How To Split Payment On DoorDash [For Group Orders & Gift Card Orders]

Customers interested in learning how to split payment on DoorDash need to know that such an action is only acceptable for group or gift card orders. A group order involves buying food or groceries for two or more people. 

The good thing about this option is that it allows each person in the group to include whatever they want in their order and pay for it. Once everyone has made their selections and paid, whoever initiates the group order or is responsible for coordinating it will place the order. 

On the other hand, if you are shopping with a DoorDash gift card with an insufficient balance, you will be prompted to complete such payment with a credit card, debit card, or another option. Aside from these two scenarios, you won’t be able to split payments on DoorDash. 

Now that you know the basic requirements for this procedure, let’s go through the steps required to split payment on DoorDash (for both options).

How to Split Payment on DoorDash [For Group Orders & Gift Card Orders]


1. For Group Orders

The steps you will take depend on whether you initiated the order. If you did, these are the steps to take: 

  • Log in to your DoorDash account 
  • Click the menu (three horizontal lines) icon on the app’s top-left corner. 
  • Select “Account” and scroll down to choose “Group Order” on your preferred restaurant page. 
  • Choose “Everyone pays separately” and click on “Start Group Order.”
  • Select the number of people you want on the group order and invite them
  • Enter the amount you want to pay for your order and the amount each person in the group order should pay (optional)
  • Tap “Split Payment” 
  • Once every participant has paid for their order, place the order and await delivery from DoorDash. 

Conversely, here are the steps to take if you did not initiate the group order: 

  • Join the group order link or accept the invitation 
  • Add the items you need to your cart and pay for them using any of the available payment methods. 
  • Wait for the person who initiated the order to review all the orders and place the final order. 
  • Wait for delivery. 

Please note the following when placing a DoorDash group order: 

  1. You do not need a DoorDash account to participate in a group order. 
  2. Multiple group order links can be created simultaneously, but delivery will be executed separately. 
  3. The initiator of a Group Order reserves the right to lock any cart, remove items from any cart, checkout, and cancel the order. 
  4. The initiator of a Group Order cannot add items on behalf of participants, adjust participants’ budgets once the cart has been created, edit names, and execute order suggestions. 
  5. The initiator of a Group Order can leave a comment explaining how everyone should split up their payment to ensure uniformity. Hence, such orders can be processed by the merchant without any delay. 

2. For gift card orders

Splitting payment for DoorDash orders initiated with a DoorDash gift card is straightforward: 

  • Log in to your DoorDash account and begin to add items to your cart 
  • Proceed to checkout and choose DoorDash gift card as your primary payment method 
  • If the gift card cannot pay for everything in your cart, DoorDash will suggest you select a secondary payment method. 
  • Add a credit card, debit card, or other preferred option to cover the remaining balance. 
  • Confirm and place your order. 
  • DoorDash will process the payment using both your primary (gift card) and secondary mode of payment. 

Can You Split DoorDash Payments Across Two Cards?

Unfortunately, you cannot split payment on DoorDash between two cards except if the primary mode of payment is DoorDash gift cards. As explained earlier, this payment type can be completed with a credit or debit card. 

Alternatively, you can buy as many DoorDash gift cards as you need online and redeem them to pay for an order. Please note that this may not be as straightforward as it sounds. 

Can You Place Two DoorDash Orders At Once?


You can place two or more DoorDash orders at once. This is simply a Group or Batched order, and you can also be fortunate to have such an order delivered by the same driver. 

With this feature, company heads, or supervisors can easily place orders for employees and have them delivered together. Please note that such orders may require visiting multiple restaurants before eventual delivery. 

Hence, do not get upset if the food arrives a bit late. Occasionally, the food might be delivered warm instead of hot, despite being stored in a Dasher bag (designed for maintaining temperature).


Can you DoorDash to a different country?

You cannot dash or deliver food across countries on DoorDash. This is because the platform maintains a short delivery radius for its drivers. 

How do you add notes to DoorDash orders?

To add special notes or instructions for an order, select the restaurant and menu and use the “Extra Instructions box” in the “Preferences section.” A good example of such an instruction is requesting a sauce on the side of your order. 

Can you send someone a DoorDash gift card?

You can send a gift card to someone by clicking the menu icon on the top left corner and selecting “Gift Card”. Click on “Buy Gift Card”, and enter and review the recipient’s information before sending. 


Splitting payment on DoorDash orders is easy. With the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to split payment for a group order, regardless of how many people are involved. 

You also now know what to do if you are shopping with a gift card that cannot cover the total cost of your order. While this feature gives room for more convenience, it is not yet achievable with payments with two bank cards. 

You can also learn what to do if DoorDash is stuck on confirming your order

Thanks for reading.