What Is A DHL Service Area & How Does It Affect Your Delivery?

DHL is one of the most reliable logistics companies in the United States. They have several service areas that handle deliveries. But what exactly is a DHL service area, and how does it affect your package?

In this article, I will explain the DHL service area, how it affects your package delivery, and how long it takes to receive your package.

What is a DHL service area?

A DHL service area is a center that is tasked to carry out delivery to specific regions. There, packages are sorted according to their final destination or region, loaded onto a DHL truck, and sent to the DHL distribution center.

The distribution center will now take the package to a DHL delivery facility near the final destination. DHL has various service areas or hubs in the United States alone. But the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG) is DHL’s primary service area. 

What does the DHL “service area” update mean?

The DHL service area update means that your package has arrived at the service area nearest to your location. Once your package has been sorted according to its final destination, it will be loaded onto a truck.

Afterward, this truck will deliver it to either a redistribution center or the local DHL office that services your destination.

When do you get your package after receiving this update?

There is no cause for worry when you come across this update. It is a normal step in the DHL delivery process and should not affect the delivery time. Your package should arrive within the specified time given initially.

What do you do about this update?

You do not necessarily need to do anything after seeing this update. As I said earlier, it is a very normal process and does not affect the delivery time of your package.

However, an issue must have occurred if this update does not change after 48 hours. It could be that;

  • The package was sent to the wrong service area
  • There was an issue with the address
  • An internal problem in the facility

Whichever the case is, it is best to contact DHL customer service. Keep your tracking number handy in case it is required. A representative should be able to shed more light on the issue or help reroute your package to the right address.


How long do packages stay at the service area?

Generally, they spend less than 2 days in the service area.

What update comes after the DHL service area update?

You should receive an “en-route to distribution center” update, “arrived at the distribution center” update or any similar update.


The DHL service area update implies that the package has arrived at one of the service centers. This service center is usually the one closest to the destination address.

After it has been sorted, loaded onto a truck, and taken to a DHL distribution center. This facility will now be in charge of the in-transit delivery phase.

If you encounter this update, you do not need to worry as it doesn’t affect the delivery time. However, contact DHL for more clarity if this update lasts more than 48 hours.

I hope you found this article helpful. You should also see the DHL update “no access”. Learn what it means and what to do whenever you encounter it.

Thanks for reading.