Amazon Locker Says “Delivered But No Code”: Meaning, Reasons & Solutions

If you buy items and ship frequently via Amazon to an Amazon hub locker, you will agree with me that your pickup code may arrive late or not at all. This is what it means when Amazon says your item has been delivered to a locker, but you have not received the 6-digit pickup code. 

This may be due to delayed code generation or other technical glitches. One of the fastest ways to resolve it is to contact Amazon customer service. You can’t access or retrieve the package from these automated metal boxes without the code. 

This guide explains why this may happen and what you must do to get your package. But first, let’s understand how these lockers work. 

How Does Amazon Locker Work? 


Amazon lockers are just like P.O. Boxes. However, these large metal boxes are automated and in different sizes. To have a package delivered to one is very easy. You need to enter the nearest Amazon locker address while checking out. 

Package retrieval is also easy. It requires you to wait until you receive a delivery confirmation email. This email will contain your pickup code. However, because Amazon has two different locker types, retrieval can occur in two ways: 

Collection at an Amazon Locker with a screen 

  1. Open the delivery confirmation email on your phone or go to the “Track Package” page under the “Your Orders” tab via the app or website.
  2. Find the 6-digit retrieval or pickup code and barcode. 
  3. Enter the code on the locker’s touchscreen and scan the barcode using the locker scanner (under  the touchscreen)
  4. The locker slot will open if your code is correct, and you can collect your package. 

Collection at an Amazon Locker without a screen

  1. Connect your phone to the locker by activating your location and Bluetooth. This is the initial connection. 
  2. Open your delivery confirmation email or go to “Track Package” under “Your Orders” via the Amazon app or website. 
  3. Select “Start Pickup” 
  4. Once you are fully connected, you will see the “Open Locker” tab. 
  5. Click it, and the correct locker slot will open for you to pick up your package. 

Please note that packages inside Amazon lockers must be collected within 3 calendar days after delivery. Otherwise, it will be returned to Amazon. 

In addition, if your package is in an Amazon Apartment locker, it will remain there until the Property Manager empties it. Therefore, check with Property Managers before reporting missing packages to Amazon. 

Why Does Amazon Locker Say “Delivered But No Code”?

1. Technical glitches or delayed code generation 

Sometimes, the code generation system may be slow to generate and send your pickup code. Since these issues are usually temporary, you need to be patient.

2. Mail went to the spam 

Amazon pickup code or delivery confirmation mail sometimes lands in your spam or junk folder. Spam messages do not pop up on the screen because most email services don’t prioritize them. 

Hence, you should always check your spam folder when expecting a pickup code 

3. Code misplacement 

It is also possible that you have mistakenly misplaced or deleted the code email. Go to your thrash or spam folder and search for “Amazon” to recover the message. 

4. Locker capacity issues

While this is rare, a locker can be full or experience a technical problem; packages might be marked as “delivered”, but the code may not be available. Contact Amazon customer service to report this issue. 

How to Find Your Amazon Locker Code

Now that you are aware of the various factors that can cause the “delivered but no code” Amazon Locker update let’s see the best ways to resolve them: 

  1. Contact the Amazon Message Center in your Amazon account. Scroll down until you see the message “Your package is ready for pickup.” Click the message and wait for the code. 
  2. Check the delivery confirmation mail for the “Start Pickup” link. Amazon will not send you a pickup code if your item is in a locker without a screen. 

Can Someone Else Pick Up Your Amazon Locker Package? 

This is possible. All you need to do is to forward them the delivery confirmation email. There, they will find the pickup code and barcode for retrieving an item from an Amazon Locker with a touchscreen and scanner. 

On the other hand, if the pickup person is visiting an Amazon Locker with no screen, emphasize the importance of activating their location and Bluetooth connection. 


Can you use Amazon Lockers on weekends?

Yes, you can collect a package from Amazon Locker on weekends. 

Are Amazon lockers free?

Amazon hub lockers offer free shipping for both Amazon and Amazon Prime members. 

Is Amazon Locker only for Amazon packages?

Amazon Locker accepts both Amazon and non-Amazon packages, provided they fulfill size recommendations. 

Wrapping Up 

You will all agree that private carriers such as Amazon, UPS, and FedEx do not prefer sending items to the post office or P.O. Boxes. However, since some customers do not wish to disclose their physical addresses, Amazon lockers can be an easier option. 

While this option may occasionally present issues with their pickup codes, I am sure you now know how to handle them.

I hope you found this guide helpful. You should also see if you can change delivery dates on Amazon

Thanks for reading.