Amazon Flex Deactivated: How To Recover Your Account & Alternative Gigs To Consider If You Cannot

Joining Amazon Flex is one of the lucrative ways to earn money (delivering packages) as an independent contractor. Like other rideshare gigs, the onboarding process requires effort and patience. Hence, getting deactivated is the last thing you need. 

Amazon Flex drivers get their accounts deactivated for different reasons. They include inactivity, driving under the influence, and customer complaints. What should you do when this happens? 

This guide simplifies the steps you need to take to recover a deactivated Amazon Flex account and what to do if this attempt fails. However, let’s begin with what happens if your account gets deactivated. 

What Happens When Your Amazon Flex Account is Deactivated?

There are two major ways to know your account has been deactivated: 

1. Deactivation email 

You will receive a deactivation email from Amazon explaining why your account was deactivated. A section of this email also addresses appealing the decision if you feel it is a wrongful termination. 

2. Login failure 

Perhaps you did not see the deactivation email, another way to discover that your account has been deactivated is when you can no longer log in or access your account. 

11 Reasons Amazon Flex Accounts Get Deactivated

To ensure quality and trustworthiness, Amazon has strict rules Amazon Flex drivers must obey to keep delivering for them. Your account may be deactivated if you violate these rules. 

While some drivers get lucky with their appeal and get their accounts reinstated, others get deactivated for good. Below are 11 reasons Amazon may deactivate your Flex account:

1. Inactivity for 6 months

You must schedule shifts or deliveries regularly on Amazon Flex to continue earning as a driver. Amazon will deactivate your account if you don’t deliver any packages within 6 months. 

To them, this indicates that you are no longer interested in the service. Reinstating this type of account is easy. You only need to email explaining why you have been inactive for a while and proof of identification. 

2. Driving under the influence (DUI)

Amazon screens all their drivers (independent contractors or not) for DUI before onboarding them. This is because the company does not expect you to drive or deliver packages under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

Your account will be deactivated immediately if you are caught, and it may not be reinstated. 

3. Harassment policy violation 

Amazon also expects you to avoid violating the harassment policy. This includes avoiding physical altercations, graphic (visual) messages, and sexually promiscuous gestures. 

A complaint from an employee or a customer may result in account deactivation after an investigation. Account deactivation due to harassment rarely gets reinstated (except if it is a case or false accusation).

4. Customer complaints 

Ramping up complaints from different customers is one of the fastest ways to get your Amazon Flex account deactivated. As a driver working for a customer-centric company, you should ensure you deliver promptly and to the correct address. 

In addition, handle packages carefully and leave them in a secure location on the customer’s property. Reinstating this type of account is almost impossible. 

5. Expired driving documents 

Since you are an independent contractor, Amazon expects your driver’s license, registration, and auto insurance to be up-to-date. Your account will be deactivated if your driving eligibility is at risk and will only be reinstated when everything is in order. 

6. Missing delivery blocks 

Missing a few delivery blocks or last-minute cancellations usually ends with a warning. However, if you make it a habit, deactivation awaits. 

In other words, the more warnings you get, the closer you are to getting deactivated. Your account may not be reinstated once deactivated for multiple last-minute cancellations. 

7. Passenger policy violation

Amazon has nothing against having a passenger (human or animal) in your car while you deliver a package. However, there are rules the passenger must obey. They include: 

  • Not getting out of the car while you pick up a package 
  • Not interacting with the customer 
  • Not driving the car 

Passenger policy violation usually results in fast deactivation. Hence, it is always best to pick up and deliver packages alone. 

8. Using block grabbers or bots 

Amazon Flex drivers turn to block grabbers or bots to get more blocks and make more money amidst the fierce competition. While this may sound smart, it violates Amazon Flex’s policy and will result in account deactivation (once detected).

9. Having a weapon 

There is no need to have a weapon in your vehicle while picking up or delivering an Amazon package. Amazon will deactivate your account regardless of the weapon’s status (registered or not).

10. Driving for rideshare at the same time 

Amazon Flex drivers are free to work with other rideshare companies. However, they must not complete other rideshare gigs when completing an Amazon block and risk violating the passenger policy. 

Account deactivation due to passenger policy violation rarely gets reinstated. 

11. Fraud 

Amazon detests and will deactivate your Flex account for fraud. Fraudulent practices such as identity fraud and stealing packages are some of the reasons your account may be deactivated. In addition, such accounts are as good as gone.

How to Reactivate Your Amazon Flex Account 


As always, you can appeal Amazon’s decision to deactivate your Flex account. There are 2 ways you can do this: 

1. Contact customer service 

This is advisable if your Amazon Flex account was deactivated for a minor reason like inactivity (for six months) or outdated documents. Such an account will be reactivated once Amazon confirms you have done the needful. 

2. Write and submit an appeal 

This is the most suitable approach for deactivation due to harassment, customer complaints, and other major issues. Unless your appeal is very convincing, the suspension will likely be permanent. 

You can submit an appeal via the link in the deactivation email if you feel the decision was unfair or is a mistake. A few things to include in your appeal letter include:

  • A detailed explanation of why you think the decision was unfair. Be specific by including the location, date, time, and screenshot of the event you believe is responsible for the deactivation. 
  • Explain how the warning and deactivation have negatively affected your ability to earn and provide for yourself. 
  • Highlight your previous positive ratings and feedback from customers 
  • Use a respectful and professional tone. Avoid blaming others and present your case in a way that encourages the support team to give you fair consideration. 

How Long Will It Take Amazon to Reactivate Your Account?

1 to 10 days, depending on the reason for deactivation. Resolutions are always quick for minor issues like inactivity. On the other hand, it takes longer for issues like regular complaints and driving under the influence because they require an investigation. 

In addition, you cannot reapply for Amazon Flex if you have an existing account that has been deactivated. It is also unlikely you would be considered for any Amazon-related opportunities in the future. 

What to Do if Your Amazon Flex Account Cannot Be Reactivated? 

Focus on alternative delivery jobs. Thankfully, several services are looking for delivery drivers and independent contractors. Popular ones you can apply to include DoorDash, Caviar, Uber Eats, GrubHub, Instacart, Shipt, and Postmates. 

If these (popular) services are not available in your region, you can consider less popular or remote ones like: 

  • GoPuff
  • GoShare
  • Roadie
  • SenPex (San Francisco Bay area)
  • Deliv
  • Favor (Texas only)
  • TaskRabbit (for delivery and optional odd jobs)


Does a deactivated account get deleted?

Amazon Flex account deactivation is usually a temporary action, which is why you can appeal. Even when your appeal is rejected, your account remains in the system but you won’t be able to access it. 

What kinds of deliveries will you make as an Amazon Flex driver? 

As an independent contractor, you can pick up packages or groceries from Amazon delivery stations and local stores and deliver them directly to customers. Most delivery blocks are between 2 to 4 hours (6 hours at most).

What type of vehicle do you need?

A 4-door, mid-sized sedan or larger vehicle. While you can use any car for Amazon Prime orders, motorcycles (bicycles or scooters) are unacceptable. 

Final Thoughts 

The key to staying safe as an independent contractor or a delivery driver is to understand the importance of customers to service providers. Like most e-commerce platforms, Amazon is customer-centric because customers are the source of revenue. 

When you harass or violate them, you do so in the name of Amazon or the company you represent and will likely be suspended. However, not all deactivation are permanent. 

Deactivation due to temporary inactivity or outdated can be resolved quickly. Those that involve fraud, harassment, and other policy violations will require a very strong and convincing appeal. In most cases, the decision will not be rescinded. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, please see the correct way to add Amazon delivery instructions to your package

Thanks for reading.