See 7 Reasons Why DHL Is Reliable

If you have ever attempted to send a package overseas, then chances are you’ve heard of DHL. They are one of the world leaders when it comes to international shipping.

DHL, which stands for Dalsey Hillblom Lynn, is a German-based logistic company that provides shipping and courier services. It was founded in San Francisco, U.S., on September 25, 1969.

In this article, I will talk about DHL and the reasons why the logistics company is the favorite of the majority of businesses and individuals in need of international shipping

Reasons DHL is a reliable logistics company

1. Top-notch tracking service

DHL has one of the best tracking services, and this is a key feature in logistics service. Customers always want to be updated on their packages, and DHL ensures that.

Particularly when international shipping is done, most other logistics services give limited updates on customers’ packages. This is because most of them only have partners in other countries and don’t handle packages directly.

In most cases, when packages arrive at the destination country, they are handed over to a logistics partner to complete delivery. This makes it harder for customers to get first-hand updates on their packages.

Whereas for DHL, the reverse is said to be the case as you get updates on your package until it is delivered.

Additionally, if you are receiving a package, you will receive a call from the driver to inform you of the delivery (although you have to request this service).

This is beneficial in different ways for the receiver. For example, if you are not going to be at home at the time of delivery, you can instruct the driver to drop the package off with your neighbor. 

2. They track down missing packages

I’m not going to sugar-coat it, in logistics, problems occur occasionally, and packages may be misplaced or lost completely. Other logistics company do not put as much effort into tracking lost packages as much as DHL do.

In cases where packages are misplaced or lost, DHL ensures that an employee is sent to track down such packages. The employees track the package from its last known location and get the package back in the hand of the customer.

3. Reimburse damaged packages

Another reason why DHL is reliable is that they reimburse customers if their package is damaged. As a sender or receiver, there is less risk involved when DHL is used for delivery.

This is particularly beneficial to senders who are small-time business owners. Reimbursing helps you keep down potential costs that might bankrupt your business. All you need to do is submit a claim for the delivered package, and if all conditions are met, you’ll be reimbursed.

4. You get your money back on lost items

While it is rare, there are a few cases where customers discover some items in their package are missing. When situations like this arise, the customer can submit a claim for the lost item.

Afterwards, a representative of DHL comes to inspect the package. If the claims appear to be true, you will get your money back, which shows how reliable and committed DHL is.

5. Discount for small businesses

DHL strives to make shipping cost-efficient and easier for small-time businesses. For this reason, they offer very good discounts you may not find anywhere else. Getting a discount on delivery enables you to save money and earn higher profits. 

6. Good customer service

DHL offers one of the best customer services you can find among logistics services. Basically, they are willing to put the extra effort to make sure their customers are satisfied.

They offer you a one-on-one approach whenever you encounter a problem with their service, and ensure your complaints are addressed properly.

7. Fast shipping despite customs clearance

When packages are shipped internationally, they must go through customs. Customers are always encountering issues with customs due to their different regulations.

The good thing about DHL is that they handle custom clearance effortlessly. They know the process very well and quickly go through customs, making their shipping faster than most logistic services.


Is DHL reliable for international shipping?

Yes, they are. Not only are they fast, but also offer lower rates for shipping and better tracking options.

Is DHL fast?

Yes, they are. DHL takes anywhere between 2 – 5 days for domestic deliveries and 7 – 14 days for international deliveries.

Is using DHL for your shipping worth it?

DHL has been operating around the world for over 50 years. Handling various types of packages, both small and large, for businesses. They are one of the most reliable as they put the interest of the customers first.

Not only is your shipment secured from pick up to delivery, but you also get first-hand updates on the status of your shipment. And in cases where your package is misplaced, you can rest assured that the DHL will track and find your package.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. See what a DHL service area is and how it affects delivery.

Thanks for reading.