How To Close A PO Box [A Step-By-Step Guide]

A PO Box is a unique box assigned to a particular customer to receive and store mail. It is safe, private, and very convenient to use for both individuals and businesses.

However, if you find the nature of their service lacking or no longer need a PO Box, you can have it closed. But how exactly can you do this, and what happens after you close it?

In this article, I will discuss a PO Box and how to close one, both online and offline. So, let’s dive right in.

Can you close a PO Box?

Yes, you can, for several reasons, from personal to professional. For most people, it is mostly because they are dissatisfied with the service. It could also be because they no longer need one or are relocating to a new location.

The reason to close a PO Box is usually professional for the post office. Perhaps the customer has not yet paid his or her fees or provided false information in the application form.

It could also be because the customer either mishandled the box, damaged the key, or overflowed with mail.

How to close a PO Box

If you wish to close a PO Box, you can do this in two ways. The first being online and the second offline or in person. However, whichever method you choose, you will still need to visit the post office in person.

How to close a PO Box online

The online process for closing a PO Box is pretty straightforward and stress-free. You can do this online; however, you must go to the post office to turn in the key and clear the box.

You can close a PO Box online if you have a USPS account linked to your PO Box. If your account is not linked, you can do this by finding a “Link” button on the “PO Boxes” page.

You can find this page on the “Track & Manage” menu on the USPS website. You will be taken to a form page where you must key in some credentials.

Afterward, you’ll have to go through some other pages, filling in details for payment. After the process, you will get a confirmation of the linked PO Box.

Once you have linked the account to the PO Box, you can follow the steps below to close a PO Box.

  1. Login to the USPS website
  2. Click on “manage account”
  3. Click on the “renew and manage” tab
  4. Go to the PO Box details
  5. Click on the “Close or Cancel PO Box” option
  6. State the reason for closing the PO Box
  7. Agree to the disclaimer and confirm the cancellation

How to close a PO Box offline

Closing a PO box offline can be a bit more time-consuming but is also straightforward. You only need to head down to the post office where you opened the PO Box and speak to a representative about closing it.

Additionally, ensure you have a valid ID card, as you will be asked a few verification questions. You will also need to give written consent and complete some minor paperwork.

What happens next?

After the request to close the PO Box has been processed, both online and offline, you have a few days to complete the process. This includes turning in the key to the PO Box and clearing the box of the mail inside if there is any.

Do you get a refund after closing a PO Box?

After closing the PO Box, the post office will begin the procedure for a refund. This procedure includes checking the eligibility of the customer according to their policies. If eligible, the refund is disbursed according to the credit card connected to the box.


How long does the refund take?

The refund is generally made within 5 business days.

Do you have to return the keys?

Yes, you do.

What happens if you don’t return the key to the PO Box after you close it?

If you fail to return the key, you will not get a refund, even if you are eligible.

Can you transfer a PO Box?

You can transfer a PO Box without payment or extra fees to a different facility.


A PO Box can be closed online and offline by the customer; both methods are pretty easy. The online process involves closing it from the website if the PO Box links to the customer’s USPS account.

The offline process is done in person at the post office where you subscribed for the PO Box. The process includes verifying your identity and giving written consent.

After completing the process for both methods, the customer has 10 days to clear the PO Box and return the key. Afterward, a refund will be given if the customer is eligible for one.

After closing your PO Box, you might wonder how to receive your mail. You should also see this article on some PO Box alternatives you can try.

Thanks for reading.