Amazon UPS Pickup: Meaning, Cost, How To Use It, Benefits & Alternatives

One of Amazon’s primary missions is to simplify online shopping. The e-commerce giant habitually innovates various processes to ensure seamless delivery worldwide. The Amazon UPS pickup service is an end product of such efforts. 

Essentially, the service allows you to schedule the pickup of an Amazon return without leaving your residence and for free. Once you opt for Amazon pickup for returns, all you need is the date and time the pickup truck will arrive. 

You don’t need a label or QR code. Just present the package and its purchase documents. This service benefits explicitly busy individuals or people with limited access to post offices or UPS drop-off locations. 

Here is a guide that explains what Amazon UPS pickup is, its benefits, and other options you can consider for returning an item or refund issuance on Amazon. 

What is Amazon UPS Pickup? 

Amazon UPS pickup is a free service or program that allows buyers or online shoppers to return purchased items from the comfort of their homes

It is the opposite of Amazon’s traditional return, which requires a label, repackaging, and dropping off at a UPS location. The service also boasts easy accessibility, thanks to about 5,800 UPS locations across the U.S. 

How to Use the UPS Pickup Service


To use this service, you need to initiate a return process via your Amazon account: 

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account and click the “Returns and Orders” button at the top-right corner.
  2. Look through your order history and click the “Return and Replace Item” button to select the item you wish to return. If you bought the item from an Amazon seller, you would be prompted to “Submit Return Request” instead. Before continuing the process, you must wait for the seller to approve your request.
  3. Once you select the package, you will be prompted to select a reason for returning the package.
  4. The next step is to choose between “Return and Replacement” and “Return and Refund.”
  5. Once you click any, you will be provided with a couple of options.
  6. Select the “UPS pickup” option and enter your address information (not a PO Box number) in the pop-up field to schedule a pickup. 
  7. You will receive an email detailing the estimated date and time to expect the pick-up truck. All you need to do is ensure someone is home to deliver the package to the UPS personnel.

Once the package arrives at the drop-off location, it will be scanned and given a tracking number. This code allows you to monitor how fast or slow the package moves and when to expect your refund or replacement. 

Please note that you will only get a refund after the returned item gets to Amazon, and issuance is per standard return policies.

How Much Does Amazon UPS Pickup Cost? 

While the service used to be free, there are now instances where customers may be required to pay a $1 fee. An example is when you live near a free drop-off zone but still want to enjoy the convenience of a pickup. Nevertheless, the service remains largely free. 

Benefits of Amazon UPS Pickup

1. Convenience

The UPS pickup service is the most convenient way to return an item on Amazon. It is free and does not require a printer, QR code, or need you to leave your home. You can even ask your neighbor to help you deliver the package if it contains the necessary documents. 

2. Better coverage 

Amazon has about 5,800 UPS locations across the U.S. There is a big chance you can use it, regardless of location. You should also consider the pickup service if your area has limited access to post offices or drop-off locations. 

3. Cost-efficient 

Compared to traditional shipping methods for returns, Amazon UPS Pickup is a great choice for regular shippers to save money. 

4. Real-time tracking and security 

You can also expect robust security and real-time tracking for your package. This enhances transparency and delivery success.

5. Integrated with Amazon services 

Amazon UPS Pickup is a service that is already a part of your seller’s account. There is no need to register or manually integrate the service into your portal to manage all shipping businesses.

Other Return Options on Amazon 


While the UPS pickup service is the most convenient way to return a package, Amazon provides other options, such as the following: 

1. Amazon store 

This option is ideal for people who can easily head to an Amazon, UPS, or Kohl’s store. All you need to do is head there with the package. No need for labels. All you need is a QR code because it is also a free service. 

2. USPS drop-off 

If you do not wish to use the UPS pickup option or you are spoilt for options, you can print a USPS return label instead. This is simply your pass to drop off the package at a local post office or USPS drop box. 

3. Kohl’s drop-off 

Some locations are limited to drop-off stations like Kohl’s stores. You cannot schedule a pickup using this option.Please note that there is rarely a pickup service for this type of return. 

4. Whole Foods Market 

Like Kohl’s, some Whole Foods Market locations also accept Amazon returns. These stores usually have return counters where you can drop your package off after completing the necessary procedure.


Do you get a shipping refund if you return an item on Amazon?

Of course, Amazon will refund every penny incurred on shipping alongside the cost of the package. 

When is an item not eligible for a refund on Amazon?

If the package does not match the model or color on order, such an item will not be accepted by Amazon. Instead, it will be marked as “non-returnable.”

Can you return an Amazon package to any post office?

Yes, if that is the closest service to your home or you do not want to use the UPS pickup service. 


If you consider returning a package you bought on Amazon, the UPS pickup service is a great, convenient, and reliable option. It is a free service. Gone are those days when you need a printer to process a traditional return. 

With this solution, you can execute the necessary procedure via a smartphone. However, it may take 1 to 3 business days for the pickup truck to arrive and 5 to 7 business days before you get a refund.

Also, when providing an address for an Amazon pickup service, enter your full address, not just a PO Box number. The UPS pickup service is yet another proof of Amazon’s commitment to providing the best service possible to customers. It is safe to say there is more to come. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, please see when Amazon delivers packages.

Thanks for reading.