9 Reasons FedEx Vacation Hold Is Not Working & How To Resolve It

FedEx vacation hold is a feature that allows you to pause deliveries whenever you are unsure of your availability. It is an ideal feature for signature-required packages and reduces delivery attempts. Hence, customers get riled up when it is not working. 

Different factors may be responsible for this frustrating experience. Identifying and knowing how to address them is the key to resolving your situation without contacting customer service. 

This guide explores common reasons why the FedEx Vacation Hold feature is not working and how to address it. 

Why is FedEx Vacation Hold Not Working?


1. You are yet to sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager or update your account address

You cannot set up or activate a vacation hold without a FedEx Delivery Manager account.  In addition, if you have an old address on your account, you must update it to use vacation hold. 

The only way forward is to register for a FedEx Delivery Manager account. However, if you already have one, ensure it features your current address. 

2. Package type is not eligible for a vacation hold

Only FedEx Express and Ground Shipping packages are eligible for a vacation hold. Trying to hold shipments under overnight shipping or guaranteed delivery will not work because they do not operate on estimates. 

If your package belongs to these ineligible categories and you are out of town, I would suggest you ask a friend or family member to receive it on your behalf. You can also leave a tag to direct the driver to a secure place to drop off the package pending your arrival. 

3. Your retailer is ineligible for vacation 

Not all retailers can activate vacation holds. Some are restricted, and you cannot pause their delivery when you buy their products. Hence, it is safer always to ask a shipper or retailer if they are under any restrictions before placing an order. 

4. You are too late 

FedEx rarely accepts or endorses vacation holds created within less than 24 hours of your departure. You will likely get an error message. However, if you create it, do not be surprised if you get home and find your package in front of your door. 

5. You wish to hold for too long 

Customers sometimes ask for an extensive hold because they will be out long. While this is understandable, a FedEx vacation hold lasts only 14 days. 

It is simply a feature designed to accommodate emergencies that temporarily take you out of town. Hence, you are expected to request this hold until a family member or friend returns to accept your package. 

6. Technical issues 

While FedEx has a reliable technical team managing its algorithm, glitches and server errors occur. This may be responsible for why a vacation hold is not working or the eventual delivery of a package under one. 

7. Your request was ignored 

When FedEx often ignores a vacation hold request, you get the message immediately. However, sometimes your request may be accepted, and you will still meet your package at your residence. 

The only reasonable explanation is that FedEx ignored your request due to some violations. It may also be due to technical glitches. 

8. Human errors 

When providing information for a vacation, ensure you double-check every field to avoid an error message. Human errors like including a wrong address or dates can invalidate your request.

9. System updates 

FedEx, like other software, rolls out periodic updates for their services. For customers who prefer the FedEx app, best practices suggest you should initiate a vacation hold with an updated app. 

This helps you worry less about bugs or other functionality issues affecting your request. 

What to Do if FedEx Vacation Hold is Not Working? 


The fastest way to resolve this issue (after trying the above troubleshooting options) is to contact FedEx customer support. This can also be handy if you activated the service, but FedEx still delivered your package. 

Is FedEx Vacation Hold and FedEx Hold at Location the Same? 

While both services are designed to hold a package for you, they differ. FedEx vacation hold stops the delivery of a package to your address for 14 days. Once this window elapses, the delivery process will resume. 

On the other hand, FedEx Hold at Location redirects a delivery to a FedEx location for pickup. This package will be held for about 7 days or be returned to the sender if you fail to pick it up. 


Can you cancel the FedEx vacation hold? 

To cancel a vacation hold, you need to contact FedEx customer support. You can either call their helpline or visit their website for assistance. 

How much does a vacation hold cost?

The service is free. The only requirement is signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager, which is also free. 

Can you pick up a package from FedEx before delivery?

FedEx Hold for Pickup can help you pick up a package before delivery. You must only redirect your parcel to a FedEx location near your residence or office. 

How many delivery attempts does FedEx make?

FedEx will attempt delivery thrice. If all three attempts fail, you will have to schedule a new delivery (not free) or pick up the package within 7 days before it is returned to the sender. 


With the FedEx vacation hold, you no longer have to be worried about any active order or delivery. This service allows you to place them on hold temporarily or until a friend or family member can receive them on your behalf. 

Nevertheless, customers may begin to panic when the FedEx Delivery Manager feature starts acting up or displays an error. According to this guide, there is no need for that. You can troubleshoot this issue or contact customer support for assistance. 

I hope you found this guide helpful. For further reading, here is how to refuse a FedEx package

Thanks for reading.