Parcel Locker Meaning, How It Works, & Benefits

Are you one of the people asking what the meaning of parcel locker is?

Unlike decades ago, parcel lockers have become more popular recently as a result of the increased rate of theft of packages.

Businesses, residents, and even retail franchises are now using parcel lockers to aid safe delivery. While many people don’t know much about parcel lockers, others are still wondering about how it works and how they can actually benefit them.

In this article, I will discuss how parcel lockers work and the benefit of using them.

Parcel locker meaning

Basically, a parcel locker is a storage place where one can receive mail, both small and large in size. They are contactless, convenient, and designed to keep your mail safe from theft and unsavory weather.

They can be built into stand-alone units or wall-mounted units and can vary in size and height. The standard size is usually 12” wide and 15” deep, and the height can be anywhere from 13.5” to 19.75” high.

How do parcel lockers work

Basically, the way parcel lockers work is pretty simple and straightforward. Instead of having a package delivered to your home address, you have it delivered to the locker where it is stored.

Here’s the breakdown of how it works:


When it comes to delivery, it is similar to the normal delivery process where the courier delivers the package. The major difference is that the package is dropped in a locker and is locked and remains inaccessible to unauthorized people.

Depending on the locker setup, access to drop your parcel in the locker is done in one of two ways. Either the shipping company will have a key to the locker, or they will have to seek permission to access the locker from the property manager.

While for electronic parcel lockers, the courier will have to enter a unique code or scan the package to unlock the locker.


After the package is dropped off, you will be notified of the delivery. Notification could come in various ways such as a text, an email, a phone call, through the mobile application, or in some cases, a combination of all.


After being notified of the delivery, the next step would be collecting the package. Again, the collection varies depending on the locker setup or service used.

For some, it is as simple as using your master key to open the box and retrieve your package. Others may require a one-time code, this code is sent to you via text or email and expires after usage.

What are the benefits of using a parcel locker?

Below are some of the main benefits of using a parcel locker.

1. Guaranteed delivery

Many people find it difficult to skip work in order not to miss a delivery. No one likes taking a trip to the post office to collect a package since they missed the delivery attempt.

The good part about using parcel lockers is that you need not worry much about being there to receive a package. It will simply be left in the locker until it is convenient for you to go collect such a package.

2. Security

As I mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons parcel lockers is highly sought after is because of security. Most times, after couriers attempt to deliver a package and fail to meet the recipient, they leave the package on the doorstep.

These packages are subject to theft and sometimes are damaged when it rains. Luckily, parcel lockers are safe from bad weather and theft, as only authorized personnel can access them.

Additionally, some parcel lockers now even have cameras, which is another added layer of security.

3. Privacy

Most people do not want their mail delivered to their main address for different reasons. It could be that they don’t want work mail coming to their main address or they don’t want other members of their family to know about the package.

Whichever reason it may be, parcel lockers tend to give them the privacy they want.


Are there any downsides to using a parcel locker?

The only downsides are generally for business-owned parcel lockers, where you may only have access to them during working hours.

However, this is not applicable to residential-owned parcel lockers.

What can’t be delivered to a parcel locker?

Basically, the only items that cannot be delivered to a parcel locker are items that are larger than the locker.

What happens if you lose your parcel locker key?

If you lose your keys, you can contact the locker service used for a replacement. And if it happens to be a residential parcel locker, simply speak to the building manager about getting a replacement key.

Are parcel lockers the same as PO Boxes?

No, they are not.

A parcel locker is a storage location where packages of various sizes are stored. PO boxes, on the other hand, are unique mailboxes located at the post office for the reception of mail.

Conclusion: Is a parcel locker worth it?

A parcel locker is a secure location where packages of various sizes are stored. It eliminates that awful feeling of not knowing if your package has been delivered or stolen.

It is beneficial to everyone involved in the delivery process, both for businesses and residential occupants. So, yes, it is definitely worth it. You can rest assured that if you use a parcel locker, you won’t regret it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, you may also want to see easy ways to get your mail without an address.

Thanks for reading.