How To Get A PO Box Without An Address: 3 Best Options To Consider

Are you tired of not being able to receive mail or own a PO Box because you do not have a physical address? The good news is that there are different ways to get a PO Box without an address — you have to know how. 

Some alternatives to a PO Box that does not require a physical are services such as General Delivery and virtual mailbox. These services are ideal for RVers or people who change addresses frequently. 

This guide goes into more detail about how these services operate, their perks, and their limitations. You should also watch for some of the reputable mailbox companies that will feature as you keep reading. 

How to Get a PO Box Without An Address 


There are different alternatives to a PO Box, but those that can be effective without a physical address are: 

1. General Delivery 

General delivery is a USPS service designed for individuals who travel frequently. To avoid changing from one address to another regularly to maintain a (traditional) PO Box, this service addresses your mail to the nearest local post office. 

When picking up such mail, it is advisable to go with a valid means of identification. You should also know that the post office will only hold on to General Delivery mail for 30 days.

2. A Private Mailbox (PMB)

A Private Mailbox is another option that allows you to receive mail without a physical address. In this case, your mailbox is owned by a private body such as UPS, Postal Annex, and Mailboxes, to name a few. 

These companies will generate a physical address (in line with the suite or access point closest to you) for you and receive mail and packages from all carriers. 

Unlike PO Box, this service readily accepts mail that has to be signed for and will contact you to tell you that a small mail has arrived. PMB also offers extra services such as mail forwarding. 

3. A Virtual Mailbox

A virtual mailbox is an online mailbox that lets you receive and manage your mail from anywhere in the world. This option allows you to open, scan, forward, or shred your mail seamlessly. 

Anytime Mailbox, Earth Class Mail, and iPostal1 are some of the reputable virtual mailbox companies. You need to subscribe monthly or yearly, which may be a bit expensive compared to a physical PO Box. 

Why Should You Prioritize a Virtual Mailbox? 

While PO Boxes have been the traditional and affordable option for millions of people, owning a virtual mailbox offers you additional benefits like: 


This is the ultimate benefit of a virtual mailbox. It allows you to manage your mail digitally, regardless of your location. This is not how it works for USPS General Delivery or a PMB. 


Physical mailboxes, including PO Boxes, are vulnerable to theft and damage. On the other hand, virtual mailboxes enjoy 24/7 surveillance and controlled access. 


Can you have more than one person in a PO Box?

This is only possible when the primary account holder shares access to his or her with other people, such as family members. Kindly note that there can only be one primary account holder. 

How much can a PO Box hold?

Most traditional PO Boxes are about 14.75″ deep and can contain up to 10 to 15 letters and 3 to 5 rolled-up magazines. 

What happens if you have too much mail in the PO box?

If your mailbox is full and you ignore it, you will stop receiving mail. Instead, the mail carrier will issue you a notice to confirm that your mailbox needs to be cleared for pending mail to arrive. 

Can you use a PO Box as an address?

You can use a PO box number as a mailing address. However, it will not be accepted in place of a physical address for most registration, especially identity-related ones. 


One of the basic requirements to own a traditional PO Box is a physical address. However, this mode of mail delivery may not be convenient for everyone, especially for RVers. 

Such people can subscribe to services such as USPS General Delivery, a private mailbox, or a virtual one. These alternatives provide similar services to traditional PO Boxes but with added advantages like security and convenience. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. You can also learn how to close a PO Box legally, especially if you plan on switching to any of the abovementioned alternatives. 

Thanks for reading.