What Does The DHL Update “No Access” Mean?

The DHL tracking update “no access” is a very confusing one. Though it says no access, one can’t help but wonder what exactly the reason for this update is.

If you come across this update, it is a notification saying that DHL cannot access your location. This could be because the courier does not recognize the address, has his or her path blocked, or the address is in a location that he or she cannot enter.

I will discuss the DHL tracking update “no access” in this article. I will also explain what you should do and answer other questions about this update.

What does the DHL tracking update “no access” mean?

As I mentioned earlier, this update means that something is hindering the DHL driver from getting to your address. Some of the common reasons include the following;

1. Blocked access

The most common reason customers come across this update is as a result of blocked access. Perhaps there was an accident on the road making it inaccessible.

It could also be that a natural disaster has damaged the road, maybe a broken bridge. Since the only road the driver knows to your location is not accessible, you might come across this update.

Furthermore, it could be that your address is in a gated community and requires a gate code or permission to pass through. Since the driver has no access, he/she would have to return the package.

2. Location is in a military base

Another common reason customers get this update is when the delivery location is on a military base. Most military locations are not accessible due to security reasons, affecting the delivery process.

3. Address not registered

Another reason could be that the address is not registered in their database. There are thousands of new addresses all over the country each year. Each has to be registered in their database for it to be accessible.

So, chances are your address is yet to be registered and the DHL database does not recognize it.

What can you do about DHL’s “No access” update?

Usually, another delivery attempt will be made on another day. To avoid running into this again, you can

1. Redirect your delivery

One way to resolve this issue is by redirecting your delivery to another location. You must ensure that this time around, the delivery address is easily accessible. You can redirect a package by logging into the site (here) and providing an alternate address.

2. Schedule a pickup

You can simply schedule a pickup if you don’t want the hassle of redirecting a delivery. You can do this by contacting DHL and having them hold the package so you can just pick it up yourself at a DHL location.

3. Provide access to your location

Providing DHL access could be the solution if you live in a gated community or an estate. Before the second delivery attempt is made, speak to whoever is in charge about a delivery you expect.

They may be able to contact you the next time the driver approaches whether or not to allow him or her through.


How long can a package stay in DHL?

Generally, DHL will hold on to a package for 9 working days, afterwards, the package will be returned to the sender.

What does the DHL update “Poste Restante” mean?

This update implies that your package will wait at the destination post office until the recipient comes to collect it.


The DHL no access update is an update no one likes to see while tracking their package. It means that for some reason, DHL cannot deliver the package because an issue was encountered while trying to reach your address.

The best way to resolve the issue is to reschedule the delivery to another address. You can also contact DHL and have the package prepared for your pickup instead.

You can also explore reasons why DHL is reliable.

Thanks for reading this article.