Why Does UPS Charge For Pickup: Reasons, Cost Per Pickup Service & How To Enjoy The Service For Free

UPS will charge for pickup when the driver has to come to your home to pick up a package. Most of these fees go into vehicle maintenance, gas, labor, and pretty much everything you wish to avoid.

Because of this convenience and safety, you must be prepared to pay the required fee for any of the UPS pickup options. There is a way to get your package picked up for free, but it requires you to do most of the work. 

This guide explores why UPS charges for pickup, how much they charge, and how you can enjoy the service for free.

Why Does UPS Charge for Pickup?

Here is a complete breakdown of why UPS charges for pickup: 

1. Labor 

Not just the drivers and their vehicles are responsible for a successful pickup. UPS engages pickup coordinators, route planners, and other support staff who work behind the scenes. 

These employees undergo periodic training to ensure continuous efficient parcel collections and are paid competitive wages. All these combined are why pickup fees are essential. 

2. Vehicle maintenance 

UPS has an extensive fleet of vehicles dedicated to pickups and deliveries. These vehicles must be serviced regularly to ensure an efficient operation, and UPS bears the cost. 

This differs from the cost of occasional and unprecedented repairs and investment in advanced tracking technologies integrated into these vehicles. 

3. Cost of gas 

Fuel expenditure is another issue. While UPS prioritizes daily route planning and maximization, these vehicles make multiple stops per day. As a result, they consume a significant amount of fuel. 

Fluctuations in the prices of fuel can also impact pickup service charges positively or negatively. 

4. Insurance

Not every package has insurance. UPS assumes a significant responsibility for packages they pick up until they are delivered successfully. Any form of damage, loss, or theft becomes their liability. 

To manage these concerns, UPS invests in comprehensive insurance. 

UPS Package Pickup Services and Their Fees


1. UPS On-Call Pickup: This service allows retailers or the sender of a package to call and schedule a same-day or future-day pickup. Same-day pickup requests cost about $6.80, while future-day pickup costs about $5.80. 

There is also no limit to the number of packages you can prepare for pickup. 

2. UPS Smart Pickup: This service picks up packages based on the printing of shipping labels. It is an ideal solution for businesses that require pickup services frequently and costs just $11.85/week. 

3. Day-Specific Pickup: This service allows businesses or package senders to choose a specific business day for pickup. Day-specific pickup begins at $11.85/week and can increase depending on the package volume or pickup frequency. 

4. Daily On-Route Pickup: This is a routine pickup service where drivers drop by your office if they are within your location to see if you have a pickup request. You do not need to schedule a pickup for this service. It costs about $11.90/week (if your weekly billings are up to $75).

5. Daily Pickup: Unlike Daily On-Route Pickup, this service needs the package sender to schedule a pickup between mid and late afternoon. It costs about $12.90 for businesses with weekly billings up to $75 or more. 

How to Get UPS to Pick Up Your Packages for Free

If you do not want to pay for UPS Pickup, you must locate and drop the package at a UPS drop-off location. Use the UPS Locator to find drop-off locations or drop boxes near you. 

Once the driver arrives at the drop-off location, they will pick up your package and follow the instructions attached to the label. 


Will UPS pick up a package if you are not home?

Yes, provided it is packed and labeled, and all shipping or pickup charges have been paid. 

Does UPS charge for delivery?

Like other shipping companies, UPS charges for delivery. These fees are generally referred to as special handling or service fees and are mostly paid for by the sender or retailer. 

Is FedEx cheaper than UPS?

UPS is usually cheaper than FedEx in the long run. FedEx may start cheaper than UPS but eventually becomes more expensive when the weight of your package increases or the destination is distant. 

In a Nutshell

UPS Pickup is a convenient service primarily dedicated to businesses that receive regular orders or ship large packages regularly. It is also an ideal service for business owners who travel frequently and cannot oversee free drop-offs. 

UPS charges different fees depending on your choice of pickup service. These fees contribute to vehicle maintenance, paying for gas, insurance, and employees who ensure the service remains efficient. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You should also see if UPS delivers to PO Boxes

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