How Long Does Target Hold Pick-Up Orders: Duration & How To Maximize The Service

Like most malls, Target offers a convenient pick-up service for online purchases. However, customers are more interested in how long a particular store will hold pick-up orders than the service itself. 

If you plan to shop online at Target, you can expect the store to hold on to your package for 3 days. However, you must be sure that such an item is eligible for this (pick-up) service. 

Moving forward, this guide explains how Target’s pick-up service works, how long it holds on to an order, and ways to maximize it. 

How Does Target Pick-Up Service Work? 

  1. Target pick-up service allows customers to buy only in-store and third-party products eligible for pick-up. 
  2. Items that are not eligible for pick-up will display a message during checkout or will not provide a pick-up option during checkout. 
  3. Select the “Store Pickup” option during checkout to use the pick-up service. Just enter your zip code to locate the nearest Target store
  4. After choosing a store, you will be asked to confirm your order and payment information. Upon approval, you will receive an email, and a store representative will begin processing it. 
  5. After processing, you will receive a second email that says your order is ready for pick-up. The email will contain instructions on where to go in the store and pick up your order. 
  6. You can park in designated parking spots near the store entrance or use curbside pick-up if available. 

How Long Does Target Hold Pick-Up Orders? 

Target holds pick-up orders for 3 days after the order has been processed. After receiving the second email, you have 3 days to pick up your order from the store. 

Failure to comply will result in order cancellations and prompt refunds if you do not request an extension. Mind you, extensions are not guaranteed and are granted case-by-case. 

Tips for Making the Most of Target’s Pick-Up Service 

  1. Check the availability of a product before placing an order because not all eligible items may be available for immediate pick-up. Steering clear of out-of-stock items minimizes delay. 
  2. Select the nearest Target store close to where you live or work. This makes it easier for you to pick up orders. 
  3. Monitor processing time and email notifications to know when your order is ready for pick-up. Knowing the sequence can help you know what to expect from the nearest Target store. 
  4. Don’t wait too long before picking up an order. While three days is the ideal holding period, picking up your order earlier is always best.
  5. Go with government-approved means of identification and be prepared to show it. You will also be asked to show the order confirmation email. 


What time can you pick up your target order?

You can pick up your order at the designated Target store between 8 am and 10 pm. Late orders may have to wait until the next day. 

Can someone else pick up your target order?

Someone else can pick up your target order by simply editing the pick-up order under checkout and “Add pick-up person.” You can manually enter the person’s info or select from a list of saved trusted partners. 

Does Target accept Apple Pay?

Target accepts Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payment. However,  Alipay and Campus Cash are only approved in authorized stores. 

How fast is Target delivery?

Target’s Standard Shipping delivers within 3-5 business days and is free for orders above $35 or orders placed with a RedCard. The 2-day delivery option is faster. 

Conclusion: How Long Does Target Hold Pick-Up Orders

Target’s pick-up service is one of the convenient ways to shop for products online and pick them up in-store. The store will hold on to your order for 3 days or more (if your request for an extension is accepted).

This level of flexibility is a major reason Target is a fan favorite for customers. Other factors and tips that can smoothen your experience are: 

  • Checking for the availability of the product before placing an order 
  • Picking up your order on time
  • Selecting Target stores near you 
  • The willingness to provide identification and proof that the order is yours 

I hope you found this guide helpful. Please see if you can tip a curbside grocery pick-up agent to know the rules guiding this gesture. 

Thanks for reading.