Estimated Delivery Date: Meaning, Importance & Why It May Change

When shopping on Amazon or eBay, you must have encountered the term “estimated delivery date.” What exactly is the meaning of this update?

Generally, an “estimated delivery date” is a window that estimates a package’s delivery date. This delivery window is not fixed and can change while delivery is being carried out.

Today, I will write about the “estimated delivery date” and its meaning and importance. I will also answer other questions associated with this term. So, let’s dive right in.

Meaning of “estimated delivery date” on Amazon or eBay?

The “estimated delivery date” is the expected date shown to the customer when placing an order. It is calculated by adding the maximum handling and in-transit days.

Additionally, it takes other factors to create a unique time frame, otherwise known as an “estimated delivery date.” However, you should note that this date is not fixed. Packages can come earlier or even later than the estimated delivery date.

What is the importance of an estimated delivery date?

The estimated delivery date is beneficial to both parties. The main benefits are:

1. It builds good relationships with customers

In the eCommerce world, delivery is one thing that impacts the long-term outlook of any business. Without happy customers, a business is likely to suffer.

Knowing when to expect a package is very important when ordering. I mean, what’s the use of ordering a present for Christmas and receiving it on Valentine’s? 

It is essential to be informed of the estimated delivery date and have the courier keep to it. Customers are likely to return and even refer friends or coworkers.

2. Makes the delivery process smooth and efficient

It can be stressful when delivery is attempted, but no one can receive the package. The driver will have to return another day or possibly, and the customer will have to pick up the package individually.

Letting the customer know when to expect a delivery reduces the number of failed attempts. Customers will simply know the exact day to stay home and await the delivery, making the process smooth and efficient.

Why did your estimated delivery date change?

As I mentioned, estimated delivery dates are not fixed; they are subject to change. Although it is not planned, certain unforeseen events may delay the delivery process, affecting the estimated delivery date.

When this happens, the logistics company tries to notify the customer immediately. This may come by changing the estimated delivery date or updating a new status on the tracking page.

Some possible reasons why estimated delivery date changes are;

Delay in transit 

Generally, when the estimated delivery date is calculated, the maximum in-transit time is added. But you should note that some in-transit delays might be severe and will take longer to address. For example;

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Natural disaster
  • Force Majeure (ongoing protest, accidents, damaged roads)

Delay from the seller’s end

When an order is fulfilled privately, it may take longer before shipping to the courier. It becomes harder to give an accurate estimated delivery date when another courier ships the package. This may affect the estimated delivery time, causing a change along the way.


Is the estimated delivery date accurate?

Yes, a majority of the time, estimated delivery dates are accurate.

Is the estimated shipment date the same as the estimated delivery date?

No, it is not. The estimated shipment date is the time frame in which the package is expected to reach the courier. On the other hand, the estimated delivery date is the estimated time frame in which the package is expected to reach the consignee.

Does Amazon deliver on the estimated delivery date?

Yes, they do.

Conclusion: Meaning of Estimated Delivery Date

The “estimated delivery date” is a calculated or estimated day a package is supposed to reach its final destination. It is calculated by considering various factors, such as maximum handling days and maximum in-transit days.

Although the estimated delivery dates are mostly accurate, you should note that they are not fixed. Certain unplanned events may cause the estimated delivery date for your package to change to a later date or even an earlier date.

I hope you found this article insightful. If you did, you should also see if Amazon packages come early.

Thanks for reading.