FedEx, fees may apply when adding this service to your shipment. For more details, you can see this complete list on FedEx of additional shipping fees and surcharges.

Is FedEx indirect signature available for international shipments?

Yes, it is. The FedEx signature option is currently available for over 60 destination countries.

What do you do if someone you don’t know signs for the package?

If your package status says it has been delivered but was not signed by you or anyone you know, then contact the FedEx customer service.

How do you obtain proof of delivery?

You can get proof of delivery from the delivery tab on the tracking page. You can also have it faxed to you for free by calling 1-800-463-3339.


The FedEx indirect signature requires a signature for the delivery to be completed. Once this option is used, the courier will only release the package to the recipient, his or her neighbor, the building manager, or anyone else residing at that address.

This gives the recipient peace of mind knowing that the package will be delivered to a safe hand. So, yes, this service is worth it.

I hope this article was helpful. If you did, you should also see how to cancel a FedEx shipment and have it returned to you.

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