How To Report A FedEx Driver: Steps Required & What Happens Next

After placing an order online, package delivery becomes the responsibility of the seller and courier. If the courier is FedEx, you can expect a smooth delivery. However, there are times when delivery drivers contribute to a bad experience. How do you report such a driver? 

The easiest way is to contact FedEx customer support. However, since FedEx maintains high-standard shipping and delivery processes, customers rarely need to or are familiar with the process. 

This guide covers how to report a FedEx driver, the necessary information, and what to report them for. You will also discover what happens when you report a FedEx driver and general tips couriers or drivers can implement to reduce complaints. 

How to Report a FedEx Driver 


Call FedEx customer support at 1-800-GoFedEx or 1-800-463-3339. Once your complaint is investigated and confirmed, such a driver will be punished appropriately. 

However, not all last-mile deliveries are fulfilled by FedEx drivers (those that arrive in a FedEx). FedEx sometimes uses local couriers for very remote deliveries. 

You can report such drivers directly to their company or indirectly (via FedEx) if you experience any violations from their drivers. 

You can also report unpleasant experiences on the FedEx social media pages. However, this method may not guarantee a swift response due to backlogs. 

What Information Do You Need to Report a FedEx Driver?

Certain information makes your claim more credible when reporting a FedEx driver. They include: 

  1. Package information: FedEx expects you to provide the tracking number of your package and the delivery address. The name or ID of the shipper will also be helpful. 
  2. Details of the event: This involves explaining what transpired, the date and time, and where the incident occurred (use a zip code if unsure). Providing video evidence is another way to strengthen your claim. 
  3. Name of the driver: The name of the driver and the license plate number on the vehicle is also crucial. You do not necessarily need their contact information. 

What Can You Report a FedEx Driver for? 

You can report a FedEx driver for: 

1. Delivery issues 

Delivery issues such as lateness, delivery of a damaged package, or drop-off in an unsafe (exposed) location within your property are enough reasons to report a delivery driver. 

2. Misdelivery 

FedEx or delivery drivers also get reported when they deliver a package to the wrong address. While this may not entirely be the driver’s fault, customers do this to ensure they receive their item. The same applies to lost packages. 

3. Rude or unprofessional behavior 

As a delivery driver, you must be friendly and communicate nicely. Customers will report you if you are perceived rude or unhelpful during interactions.

4. Safety concerns

You should also report drivers who engage in unsafe driving practices, such as speeding or driving under the influence. These violations may result in the loss of lives and packages. 

5. Theft or suspicious activity

Feel free to report a FedEx driver if you suspect any theft or suspicious behavior regarding your package. 

6. Damage to your property

You should report a delivery driver to FedEx if they damage your property for liability reasons. 

What Happens When You Report a FedEx Driver?

FedEx will carry out an investigation. This investigation aims to evaluate the complaint, who is responsible for the delivery issue, and the severity of the case. After investigation, the driver’s supervisor will make a decision. 

This decision will include any of the following: 

  • A verbal warning (may be written up too)
  • Suspension 
  • Termination 
  • An apology letter, email, or phone call – if the complaint is false or not the driver’s fault. 

General Tips to Reduce Customer Complaints 

  1. Clear communication: As a driver, you must speak to your customers respectfully and maintain transparent or open communication with the management. 
  2. Fair compensation: FedEx and local courier services should also provide fair compensation for their drivers. This can include recognition and incentives based on performance to boost their morale. 
  3. Efficient scheduling: Creating efficient delivery routes allows drivers to complete their delivery without stress. There are several route optimization software couriers can invest in to reduce the time and mileage spent on delivery. 
  4. Vehicle maintenance: Drivers must ensure their vehicles are in good condition by regularly troubleshooting and maintaining them. Remember, customers hate delivery delays. 
  5. Training and safety: Enroll drivers in necessary programs emphasizing safety measures and customer service skills
  6. Employee feedback: Design a system that allows drivers to provide feedback on their experiences and suggestions for improvements. Don’t stop there; act on crucial suggestions. 
  7. Work-life balance: Couriers should also provide an environment that supports a healthy work-life balance. This reduces cases of burnout and dissatisfaction. 


Do FedEx trucks have cameras?

Yes, FedEx has begun installing cameras in pickup and delivery vehicles. This act is designed to assist with investigations of complaints by customers. 

How do you report a package not delivered by FedEx?

Enter the tracking or reference number of the item in the FedEx tracking portal and select ‘Manage Delivery > Report Missing Package.’

Provide your contact information and other necessary info in the field that pops up. 

Can you call FedEx to see where my package is?

You can call 1-800-463-3339 to know the status of your package. You can also monitor it via the FedEx tracking portal. 


A FedEx or local courier driver will likely deliver your package. The former oversees last-mile deliveries within cities or areas with a FedEx hub. The latter fulfills deliveries to remote locations or areas without a FedEx hub. 

While most deliveries go smoothly, some may require you to report a FedEx driver. Examples include if the driver was rude to you or damaged your property. FedEx does not take these events lightly and will always investigate them. 

You can be assured that such drivers will be punished (if guilty). On the other hand, they will receive an apology for false accusations. An example is when you report a driver for lateness when you do not know how late FedEx delivers

I hope you found this guide helpful. 

Thanks for reading.