See 4 Easy Ways To Get Mail Without An Address

People look for ways to get their mail without an address for many reasons. Most of the time, they do not want business mail sent to their primary address. 

Others may be having a gift delivered and don’t want their family receiving it and ruining the surprise. Some people simply travel a lot and don’t want their mail left on their porches.

Whichever category you find yourself in, you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you how to get mail without an address.

How to get mail without an address

There are several ways you can get your mail delivered without an address. These include;

1. Use a package receiving service

As the name implies, a package-receiving service is a service that receives a package on your behalf. Instead of having mail delivered to your home address, simply have a package receiving service receive it for you.

Package receiving services give you an actual address where you can have your mail delivered. They keep the mail in a secure location until such a time when you are ready to pick it up yourself. 

2. Use a package locker

The package/parcel locker system is another top-notch alternative to getting your mail without using your address. A package locker is a lockable storage box where you can store packages. They are safe, contactless, and convenient.

You can simply arrange for the courier to drop the package off at a locker. Later, you can pick up your package or pick it up by someone you authorize.

3. Sign up for a PO Box

Although similar to package lockers, the post office box is another good alternative. The good thing about having a PO Box is that you can pick up your package whenever possible.

Whereas with the non-residential package locker services, you can only pick up your package during office hours. However, while they are great, not all companies agree to send mail to PO Boxes. This is why package lockers may be better in most cases.

4. Have your mail delivered to your friend or your office

Many people don’t want to go through the stress of getting a package locker or a PO Box. For this reason, having your mail delivered to your friend’s or office address can also be applicable.

Of course, you must ask your friend if they will be home to receive the mail. But it is a pretty good alternative because it is convenient and free.

And if you are having it sent to your office and won’t be present, you may want to ask your co-worker to receive it on your behalf.


Can you ship a package to the post office instead of your house?

Yes, you can. You have the option for your package to be shipped to the post office. However, there may be a postage fee.

How do travelers get mail?

As a traveler, you can hire a mail forwarding service such as Escapees or a traveling mailbox to send your mail to you on demand.

Can you use a friend’s address for mail?

Yes, but you must seek permission first, as using anyone’s address without their permission is illegal.


It is quite normal to want your mail delivered but not to your address for reasons known only to you. It is not a crime. The bottom line is simply to find better alternatives to receiving your mails.

This article highlights some of the best alternatives to getting your mail without an address. These alternatives are private, secure, and convenient to use.

I hope this article was insightful. To further assist, you should also see this article on how to get a Post Office Box.

Thanks for reading.